August 13th, 2009

[info]sibyllt in [info]comesthesun_rpg

Characters: Sybill Trelawney, Basil Cartwright, [Other Hufflepuffs?]
Setting: Hufflepuff Common Rooom
Content: Worksafe!
Summary: It's still the beginning of the year. Hufflepuffs are friendly and it's time for some Tarot reading, and whatever else, in the Common Room!

Who'd like their fortune told? )

[info]slightly_dented in [info]comesthesun_rpg

Characters: Open To All Ravenclaws, and anyone else who's interested.
Setting: On the Noticeboard in the Ravenclaw Common room
Content: Worksafe
Summary: A notice about the Quidditch Try-Outs for the Ravenclaw team.

Roll up! Roll up! )

[info]clumsy_x in [info]comesthesun_rpg

Characters: Toby Dixxie and Cora Heaton
Setting: Ravenclaw Common Rooom
Content: Worksafe
Summary: Cora notices Toby is interested in playing Quidditch.

I'm ready, I am )