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[19 Jan 2016|10:33am]

I would love to get some PSLs for this MCU Next Gen kidlet. Child of Captain America would be awesome male or female, but am open to any and all suggestions especially Xmen kids due to his own mutation. Jake's age is also negotiable.

I also wouldn't be apposed to an Xavier's GPSL either.
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[05 May 2016|01:00pm]

Looking for some lines for Darcy here. Pairings and possible SLs in the journal. Love shenanigans caused by Soulmate Marks and Convergence accidents from falling through a portal leading to either the past or another galaxy/realm.
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Cross posting... [25 Apr 2016|02:57am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

If anyone is familiar with Clarice Ferguson, aka Blink from the X-Men comics, I'd love to play her in a PSL against other X-Men and/or Marvel (or even DC) characters. Open to het or femme, leaning toward the latter.

Some ideas can be found here, but I'm open to brainstorming!

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MOD POST [08 Dec 2015|03:06pm]

Be advised due to the abuse of games doing ads on the community, membership and posting have become moderated.
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[01 Oct 2015|12:11am]

Any star wars fan that's looking for a small psl games that take place from the movies and the books. I'm going to put a another comm to fallow the new movies as well. We welcome Oc's as well. and are looking for more characters. Luke skywalker being one of the big ones. I'd like to play boba fett or han solo If I can find someone to play the other against. If your interested please leave a command on the holds page and I will get back to you asap. May the force be with you. :)
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Carpe Diem: A Harry Potter Based Multi-Fandom Game [25 Jul 2015|03:24am]


Carpe Diem

Seize The Day

For years terror and death plagued the United States. A legion of dark wizards, aligned to the most evil of witches, the Lady Nyx, wreaked havoc on their world. Sadistic and ruthless, they ruled the Wizarding community with an iron fist and even struck fear into the hearts of some Muggles. A valiant fight from brave witches and wizards brought about her end but some wait in the shadows for her return.

Thirty years later, the death of Lady Nyx and the imprisonment and vanishing of many of her followers is but a history lesson to the students of Hogwarts. The world is finally at peace and a new group of students have enters Hogwarts, new cliques, new relationships and of course, new drama. Can they keep it together long enough to survive the school year, not to mention the oncoming darkness drawing ever closer?

Will you seize the day? Apply for a wizard or witch and enter the world of wizards, witches, spells and songs. Original characters are welcome and encouraged. The game started on July 23rd, 2015. Go check out the Wanted Characters or Holds page and get your application in!

Game started on July 23rd. APPLY TODAY.

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Looking for a Matt Murdock/Daredevil [24 Apr 2015|06:42pm]

[ mood | curious ]

She is based on the Netflix series, canon is season 1, of course. Reply here or PM me. Thanks!

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[08 Mar 2015|09:41pm]

Not a proper ad for a game but that is getting worked on. This is a star wars game that spans four era's so far we have a few notable characters. Bobba fett is on the way as well. More are welcome. Feel free to look at the game and see if it's to your liking. Your more than welcome to sign up with us and have some fun and traverse the star wars universe.
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[08 Mar 2015|01:12am]

Any star wars fans out there looking for a game? bobba fetts? Lando's? Or Dash rendars? The game is being worked on but we can take holds now if anyone is interested. Leia, Siri, Han, Galen Marek are taken. Oc's are welcome as well. respond here if your interested.
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x-posted, apologies for that. [18 Feb 2015|03:51am]

So. I recently picked up an old muse I hadn't written in awhile for a line, and it's given me all the cravings in the world to write her again. It's The Black Widow, Natalia Romanova, of the Marvel Comics universe. I'm comfortable with the majority of her canon, from her stuff as a Mini, all the way up to her more recent stuff. I'm fine with crossovers, AUs, Rule 63 characters get special points from me (doesn't matter which way the swap goes) and would even be okay with pairing her against an OC. Het, Femme, and Gen all welcome.

I'd prefer to keep the scenes to journals, but would be more than happy to use AIM for discussion. I'd consider possibly taking her to a comm as well, but should warn you that I'm not as much of a fan of her MCU-counterpart. Thanks for indulging my brain!
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[11 Feb 2015|12:29pm]

Reading too much fanfiction puts crazy notions in your noggin. I would love to get a soulmate/soulmate identifying marks PSL going. The crazier the pair the better.

Would really love any of the following:
Erik Lensherr (First Class)
Charles Xavier (First Class)
Natasha Romanoff
Phil Coulson
Edwin Jarvis
Bruce Banner

If you aren't familiar with the genre here is an excellent example.
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[07 Jan 2015|08:49pm]

Looking for a Natasha for this line.

The first words your soulmate says to you are wrote across your skin from birth. "Follow my lead and try to not get shot." had always been an enigma to Darcy. She had wondered what kind of law enforcement issue she would get into as a kid. Her parents had worried she would end up a hoodlum. After meeting Thor and the Jack Booted Thugs that took their stuff it really opened up the possibilities for who would say those words to her. Darcy's words coming out of the mouth of the smoking hot redhead that was trying to help get her out of where she was being held in the wake of being attacked by Hydra was a def bonus.
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[24 Dec 2014|11:08pm]

looking for a deadpool for my siryn.
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[24 Dec 2014|07:52pm]

looking for someone to play CHUCK HANSEN to my MAKO MORI in an invite-only AU gpsl based in the MCU verse, with lots of comic characters in play. More details if interested.

Inspiration from this fic.
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[18 Dec 2014|03:21am]

So, I'd like to do a PSL between Iceman and Rogue set in the 616 reality:

Road Trips, Head Trips, and Touchy Subjects )

I'd like for this to be a long-term storyline. Anyone interested?
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[12 Dec 2014|07:03am]

After reading this pretty awesome fanfic I have a want to play Darcy/Howard Stark. It is a nice twist on Darcy being related to Tony but instead of being his daughter she is his mother. It comes about during Thor The Dark World due to Darcy ending up bouncing through a few portals and ending up in the past.

I would also be up for a pairing with Jarvis/Vision, Bucky, Natasha, or Bruce.
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[01 Dec 2014|11:16am]

Looking for some fandom lines. My list of characters can be found here and a sample of PSLs I am looking for can be found here.

I would really love to find a PSL for my MCU Next Gen character Jacob Stark.
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[24 Nov 2014|05:29am]

Looking for someone interested in playing against Johnny Storm.

In particular, I had an idea for a line with Jubilee (aged 17 for these purposes), in which both are independently pursuing Hollywood careers, and their paths intersect. Details will be provided.

And if anyone else has a female Marvel or DC character available for a het line, let's talk!
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[21 Nov 2014|10:32am]

Looking for a soulmark line for Darcy. I am pretty open with who it is with as long as it involves the soulmark trope. I would really love to see Natasha, Bruce, Loki, Coulson, Bucky, or JARVIS (once he becomes Vision).
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[10 Nov 2014|11:29pm]

Does anyone write stuff within the Smallville Season 11 comics?
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