February 24th, 2011

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Setting: Platform 9 3/4, 1971. It's a cloudy day, chances of rain.

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Peter Pettigrew Intro

A small boy with a round face lingered near the entrance of the train. Big blue eyes watched all the people coming and going.

I don't recognize anybody...

He reaches up with trembling fingers, to brush his bangs out of his eyes.


Peter yelps softly as an older boy pushes him out of the way. "I'm sorry. I d-d-didn't mean..."

"Well. You're i-i-in my way."

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James Potter Intro

James checks his trunk and then runs around the platform, saying hi to other kids he recognizes.

He is so excited. He's finally going to Hogwarts. No more boring maths and reading. No more boring family parties.

Now he has a whole school of ninnies just waiting to be pranked! Naturally, he was going to be a legend and hero for mischief makers everywhere. Who else?

He'd managed to smuggle his racing broom and several dung bombs in a secret compartment in the bottom of his trunk. Auntie Fergie had shown him how. It was really easy.

His parents practically had to push him towards the train, though. "You're going to be late."


"I-I-I didn't mean!"
"Well you're i-i-in my way!"

James snorts and smirks openly at the older boy. What a SLEAZE BALL.

Now how did that spell go?

James fumbles his wand out of his back pocket and tousles his wild hair while he thinks. Oh yes!

"Jellify!" he waves his wand around.

The bully's legs go all gooey and he flops over, hitting his nose on the train steps.

James bursts out laughing. "Pick on someone your own size, you big dumb girl!"

He gives the bully a kick on the side before grabbing the little blonde boy by the wrist. "What an idiot, getting hexed by a FIRST YEAR. Don't worry though. He can't pick on you now."

James drags his new 'friend' onto the train.

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Peter stairs wide eyed at the messy haired boy who'd just pummeled the bully who was much bigger than they were. It was the most incredible thing he'd ever seen.

He squeaks, suddenly being dragged off by messy-hair.

"Er...Thanks! Er... Who are you?"

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Remus Lupin Intro

Remus was already sitting on the train.

He had arrived very early. He'd practically begged his mother to come as early as possible. The 11-year-old boy would have camped on the platform if he could. Anything to avoid the crowds.

It took everything Mrs. Lupin had not to follow her boy onto the train. "You have your wand? Your book? Mr. Snuffles?"


"I was only asking, love."

"I'll be fine. I can take care of myself."

"Well give me a hug, then."

Remus blushes, grateful the crowds are so very small. He hugs his mum and rushes onto the train, hand me down robes caught in the cool breeze.

He finds a place alone to sit and opens his book (Treasure Island).

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"James Potter," the mischievous boy, grins and pushes his glasses up his nose. "Who are you?"

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"Err," Peter stumbles along, following James. "I'm Peter. Peter Pettigrew."

Potter...Potter... Why does that sound so familiar? I think...

The blonde boy had a perplexed expression on his round face.

"Have we met before?"

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"Proooooobably," James drawls, sounding bored. "Does your mum drag you to boring parties too?"

James keeps poking his head into compartments, but everywhere is full. This is what you get for waiting until the last minute to board the train.

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"Er... probably no. My mum's a muggle. My dad doesn't like parties much. Hmm, but I swear your name is awfully familiar. Big family?"

Peter almost trips on someone's cat as it darts across the aisle.

"We're going to get stuck in the back..." Peter says, noticing everywhere is full.

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"Oh yeah, huge family, pureblood and all that nonsense," James pushes his glasses up again, already bored with the topic of his family. There are better things to discuss... like where to set off the dung bombs he sneaked in his pocket.

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James glances out the window of the train and spots... "Sirius!"

He finally finds an empty compartment and shoves the blonde boy inside. "Save me two seats, alright?"

He takes off down the train aisle.

"Hey the train's about to leave!"

"No running!"

James hears the shouting but he doesn't hear it.

He comes scuttling out the entrance to the train car and then waves his arms around. "Sirius!" His glasses fall off and hit the floor.


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Peter stumbles into the compartment and almost trips over the boy who was already in there.

