February 25th, 2011

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"My name is Remus Lupin," he replies, and sets his book to the side (it's all wet too).

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"Hey!" James grins. "So what house do you hope you'll get."

"Of course, Gryffindor is best," James puffs out his chest. "And that's where I will be."

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Remus shrugs. "I don't really mind. My dad was a Ravenclaw, but the hat will probably put me in Slytherin."

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"I want to be a Gryffindor too!" Peter chimes in after James. "But..." he sighs. "I bet I'm a Hufflepuff."

He eyes Remus funny. "Anything's better than Slytherin. Hope you're a Ravenclaw, mate."

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At this point the snack lady comes by with the trolley. "Oh yes!"

"Anything from the trolley, lovelies?"

"Chocolate frogs... four pumpkin juices...er... some sugar quills..."

James looks over at Remus and Peter. "You two want anything?"

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"Really?" Sirius perks up as he is dragged. "What hex did you use?"

He doesn't notice Lily at all.

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Remus shakes his head no. He doesn't have any money. He pulls a sandwich out of his bag that his mum made.

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"Oooh I want some chocolate frogs," Peter fumbles around his pocket for some money.

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James smiles at the huge pile of snacks. When no one else is looking, he mimicks Sirius's levitation spell and floats a dung bomb onto the snack lady's cart, trapped in a chocolate frog package.

It was only time until someone accidentally set it off.

He smiled, obviously up to no good and very pleased with himself.

He throws a chocolate frog at Remus. "Have one."

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"Boo, I've got Morgana... Again." Peter tosses the card out on the middle of the table. "I've like five of her."

His lips are covered in chocolate.

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Sirius notices Remus' distress and rolls his eyes at James. Then he pounces, wrestling James to the floor and tickling him.

"You are such a spastic!"

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"Really?" Remus smiles with disbelief and catches the little package. "Thank you."

He opens the box and frog hops right onto Sirius. "Oops."

The card is Helga Hufflepuff. "Here you are Peter. You can have my card."

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Remus opens another chocolate frog (not letting this one get away) and takes a small bite.

He subtly glances between the other three boys. He likes Peter. Peter is quiet and keeps to himself. He's sweet and a bit clumsy. Trouble was, he was observant. That could be a problem. Maybe we could be friends.

James is loud. And he thinks I'm weird... But he is nice. Remus decides he really likes James. He's... refreshing. His wild hair reminds him of the boy from The Jungle Book. Mougli liked wolves... Maybe we can be friends...

Then he looked to Sirius. Sirius was beautiful. Remus knows this is a weird thing to think, but it's true. He reminds Remus of an Egyptian prince or a god, from one of the books he's read, like Amun Ra. He was really nice too, Remus thinks, but he has a funny way of showing it. I hope we'll be friends.

Remus finishes his chocolate and looks dreamily out the window.

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"So Remus, Peter, you blokes like to prank?" James says conversationally. He pops a jelly bean into his mouth (turkey- very odd flavor, but it could be worse).

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Sirius, still holding James down quite effectively, tips back his head and howls like a hound which breaks apart into giggles.

"That's all right by me. If I'm the dog, that makes you prey!"

Sirius makes his point by attacking James with more tickling.

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"Pranks are fun," Peter agrees. "Have any good ones planned?"

Remus just shrugs.

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"Wouldn't it be great if we could pull a prank at the feast? Make a grand entrance into Hogwarts?" James smiles devilishly.

James leans over and whispers to the others. "I have an invisibility cloak. I'm going to to sneak ahead of the other first years once we get off the boats, and plant these dung bombs I have all around the staff table. It's going to be hilarious. I could use your help standing guard."

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"Brilliant!" praised Peter. "I'll do it!"

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Remus shrugs again. Not a good idea...

"You... have a real invisibility cloak?"

It seemed pretty hard to believe.

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"Sure do!" James pulls out his cloak and puts it on. He vanishes from sight, but you can still hear him giggling.

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Remus's jaw drops. He had been so certain James was kidding. "A real invisibility cloak. Wow..."

Peter was starring in awe as well.

Remus bites his lip. "Be careful, James. If the professor's catch you, you'll get in a lot of trouble."

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"It'll be worth it!"

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Sirius falls back, wet, clutching his sides with laughter.

