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Feb. 24th, 2011


Remus pales (more so than he already was). Oh no! "I'm not weird!" Except yes, actually I am. I am very weird... Not having a book to hold on to, Remus folds his hands together on his lap, twiddling his thumbs.

"I'm R-"

Swoosh! Out of nowhere there is a tall dark haired boy attacking the one messy haired one. Remus moves over, making room.


Peter waves shyly to Sirius, but scoots over at the same time, getting closer to the window. There's something really intimidating about the tall dark haired boy. "Hello..."

Instead, Peter watches James bother the bookworm.

"No. I'm not home. I'm sitting on the Hogwarts Express. Actually, so are you."

He's a little odd...

Peter looks out the window and yawns.


Remus blinks, wide amber eyes starring back at James. "No. I'm not home. I'm sitting on the Hogwarts Express. Actually, so are you."

Remus looks around the train car. He doesn't mind the blonde boy. He's quiet.

This boy in front of him, is... rather in his face. Remus swallows. Just act, normal. Normal. Normal. Normal. Normal.


"Jelly legs!" James cheers. "He went all wobbly and fell on his face. This bloke Peter, basically basically worships me now."

James pulls Sirius into the last compartment in the very very back of the train. "Peter, this is my best mate Sirius Black! Sirius, this is little Peter!"

Since Peter and this other boy are sitting across from each other, James hesitates before sitting next to Peter.

He looked across the car at the other boy. He hadn't looked up from his book once. Total swat.

"Hellooooo, anyone home?" James pushes the book down and grins.


"Merlin's spotted socks," James looks around for his glasses. "I'm blind, Sirius! Blind I say!"

"Here you go."

James's glasses are thrust back into his hands. "Oh, thanks..."

He puts them back on. "Ug, fingerprints..." He wipes them off on his nice robes and then puts them back on. "Thanks," James drags Sirius back towards the train.

"I have no idea. Your mum is a nightmare."

James smiles and ruffles his hair, cause it looks so much cooler all messy. It's like getting off a broom.

"Guess what! I hexed this bully. He had to be like... 6th year. At least."

(ooc- Lily, I swear I'm not blowing you off. It's just that James is 11 and girls are boring)


James glances out the window of the train and spots... "Sirius!"

He finally finds an empty compartment and shoves the blonde boy inside. "Save me two seats, alright?"

He takes off down the train aisle.

"Hey the train's about to leave!"

"No running!"

James hears the shouting but he doesn't hear it.

He comes scuttling out the entrance to the train car and then waves his arms around. "Sirius!" His glasses fall off and hit the floor.


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