"Sorry!" Peter squeaks, but the other boy doesn't seem to really notice him. "Er, Can me and my new mate sit here?"

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Remus lowers his book, just enough to shyly peer over the top. It was another boy. Judging by his startled demeanor, this was also his first trip on the train.

Remus nods his head yes and holds his book back in front of his face. Treasure Island was a good book.

I like pirates. I wouldn't mind being a pirate...

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Lily Evans Intro

Lily stands on the platform with her parents and sister, listening to her mum go over the list of things she needed to do. Again.

"Mum, I'm going to be fine. I'm nearly twelve."

Petunia rolls her eyes a little.

"I'm just trying to help, dear."

"I know, Mum, but the train's about to leave. Please can I go find Severus?"

"Yes yes. Do you have your books?"


Lily's dad butts in before Mrs. Evans can continue.

"Have a good term, dear. Write us when you can to tell us... what was it called again?"

"Sorting, Da."

"Right, right. When you've been sorted."

"Love you both! Bye, Tuney!" Lily says, hugging all three of them before tugging her luggage cart onto the train.

There's a boy in front of her who's dropped his glasses. She bends and picks them up for him.

"Here you go."

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"Merlin's spotted socks," James looks around for his glasses. "I'm blind, Sirius! Blind I say!"

"Here you go."

James's glasses are thrust back into his hands. "Oh, thanks..."

He puts them back on. "Ug, fingerprints..." He wipes them off on his nice robes and then puts them back on. "Thanks," James drags Sirius back towards the train.

"I have no idea. Your mum is a nightmare."

James smiles and ruffles his hair, cause it looks so much cooler all messy. It's like getting off a broom.

"Guess what! I hexed this bully. He had to be like... 6th year. At least."

(ooc- Lily, I swear I'm not blowing you off. It's just that James is 11 and girls are boring)

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Lily just shrugs, not taking it personally because she's not that fond of boys either.

"You're welcome," she calls after him.

Well... she's fond of a certain boy.

She stores her luggage and finds Severus' train compartment. He's sitting with a couple of other boys, but Lily doesn't mind.

"Hi, Severus!" she says cheerfully.

Severus beams at her and gives her a hug. "Hey, Lils. This is Crabbe and Goyle, they're in Slytherin."

Lily nods to them and sits with Severus, chatting amiably.

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Alice Intro (cause Lily needs a BFF)

Alice poked her head into the compartment. There was an empty seat here. She smiles excitedly and waves to the only other girl inside. "Hi! May I sit here?"

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Lily smiles and nods, though the boys sort of scoffed.

"Sure! I'm Lily. What's your name?"

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"Alice!" The blonde is bouncy, hyperactive would be a good word for it. She practically jumps into the seat next to Lily's. "Alice O'Neil, first year! Hey want to share my Sugar Quills?"

She spills about 5 of them out of her pockets.

"Lily is such a pretty flower name. Alice is boring."

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Sirius Black Intro

Sirius stands stiff-backed and straight-shoulder with his parents. He looks exceedingly bored. Which both is and isn't true. He can't wait to get away from his parents and see James but currently he is receiving the standard lecture on the code of conduct for a member of the Black family,

"Once you're sorted Lucius will take you under his wing. He's always like you though I can't imagine why. I can only hope that some time associating only with the right sort will curb your impetuosity and smart mouth. You represent your family and I'll have none of your blah, blah, blah...."

Sirius couldn't wait for Mother to shut it already. Father had his hand on his shoulder and was nodding along like this was all very big news that Sirius hadn't already heard a thousand times before.

"Sirius?" A whisper and then a tug on his sleeve. Looking up at him with big round eyes is Regulus. "Sirius you're doing that thing again. You should really listen."

Sirius sighs and immediately received a sharp box around the ears.

"Do I bore you Sirius?"

You have no idea how much.

"Of course not, Mother. You were just saying not to talk to Muggleborns or Half-Bloods and that I'm to remember that just because someone if pureblood doesn't make them equal to my standing as a Black."

