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Feb. 24th, 2011


"Me?" Remus asks. "I'm okay. Never better."

He carefully wrestles his book back from James and hides behind it.

This was a very bad idea. Still on the train, and people already notice...


Remus pales (more so than he already was). Oh no! "I'm not weird!" Except yes, actually I am. I am very weird... Not having a book to hold on to, Remus folds his hands together on his lap, twiddling his thumbs.

"I'm R-"

Swoosh! Out of nowhere there is a tall dark haired boy attacking the one messy haired one. Remus moves over, making room.


Remus blinks, wide amber eyes starring back at James. "No. I'm not home. I'm sitting on the Hogwarts Express. Actually, so are you."

Remus looks around the train car. He doesn't mind the blonde boy. He's quiet.

This boy in front of him, is... rather in his face. Remus swallows. Just act, normal. Normal. Normal. Normal. Normal.


Remus lowers his book, just enough to shyly peer over the top. It was another boy. Judging by his startled demeanor, this was also his first trip on the train.

Remus nods his head yes and holds his book back in front of his face. Treasure Island was a good book.

I like pirates. I wouldn't mind being a pirate...


Remus Lupin Intro

Remus was already sitting on the train.

He had arrived very early. He'd practically begged his mother to come as early as possible. The 11-year-old boy would have camped on the platform if he could. Anything to avoid the crowds.

It took everything Mrs. Lupin had not to follow her boy onto the train. "You have your wand? Your book? Mr. Snuffles?"


"I was only asking, love."

"I'll be fine. I can take care of myself."

"Well give me a hug, then."

Remus blushes, grateful the crowds are so very small. He hugs his mum and rushes onto the train, hand me down robes caught in the cool breeze.

He finds a place alone to sit and opens his book (Treasure Island).

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