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Shane / Deciding / Fri February 15th 2008, 6:30pm / Foster Home / Complete [21 Jan 2008|05:28pm]

Great. Another night here, another night sitting in this house. Shane sighed and buried herself further under the blankets on her bed. Read more... )
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Valentine's Day Masquerade / Fri February 15th 2008, 6:59pm / CHS Gymnasium / Open [20 Jan 2008|03:30pm]


A line of students stood outside of the gymnasium, stretching all the way out the front doors. A warm midwinter tropic breeze ruffled masks and gowns as the students waiting outside anxiously tried to see what was going on inside. Read more... )
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[14 Jan 2008|08:26pm]

× Character Add List

Copy and paste the following list into the control panel to add everyone at once.

Character Add List )
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[14 Jan 2008|08:15pm]

× Players

Elizabeth (moderator)
Age: 19
AIM: in 2113 ways
Characters: Shane Leigh Morris ([info]chs_shane_m)

Lauren (moderator)
Age: 16
AIM: xolauriex3xo
Characters: Aaden Mitchells ([info]chs_aaden_m)

Players )
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[14 Jan 2008|08:12pm]

× Cobra Chronicle

Production will start again in the new school year of 2007-2008! All positions are open! Please comment here with the position of your request. Positions will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.
Cobra Chronicle Staff Members )

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[14 Jan 2008|08:09pm]

× Yearbook

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[14 Jan 2008|08:06pm]

× Applications

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[14 Jan 2008|07:59pm]

× Staff Application

Enroll at Colville High today! Please copy and paste the following application and comment to this post to apply.

Email Address:
Instant Messenger: (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, etc)

Staff Application )
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[14 Jan 2008|07:50pm]

× Student Application

Enroll at Colville High today! Please copy and paste the following application and comment to this post to apply.

Email Address:
Instant Messenger: (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, etc)

Student Application )
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[14 Jan 2008|07:21pm]

× Game Information

Colville High is located in Colville Beach, Florida--a fictional small beach town set in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida, between Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton.

Format )

Username Format )

Game Timeline )

Events )


Once a school year is over, these posts will be archived and a new
school year board will be created. Also, each month a new issue of the
school newspaper, The Cobra Chronicle, will be printed. This will serve
as a recap for the past month. See THE COBRA CHRONICLE section below for
more information.


Special events, such as prom and formals, will be assigned to their own
separate board. These special board assignments will depend on how large
the population of characters involved in such events are, and are the
sole decision of the game admins.


For information on the Cobra Chronicle, please visit [info]cobra_chronicle.


Each student is required to either join a sports team or participate in
an extra curricular activity in order to meet graduation requirements.
Positions are on a first come, first serve basis to players applying
with a character who would like to join a sports team. When applying,
put the sport and the position in the Sports/EC Activities slot.
Colville High offers the following sports:

  • Football

  • Cheerleading

  • Basketball

  • Baseball

  • Volleyball

  • Softball

  • Track

  • Tennis

  • Bowling

  • Swimming

  • Golf

  • Hockey

  • Soccer


Each student is required to either join a sports team or participate in
an extra curricular activity in order to meet graduation requirements.
There is no limit to the number of students allowed to join each club,
with the exception of the school newspaper.

  • The Cobra Chronicle

  • Drama club

  • Chess club

  • Debate club

  • Chorus

  • Art club

  • Battle of the Bands

  • Math club

  • Science club

  • Student council

  • Garden club


Campus: Outdoor cafeteria, football field, baseball field, soccer field,
staff parking, student parking, bus pickup/dropoff, gardens

Basement: Boiler room, maintenance, shipment docks.. and who knows what
else? A famous skip spot.

First floor: Indoor cafeteria,
gymnasium, gymnasium locker rooms, ice rink, ice locker rooms,
auditorium, stage, rooms 100-107 (Guidance department, school principal
offices, school psychologist's office), students' restroom, staff

Second floor: Rooms 200-260, school social worker's office,
students' restrooms, staff restrooms, staff lounge, newsroom, art
center, student lockers 100-300.

Third floor: Rooms 300-380, students'
restrooms, staff restrooms, media center, student lockers 301-500.

There are also custodian maintenance
closets throughout the school, and on the third floor there is a locked
door leading to the school roof.

All classrooms are fully equipped with
twenty student computers, a projector and a staff computer. The media
center is equipped with an additional twenty-five computers, rows and
rows of books, and study areas.


Most of the students hang out at Jack's, a beachside cafe on the
boardwalk, or on the beach itself.


Please check back to this section often, as we are always accepting
applications and the positions available are constantly changing.

  • 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade

  • 9th grade Guidance Counselor

  • 10th grade Guidance Counselor

  • 11th grade Guidance Counselor

  • 12th grade Guidance Counselor

  • Custodians

  • Cafeteria staff

  • School secretary

  • 9th-11th grade English instructors

  • 12th grade Creative Writing

  • 9th grade Biology instructors

  • 10th grade Physics instructors

  • 9th grade Algebra I instructors

  • 10th grade Algebra II instructors

  • 11th grade Pre-Calculus instructors

  • 12th grade Calculus instructors

  • 9th-12th grade French language

  • 9th-12th grade Italian language

  • 9th-12th grade Spanish language

  • 11-12th grade Japanese language

  • 11-12th grade German language

  • 11-12th grade Russian language

  • 9th grade Computer instructors

  • 10th grade Current Social Issues

  • 11th grade US History instructors

  • 12th grade Psychology instructors

  • 9th-12th grade Art instructors

  • Librarians

  • Football coach

  • Cheerleading coach

  • Basketball coach

  • Baseball coach

  • Volleyball coach

  • Softball coach

  • Track coach

  • Tennis coach

  • Bowling coach

  • Swimming coach

  • Golf coach

  • Hockey coach

  • Soccer coach

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[14 Jan 2008|07:15pm]

× Rules

The usual and obvious rules apply--be courteous and respectful toward other players, no godmoding, no Mary Sues--as well as the following rules:
  • Players must be at least 16 years of age and mature.

  • All adult content (ie scenes containing sexual content) must be kept to a PG-13 rating or fade-to-black.

  • Please lj-cut all posts after the first two sentences, unless posting an announcement.

  • All posts must be at least two paragraphs in length--including replies. A paragraph is 4-5 sentences. This excludes announcements.

  • PB's must be pre-approved by a game administrator; commonly used PB's will not be allowed.

  • Players may have as many characters as they would like. All characters must be pre-approved by a game admin before being used.

  • Each character must be involved in one post per week to remain active.

  • All OOC posts must be made to the OOC community, [info]chs_ooc, and must be friends-locked.

  • Players going on hiatus for more than three days must make a post to [info]chs_ooc.

Rules are subject to be changed and amended as necessary by the game admins. Violation of the rules may result in suspension or abolishment from the game, depending on the circumstances. Please comment with any questions.
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