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Feb. 24th, 2011


"Jelly legs!" James cheers. "He went all wobbly and fell on his face. This bloke Peter, basically basically worships me now."

James pulls Sirius into the last compartment in the very very back of the train. "Peter, this is my best mate Sirius Black! Sirius, this is little Peter!"

Since Peter and this other boy are sitting across from each other, James hesitates before sitting next to Peter.

He looked across the car at the other boy. He hadn't looked up from his book once. Total swat.

"Hellooooo, anyone home?" James pushes the book down and grins.


Remus lowers his book, just enough to shyly peer over the top. It was another boy. Judging by his startled demeanor, this was also his first trip on the train.

Remus nods his head yes and holds his book back in front of his face. Treasure Island was a good book.

I like pirates. I wouldn't mind being a pirate...


James glances out the window of the train and spots... "Sirius!"

He finally finds an empty compartment and shoves the blonde boy inside. "Save me two seats, alright?"

He takes off down the train aisle.

"Hey the train's about to leave!"

"No running!"

James hears the shouting but he doesn't hear it.

He comes scuttling out the entrance to the train car and then waves his arms around. "Sirius!" His glasses fall off and hit the floor.



"Oh yeah, huge family, pureblood and all that nonsense," James pushes his glasses up again, already bored with the topic of his family. There are better things to discuss... like where to set off the dung bombs he sneaked in his pocket.


"Proooooobably," James drawls, sounding bored. "Does your mum drag you to boring parties too?"

James keeps poking his head into compartments, but everywhere is full. This is what you get for waiting until the last minute to board the train.


"James Potter," the mischievous boy, grins and pushes his glasses up his nose. "Who are you?"


James Potter Intro

James checks his trunk and then runs around the platform, saying hi to other kids he recognizes.

He is so excited. He's finally going to Hogwarts. No more boring maths and reading. No more boring family parties.

Now he has a whole school of ninnies just waiting to be pranked! Naturally, he was going to be a legend and hero for mischief makers everywhere. Who else?

He'd managed to smuggle his racing broom and several dung bombs in a secret compartment in the bottom of his trunk. Auntie Fergie had shown him how. It was really easy.

His parents practically had to push him towards the train, though. "You're going to be late."


"I-I-I didn't mean!"
"Well you're i-i-in my way!"

James snorts and smirks openly at the older boy. What a SLEAZE BALL.

Now how did that spell go?

James fumbles his wand out of his back pocket and tousles his wild hair while he thinks. Oh yes!

"Jellify!" he waves his wand around.

The bully's legs go all gooey and he flops over, hitting his nose on the train steps.

James bursts out laughing. "Pick on someone your own size, you big dumb girl!"

He gives the bully a kick on the side before grabbing the little blonde boy by the wrist. "What an idiot, getting hexed by a FIRST YEAR. Don't worry though. He can't pick on you now."

James drags his new 'friend' onto the train.

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