It was an excellent guess. He really hadn't been listening but Mother was nothing if not predictable when she got going.

"Sirius, will you promise to write me?" Big grey eyes blinked owlishly up at Sirius. "I'm - I'm going to miss you."

"'Course I'll write you, Reggie."

Another box about the ears. "Speak properly! Regulus is a fine proud family name, just like yours blah, blah, blah

The trains whistle blew loud and long.

"Kreacher, take Master Sirius' things on board."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Have a good term Sirius."

"Thank you, Father."

"I'll be in touch with your Head of House within the week. I expect you to remember your mother's words. It's time to grow up, Sirius."

"Yes, Father."

Sirius received a push from behind. "Get moving, Sirius."

"Bye, Regulus. I'll write you tomorrow."

Sirius takes a step toward the train and his first taste of true freedom.

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Lily nods again. "Sure. I'm a first year too, but my parents are Muggles."

This earns her sharp looks from the two Slytherin boys they're sitting with, but Lily ignores them.

"What're Sugar Quills?" she asks. Her parents hadn't let her in the sweet shops of Diagon Alley.

"Thanks, but I like your name. Everyone thinks I like lilies because I'm named Lily." She rolls her eyes. "Alice is a pretty name. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite stories."

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"Jelly legs!" James cheers. "He went all wobbly and fell on his face. This bloke Peter, basically basically worships me now."

James pulls Sirius into the last compartment in the very very back of the train. "Peter, this is my best mate Sirius Black! Sirius, this is little Peter!"

Since Peter and this other boy are sitting across from each other, James hesitates before sitting next to Peter.

He looked across the car at the other boy. He hadn't looked up from his book once. Total swat.

"Hellooooo, anyone home?" James pushes the book down and grins.

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Alice shoots a glare right back at the slytherin boys. "Nothin wrong with that!" she assures the red headed girl. Oh, she knew all about boys like the slytherins. Lousy bunch of prats, the whole lot of them. She snubs them completely and only gives a sugar quill to the quiet one on the left, who hadn't given Lily mean looks.

"Sugar quills are like muggle lollies. Here try one."

Alice hands Lily a pink sugar quill and opens a blue one for herself.

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Remus blinks, wide amber eyes starring back at James. "No. I'm not home. I'm sitting on the Hogwarts Express. Actually, so are you."

Remus looks around the train car. He doesn't mind the blonde boy. He's quiet.

This boy in front of him, is... rather in his face. Remus swallows. Just act, normal. Normal. Normal. Normal. Normal.

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Peter waves shyly to Sirius, but scoots over at the same time, getting closer to the window. There's something really intimidating about the tall dark haired boy. "Hello..."

Instead, Peter watches James bother the bookworm.

"No. I'm not home. I'm sitting on the Hogwarts Express. Actually, so are you."

He's a little odd...

Peter looks out the window and yawns.

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"You're weird," James laughs. "What's your name?"

James decide to hold onto the book so that the other boy would HAVE to talk to him.

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Remus pales (more so than he already was). Oh no! "I'm not weird!" Except yes, actually I am. I am very weird... Not having a book to hold on to, Remus folds his hands together on his lap, twiddling his thumbs.

"I'm R-"

Swoosh! Out of nowhere there is a tall dark haired boy attacking the one messy haired one. Remus moves over, making room.

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"HA!" James bursts into a fit of boyish giggles and tries to wrestle Sirius off of him. "Sirius, sometimes, you are like a big dumb dog."

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Peter laughs at James and Sirius. "No, if he were like a dog, he'd be LICKING you too."

He looks back at the other boy, and for the first time, Peter notices that the other boy is very pale and looks tired.

"Hey, are you alright?"

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Lily opens her sugar quill and tries to bite it. It's hard, so she hurts her teeth a bit, but she grins anyway. It tastes like cherry and a bit of bubblegum and something else Lily can't place.

"Delicious! Thanks, Alice," the redhead says cheerfully.

Severus, on the other hand, takes his sugar quill with surprise and eats it slowly, mumbling a thank you.

