Narcissa Black Malfoy: A Community

A community for Narcissa Black Malfoy from the Harry Potter book series.

July 2011
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JESSI ; the princess rabbit [userpic]
Tag Requests

Here is where you requests tags. While the moderator may tag your post appropriately to keep the community looking neat, you can and are encouraged to request tags when posting so your work is not missed.

  • Personal tags - so those reading the community will be able to locate work by a certain author or artist. They will take the format of "author-username" for fic and essays and "artist-username" fic art and icons. Post here with the following:
    Name of tag:
    Link to post needing tagged:

  • Multi-part tags - if you are posting, for example, a twelve chapter fic, you may request a tag for the items being posted so others may find all the parts. Post here with the following:
    Name of tag: (moderators may edit for length, see the tags list for examples of fic tags)
    Link to post needing tagged:

  • General tags - those for art, fic, icons and character names that are already in list can be added by you when you post. If you do not see a character name you need when you post, please comment here with the following:
    Name for tag: (for example, "neville longbottom")
    Link to post needing tagged:(Note: If the character is an original character, you cannot request a tag for that character)

The moderator will apply the first tag for you, but after requests are processed you are free to add the tags to your subsequent posts. When in doubt about a tag, or just have a tag suggestion, please comment and ask!

Note: If you require your tag for a second post before the mod creates it, please politely poke this post again, sometimes comments can get overlooked or accidentally screened before completion!

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