June 2014




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Jun. 5th, 2014


Big Workload

I really didn't think that this branch of Wolfram & Hart would really be using me for all that much. The only reason I had elected to work for them was because they were after Lilah and my child, but it seemed that they had actually found things for me to do after all.

There were plenty of cases that needed tons of research, after all. Even though this branch wasn't in quite the nexus that Los Angeles had turned out to be, there was still plenty of demonic traffic that came in and out, and the lawyers needed to know all the ins and outs to make sure that they didn't offend any of them. And yes, I knew a lot of these things off the top of my head (it seemed that all that Watcher training was coming in handy for something), but even I had to do research on this latest case. One thing that I could say for Wolfram & Hart was that they had some of the most amazing of resources.

Still, I was very happy to get away for lunch. Lilah and I were meeting at a local steak house, and I was thinking that it would be very nice to see her.

Jul. 18th, 2012


New branch same kind of work

It's been about three weeks since we've started working at the new branch. It's just like being in LA only slightly less crazy,which is a nice change for me. I feel almost at home here especially since for me the work is pretty much the same as it was in LA. I'm not sure Wes is loving the new work place as much as I am.

He has seemed to manage to get a solid routine down and I meet him every few days that I have a light work load.
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Feb. 10th, 2012


Feeling Butterflies

I couldn't help but be nervous at the idea of working at a branch of Wolfram & Hart. It was little comfort that at least it wasn't the main office in LA so I wouldn't have to deal with Angel and the rest of them. At least I wouldn't have to see their hurt looks and the like. However, I couldn't even figure out what they wanted me to do in this place. With Lilah, they would just put her back to being a lawyer. It was quite simple. Not so much with me. Would they put me in the research department? Did this place even HAVE a research department? I honestly wasn't sure.

As far as I could tell, Ashford's branch didn't seem to be involved in nearly the intrigue that LA was. That's what my sources said, anyway. I'm hoping that they're right. I took a deep breath, taking Lilah's hand as we walked inside of the place. I didn't want to admit to feeling as nervous as I did.

Dec. 27th, 2011


Movie in day and questions answered.....

The rest of the drive to Connecticut was pretty uneventful we spent the rest of the trip just sleeping, driving and generally bickering. In some ways our constant bickering reminds me a little of my parents. It felt like it took forever to actually get from Los Angeles to Ashford, but I do have to say I’m happy that we’ve finally made it. We’d gotten the rest of our instructions regarding the firm in Hartford, and then we drove from there to Ashford.

We’ve only been here for a few hours, but despite myself I fell in love with the two story house the firm had bought for us. It has a warp around porch and small balcony off the master bedroom, all the rooms are spacious it’s pretty much my dream house. I’d told Wes that I could wait a day to really move everything in, but that was before I’d actually seen the house. I’ve been on the phone for the past twenty minutes fighting with Carlos, a decorator that I know from LA who did my office and apartment. “Carlos, I don’t care what the hell you’re doing, just get your ass on the first plane out here. “ I waited a second as he tried to tell me that he had plans with some new girl of the week or whatever. I sighed. “I’m sure she can wait until you get back, of course I’m going to pay you extra for coming, hold on a second Carlos.” I put a hand over the receiver a little, even though I knew he’d heard through it. I looked over at two guys who were carrying my father’s antique desk. “Careful with that, put it in the second room on the right down the hall, the one with the floor length windows, and there had better not be a scratch on it.”

I then turned my attention back to Carlos. “So I’ll see you tonight, tomorrow at the latest?” I asked and then smiled when he said yes then hung up and turned my full attention back to the movers, two of which had already asked me how long Wes and I had been married. I’ve had to keep telling them we’re not married; not that they’re actually listening to me, and Wes isn’t helping. All he keeps doing when they ask is smiling and trying not to look too amused at my annoyance. I swear if it doesn’t stop I may strangle some one.
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