"You girl, you absolute screaming girl, and you were on fire, and saved by the swot."

Sirius is laughing so hard his sides are aching.

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Sirius shakes his wet head sending water all over the compartment. Then he gets up and plops down next to the swot and grins at him.

"I'm obligated to tolerate this tosser seeing as he's a cousin and all, but you're an objective third party. Did Jamie here scream like a girl or did he not?"

Sirius is nodding his head up and down like this is going to get the swot to say yes.

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"Ha!" shouts Sirius with glee. "See? You are a girl!"

The rest of what Remus and Peter is irrelevant.

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Sirius really doesn't care for the turn in conversation. He sort of slumps in his seat and pulls out his wand for something to do. He ignores the others as he makes a bit of lint float up in the air and dance with a quiet Wingardium Leviosa!

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Sirius pulls out a small silk sack with a green 'B' emblazoned on in fine embroidery. He tosses six galleons to the snack lady and loads up. He's not stingy though, and puts his heap on the seat between he and Remus and sort of shrugs at the others. They can take what they like. His mood is still about sour because in his future is that smarmy bugger Lucius Malfoy, his new best pal.

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Apparently Sirius actually had to say that Remus and Pete could take what they want. James already knew or would just do it anyway.

"I put the lot on the seat for a reason you know."

He is at once haughty, petulant, and grumpy.

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In the meantime, the sweets cart has moved on to Lily's, Severus', Alice's, Crabbe's, and Goyle's compartment.

Lily had moved from talking about Wingardium Leviosa to Houses.

"What House d'you think you'll be sorted into, Alice?" she queries.

"Anything from the cart, lovelies?"

Lily turns to stare a bit at the cart. She knows she really shouldn't, but... she can't resist. She buys two of everything with the money she has, and then a few extra for Severus.

"Dig in, Severus, Alice!"

Little does she know that she's bought James' rigged chocolate frog.

Severus takes the rigged chocolate frog and opens it.

Dungbomb smoke pours out of it and into the car, making Lily cough. She quickly scoops up her things, grabs Alice's hand, and pulls her out of the compartment before it gets too smelly and the smell sticks to all of them.

"Ugh! What a rotten prank to pull! Come on, let's go find out who's behind this."

Severus, in the meanwhile, is miserable. Crabbe and Goyle escape the compartment after Lily and Alice, and they force him to stay in it and get smelly. This was definitely not how he imagined his first day at Hogwarts starting.

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Alice leans against a wall, laughing and holding her nose. "Merlin's pants!"

She coughs a few more times. "Brilliant prank! But why'd it have to be us? What rotten luck!"

Several heads poke out of the various compartments nearby to glare at Lily and Alice.

"Who set off a dung bomb IN the train!"

"Hey!" Alice snaps. "It wasn't us! We were pranked." She groans and grabs Lily. "Come on, this way."

A few feet down, they've caught up with the snack lady, who looks at them funny. Alice shrugs innocently and takes a deep breath of air.

"Ahhhhh, fresh air!"

Meanwhile, a messy head of black hair, way in the back, has peeked out, and he is laughing at them.

"Think I found our prankster, Lily." Alice points, and the head quickly zips back into its car.

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Lily frowns and shoves her things into her robes pockets (she had gotten dressed ahead of time so she wouldn't have to change later), then follows the black head of hair.

"That's the same boy who dropped his glasses earlier," she says aloud, then unceremoniously opens the compartment door where James, Peter, Remus, and Sirius are sitting.

She turns to James with a raised eyebrow and a glare, just like her mum does when she's mad at her da. "You pranked a chocolate frog that my friend Severus opened, and now he's going to be miserable all day. I think you ought to apologize," she states clearly, lightening up on the glare a bit. He is an eleven-year-old boy, after all.

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James abruptly stops laughing. Who died and made HER boss of all everything?

James decides to ignore the girls.

"Babayaga," he flips over his latest chocolate frog card. "What an old biddy. Oy Peter, have anything to trade?"

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"Excuse me," Lily says, nicking James' chocolate frog card and moving closer to him so he paid attention.

"I said I think you ought to apologize to Severus for pranking him," she repeats, patiently.

Boys could be so thick.

