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Mar. 6th, 2011


All three boys crowd under James' prized Invisibility Cloak.

"Peter you're stepping on my toes!" James whispers.

It was difficult, trying to move about together without making noise. They managed well enough, but they clearly needed some practice.

"All for one and one for all," James reminds his mates. "Now... If I were Remus where would I be?"

James suspects there is a logical explanation. Remus didn't like breaking rules. "Hospital wing?"

Mar. 5th, 2011


"Fine. Sleep all night while Remus is missing. Peter and I'll have a look without you." James jabs Sirius on the side.


James rolled over in bed as the pillow Peter threw collided with his rump. "What?" he said sleepily. "Remus's still missing?"

He sat up in bed and tore the blankets off.

"Sirius, wake up, tosser," James ran across the room to Sirius's bed, tore the curtains open and shook him.

"Peter, grab my cloak will you? It's under my bed."


James was next. The hat barely has time to touch his head before shouting, "GRYFFINDOR!"

James beams, feeling very self satisfied.


Besides, any minute now, those dung bombs he'd planted ought to be going off.

James jumped into the seat next to Sirius. "This is brilliant! We're all together!"

After James was sorted it was Alice's turn and she was sorted Gryffindor as well.


James clapped excitedly and waved at Sirius. They were going to be in the same house! (Of course he hadn't been sorted yet, but that was beside the point.)

I knew Sirius was better than Slytherin!

Really, James couldn't be more pleased.

He looked up with interest when the Professor called for Lily Evans. It was that pretty red head.

Girls were so annoying... but... he really did love her hair.

Feb. 25th, 2011


Okay, now this girl is getting annoying. James looks up at the red head from his seat and stands up. He leans with one hand on the wall, and holds his head up. "Oh and is ickle Sevvy sending girls to defend his honor, or are you just a busy body?"


James abruptly stops laughing. Who died and made HER boss of all everything?

James decides to ignore the girls.

"Babayaga," he flips over his latest chocolate frog card. "What an old biddy. Oy Peter, have anything to trade?"


"It'll be worth it!"


"Sure do!" James pulls out his cloak and puts it on. He vanishes from sight, but you can still hear him giggling.


"Wouldn't it be great if we could pull a prank at the feast? Make a grand entrance into Hogwarts?" James smiles devilishly.

James leans over and whispers to the others. "I have an invisibility cloak. I'm going to to sneak ahead of the other first years once we get off the boats, and plant these dung bombs I have all around the staff table. It's going to be hilarious. I could use your help standing guard."


"So Remus, Peter, you blokes like to prank?" James says conversationally. He pops a jelly bean into his mouth (turkey- very odd flavor, but it could be worse).


James smiles at the huge pile of snacks. When no one else is looking, he mimicks Sirius's levitation spell and floats a dung bomb onto the snack lady's cart, trapped in a chocolate frog package.

It was only time until someone accidentally set it off.

He smiled, obviously up to no good and very pleased with himself.

He throws a chocolate frog at Remus. "Have one."


At this point the snack lady comes by with the trolley. "Oh yes!"

"Anything from the trolley, lovelies?"

"Chocolate frogs... four pumpkin some sugar quills..."

James looks over at Remus and Peter. "You two want anything?"


"Hey!" James grins. "So what house do you hope you'll get."

"Of course, Gryffindor is best," James puffs out his chest. "And that's where I will be."

Feb. 24th, 2011


"Fair enough," James blushes.

"So, swat, what's your name?


"Aggggghhhhhhhh! My hair! My hair!"

Water dumps all over James. "Aghhh!" He reaches up to pat his head. Oh... "Pheeeeew... Thanks, mate. I'd rather be wet than on fire."

He sits back up on the chair and glares at Sirius. "Not a girl..."

"And Peter, do us all a favor and put the wand away."


James shrieks, sounding less than masculine. "Get off! Get off! You win!"

He looks over at Peter. "Peter, help!"


"HA!" James bursts into a fit of boyish giggles and tries to wrestle Sirius off of him. "Sirius, sometimes, you are like a big dumb dog."


"You're weird," James laughs. "What's your name?"

James decide to hold onto the book so that the other boy would HAVE to talk to him.


"Jelly legs!" James cheers. "He went all wobbly and fell on his face. This bloke Peter, basically basically worships me now."

James pulls Sirius into the last compartment in the very very back of the train. "Peter, this is my best mate Sirius Black! Sirius, this is little Peter!"

Since Peter and this other boy are sitting across from each other, James hesitates before sitting next to Peter.

He looked across the car at the other boy. He hadn't looked up from his book once. Total swat.

"Hellooooo, anyone home?" James pushes the book down and grins.

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