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Cobra Chronicle

16th January, 2008. 5:38 pm.(chs_elizabeth)

× Cobra Chronicle

The Cobra Chronicle is Colville High's monthly newspaper. Being a part of the newspaper counts as an extra curricular activity, and at Colville High at least one EC activity or sport is a required part of curriculum.

The Cobra also serves a second purpose. It is an easy and fun way to recap what happened in the game during the last month. It benefits players on hiatus, potential players and those of us who need to find something quickly for reference. The Cobra offers the following columns:
  • School events

  • Sports

  • Opinion/Editorial

  • Advice

  • Gossip

Players who are interested in having a character involved in the school newspaper may list the Cobra Chronicle as their character's EC activity, as well as the position the character has. Positions come on a first come, first serve basis. Each player may only have one character on the school newspaper. Acceptable, open positions include:
  • Staff editor

  • 2 student editors

  • School events columnists

  • Sports columnists

  • Opinion/Editorial columnists

  • Advice columnist

  • Gossip columnist

  • 4 photographers

The newspaper is run entirely by Colville students, with one staff supervisor/chief editor.

Players with characters on the staff must be willing to contribute to the recap; they are not required to write articles within their assigned category, but may if they so wish. For example, if a player has a character on the staff as a sports columnist, that player will not be responsible for writing Colville High sports columns. She or he will be responsible for writing a recap about a specific event within the last month. Of course, there is no stopping a player from writing an article just for fun.

Further details will be given as the game progresses. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please drop a comment here.

To have a character claim a position, please comment to this entry.

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