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Okay, now this girl is getting annoying. James looks up at the red head from his seat and stands up. He leans with one hand on the wall, and holds his head up. "Oh and is ickle Sevvy sending girls to defend his honor, or are you just a busy body?"

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Alice giggles in the background. She can't help it.

She coughs and blushes a bit, clearing her throat.

"Hey, I know you! You're James Potter!" she accuses. "Your mum is friends with my mum! You really should apologize. Great prank, though."

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Lily blinks and stares at James. What a snot! She'd been being perfectly reasonable, she thought, asking him to apologize.

"Neither. He didn't ask me to come in his stead, I just think you should quit being a berk and apologize to him already. You're being awfully rude, James."

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Remus stands up, carrying his bag. He needed to change into his robes. "Pardon me," he politely maneuvers his way past Sirius. He stops by Lily and Alice. He can tell James isn't going to apologize, although, he really should... But he likes James, and he doesn't want to cause him any trouble. He taps Lily's shoulder and clears his throat. Then walks down the aisle, hoping she'll follow.

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Lily shoots one last glare at James before following Remus down the aisle.

After they're a suitable distance away, Lily stops. "What is it?" she asks, trying not to sound annoyed. It doesn't really work, James has irked her.

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"Don't be upset with James. He's just irritable because it was my idea," Remus lies softly. "I'll apologize. Where's your friend?"

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Lily gapes at Remus a little. "You're willing to take the fall for that berk?" she asks, then sighs. "I suppose I'd do the same for Severus and Alice. This way."

She leads him back towards where they'd been sitting, the smell getting worse as they go.

"I'm Lily Evans, by the way."

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"I told you," Remus follows Lily. "It was my idea." He tried his best to come across as convincing.

"It's nice to meet you, Evans. I'm sorry you had to meet me because of a dung bomb." His nose scrunches up boyishly.

Remus shyly glances back at the girl. She seems nice and she clearly looks out for her friends. He awkwardly offers a hand. "I'm Remus Lupin."

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Lily smiles back and shakes Remus' hand. "Nice to meet you, Remus. Is your name from Roman mythology?"

The redhead just ignores Remus' insistence. She knows James was responsible.

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Remus nods his head quietly. "My mum's a professor at a muggle college. She teaches mythology. My name is just a by-product of her obsession."

It would also explain how Remus knows such big words for an 11 year old.

Although the name's a bit ironic now... he frowns.

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"Oh, which college? Both my parents are muggles," Lily asks, still interested.

They get to the smelliest compartment and Lily opens the doors, bracing herself for the smell.

"Ugh. Sorry, Severus, the smell is awful. This is Remus Lupin. He says he's the one responsible and he's come to apologize."

Severus looks miserable, but cheers considerably at the sight of Lily. "Oh. Well. All right."

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"Oh you're muggle born then? That's pretty incredible." Remus smiles. "What do you parents think of it. My mum's fascinated by it all. Especially when dad does magic."

He finds that Lily is really easy to talk to and he relaxes. "Oriel College, at Oxford. It's where I live."

They reach the car and Remus shifts awkwardly. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

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"Yup!" Lily admits proudly. "They were positively thrilled to learn I was a witch. They haven't really seen much magic because I'm not allowed to do it at home, but when I was younger it spilled out a lot."

"Oh, neat! My mum's a teacher too, but she teaches elementary school. Da's a lawyer."

Lily finds Remus really easy to talk to as well. Easier than James, anyway.

Severus looks a bit put out, but nods. "S'all right. Just bad luck on my part, I s'pose. You don't happen to know any spells to get rid of the smell, do you?" he asks, waving his hand in front of his nose.

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Remus frowns. He hopes Lily doesn't want to know about what his father does for a living. Remus didn't like talking about it. His father used to have a really nice job, but he stopped working after Remus 'got hurt'. He stayed at home to take care of his son. Stupid amounts of money were wasted on cures that never worked. His parents loved him, but sometimes it was too much. Remus was happy to have a chance to take care of himself and not be a bother to his parents. Maybe his father would go back to his job at the ministry now that Remus was in school.

He looked up from his daydreaming when the other boy asked if he could help with the smell.

"Wait here," Remus says. "I'll find a prefect. I'm sure they can help you."

He hurries back to a lavatory and changes into his school robes, then drops his bag back by his seat on the train.

Then he goes to look for a prefect to help.