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"Me?" Remus asks. "I'm okay. Never better."

He carefully wrestles his book back from James and hides behind it.

This was a very bad idea. Still on the train, and people already notice...

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The train whistle blows, signalling it's almost time to leave. "Oh yay! It's time to go!" Alice leans over Lily to stare out the window. She finds her mum and waves cheerfully.

"You are very very welcome, Lily."

She smiles across at Severus and winks.

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James shrieks, sounding less than masculine. "Get off! Get off! You win!"

He looks over at Peter. "Peter, help!"

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Peter laughs at James' girly scream. "What am I supposed to do?"

Peter takes out his wand and wiggles it around a bit. It makes some sparks...that fly all over the car, catching James' hair on fire.

"Oh no! I'm sorry!"

He blows on the fire... making it worse.

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Lily waves to her parents and sister as well, who look super excited and Tuney looks... well, sort of jealous.

"D'you have any siblings?" the redhead asks the blonde, looking curious.

Severus colours slightly when Alice winks at him, but it's all patchy (still sort of cute). He manages to smile at her a little. Even though Lily is much prettier.

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Remus does not find Sirius's behavior so amusing. In fact, it hits a little too close to home. He tries to ignore the other boys, but suddenly James's head is on fire.

Remus gasps and pulls his wand from his pocket. "Aguamenti!"

Water spills from the wand, drenching James. But at least his hair is only slightly singed and he isn't burned.

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"Nope," Alice answers. "Mum says I'm enough of a handful all on my own." She smiles super big. "So what kind of wand do you have Lily? Mine's holly and unicorn hair. 6 Inches. It's really cute see."

She holds up her wand, which is rather short for a wand, very cute.

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Lily smiles too. "Oh, wow! It is cute." She admires Alice's wand for a moment before pulling out her own.

"Mine's willow and unicorn hair too. Ten and a quarter inches. Mr. Ollivander said it was good for charms. What was that one he got me to do... Wingardium Leviosa!" she says, swishing and flicking her wand. The rest of Alice's Sugar Quills float into the air, bumping around the compartment merrily.

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"I thought she would never shut up, James. Ever. I don't think she took a breath once. I don't see how they're related, your mum and mine."

Sirius wants to act more excited but his ears are still red from the boxing they took. He looks at James, all excitement and happiness because he's going to the 'home of the brave' or whatever the lions said about themselves. Sirius, he's going to Slytherin. What fun.

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Remus almost smiles. I'm a swot?

"I'm sorry. I don't know how to dry you. Are you alright?"

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"Wow! How'd you know to do that!" Peter praised.

"Er...just read it somewhere," says the other boy. "I'd never actually done it before. I was surprised it worked. It was a little too much water. I'm sorry."

Peter looked at James and Sirius and he couldn't stop laughing.
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"Wow! Lily! That's so cool. My mom wouldn't let me practice magic until I got to school!"

Alice takes her wand. "Let me try, how'd you do that? Teach me!"

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"Aggggghhhhhhhh! My hair! My hair!"

Water dumps all over James. "Aghhh!" He reaches up to pat his head. Oh... "Pheeeeew... Thanks, mate. I'd rather be wet than on fire."

He sits back up on the chair and glares at Sirius. "Not a girl..."

"And Peter, do us all a favor and put the wand away."

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Lily giggles a little sheepishly.

"We bought my books as soon as my letter came. I practiced for a month, but I just practiced the words and the wand movements separately. Mum wouldn't let me use the words with movements, I got in trouble for doing it a couple of times," she admits.

"You have to swish and flick it right. Just copy me." She shows Alice the movement she used more slowly. "And you have to say it correctly. WinGARdium LeviOsa."

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Alice tries and tries, but she can barely get the sugar quills to even hover. "Hmm, guess it needs some work!"

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Remus looks between James and Sirius, bites his lip, and says. "Yes, I'm sorry. You did. But I wouldn't worry, James. Your friend probably screams like a girl too. As do I, and... Peter?"

The blonde boy nods.


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"Fair enough," James blushes.

"So, swat, what's your name?