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Hey guys! [20 Apr 2006|04:26pm]
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[28 Nov 2004|02:40pm]

yay! winter guard has started up ^_^ this year choctaw is doing their world guard music to 'Brazil' O_o;; its odd but it grows on you ^_^ we're going to have a A guard this year *dances* dont know what the music is yet.

i *heart* winter. unfortunately *looks at hip and shoulder* if i get any more bruises i think i can officially call myself one of the purple people ^_^;;
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Hello [29 Apr 2004|12:51am]

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Hi. I know no one has posted yet.. but here I go. My name is Renee. I'm the captain of the Pelham High School Colorguard. This was our first year competing. Me and my best friend organized the team because it wasn't an official team and we loved it from what we knew about it. We competed first time in the NESBA championships in novice of course. We took on first place overall. I cried because i was so surprised and happy. Our competitors were strong, and I was so excited that we were great enough performers to take on first place in our first year. I am currently on flag, but practice rifle with the rifle line in my free time. Next year I want to be rifle.. yes i do. We have captain try outs in 2 weeks. I'm kind of nervous. We don't get any support in my school, but the town loves us. The band director finally saw our show the other day and I think he realizes how great we have become and how much our band stinks ( because they do). Hopefully next year he'll give us more credit. Here's a picture of my team right after we won the championships PHS )

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