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Cloud's Dream

redheadturkeyJan. 18th, 2009 07:58 pm

It was insane. . .that man has. . .just somethin' about him, ya know? He hates me, I know he does, but at th'same time I fascinate him. It started out with a brawl, ya know? Cloud wanted me to leave, wanted me OUTTA his space, and I refused, and he pinned me up against a wall. . .fought back o'course, fought back HARD, an' both of us were bloody and bruised by th'time we got past the violence.

That was was prob'ly th'best sex I'd had in years, and when I went back ta Rude that night, he shook his head at me. Ya see, I love Rude, don't get me wrong, I love th'man more'n life itself, but I need ta explore every once in a while. I can't STAY with one person sexually alla th'time, I go stark raving mad if I do. An' Cloud. ..well he's that lil' somethin'somethin' that just gets my MOTOR goin'.

He's DANGEROUS, yo. . .he's dangerous, an' that's what I find so fuckin' attractive. I WANT him ta cut me up, want him ta make me bleed, an' I know deep down under alla th'hangups he likes doin' it just as much as I like bein' on th'receivin' enda it.

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danceofthedevilJan. 18th, 2009 06:51 pm Zack's Journal: First Entry (AKA, I kissed a boy, and I liked it!)

So, dear diary--oh man, that sounds WAY too much like a girl thing.

What should I call you?

Dear..... Tracker.


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annatariaJan. 18th, 2009 04:49 pm Yazoo's Journal : Entry Two

Oh no, it's getting beyond me now, dear heart journal. I am almost ready to do this thing, to chuck it all and damn the consequences! I'm in love, you see. So now what do I do? Either we will kill him or he will have to kill us, there is no bargaining here because what we want and need - is so different. There really is no compromise.

But, I'm in love, yes, really in love.

Tonight we made love and I screamed, bloodying my nails on his back, that sweet strong back, god how I love being under him. There's nothing like it, I love Loz and I love Kadaj, but what is it about my beautiful Cloud? How he plunges into me fully with one smooth movement, how he watches my face, the way he so tenderly slides his greased fingers inside me - ? - what of all this is the one thing I find most dear, most precious.

Ah, dear Journal.

That smile.

I earned that tonight.

I cherish it.

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annatariaJan. 18th, 2009 04:48 pm Yazoo's Journal : Entry One

He left without saying a word to me this morning. Not one word. And Kadaj and Loz watched him leave, and nobody spoke.

Isn't that strange? We all know what's going on, and we all pretend it isn't. What's going to happen, I wonder. He warned me again last night, too, warned me what was going to happen. What he'd have to do. He begged me. Actually begged me. I was ashamed for him.

He begged me to stop.

Begged me to get them to stop.

Told me he'd do what he had to, and that I knew that.

I do know that.

And I'm not stopping.

PS The sex was fantastic, to die for. Literally!

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