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Feb. 24th, 2011


"Nope," Alice answers. "Mum says I'm enough of a handful all on my own." She smiles super big. "So what kind of wand do you have Lily? Mine's holly and unicorn hair. 6 Inches. It's really cute see."

She holds up her wand, which is rather short for a wand, very cute.


The train whistle blows, signalling it's almost time to leave. "Oh yay! It's time to go!" Alice leans over Lily to stare out the window. She finds her mum and waves cheerfully.

"You are very very welcome, Lily."

She smiles across at Severus and winks.


Alice shoots a glare right back at the slytherin boys. "Nothin wrong with that!" she assures the red headed girl. Oh, she knew all about boys like the slytherins. Lousy bunch of prats, the whole lot of them. She snubs them completely and only gives a sugar quill to the quiet one on the left, who hadn't given Lily mean looks.

"Sugar quills are like muggle lollies. Here try one."

Alice hands Lily a pink sugar quill and opens a blue one for herself.


"Alice!" The blonde is bouncy, hyperactive would be a good word for it. She practically jumps into the seat next to Lily's. "Alice O'Neil, first year! Hey want to share my Sugar Quills?"

She spills about 5 of them out of her pockets.

"Lily is such a pretty flower name. Alice is boring."


Alice Intro (cause Lily needs a BFF)

Alice poked her head into the compartment. There was an empty seat here. She smiles excitedly and waves to the only other girl inside. "Hi! May I sit here?"


"Merlin's spotted socks," James looks around for his glasses. "I'm blind, Sirius! Blind I say!"

"Here you go."

James's glasses are thrust back into his hands. "Oh, thanks..."

He puts them back on. "Ug, fingerprints..." He wipes them off on his nice robes and then puts them back on. "Thanks," James drags Sirius back towards the train.

"I have no idea. Your mum is a nightmare."

James smiles and ruffles his hair, cause it looks so much cooler all messy. It's like getting off a broom.

"Guess what! I hexed this bully. He had to be like... 6th year. At least."

(ooc- Lily, I swear I'm not blowing you off. It's just that James is 11 and girls are boring)

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