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This Mod Post Is Rated R. F-Bombs, FIRE! [Jun. 14th, 2008|03:49 am]
Yes, another one. Cope. I'm tired and cranky, and when giving the benefit of the doubt ends up coming back around to bite me in the ass, I suddenly stop feeling the need to be the nice one. To avoid losing my cool before I've had a nice long night in which to marinate on it and chat with the other mods, I'm presenting this in bullet format. Sorta.

We have had a number of trolls lately, and a number of people attacking the personal entries herein. Fuck off, you fucking trolls. And as much as I'd like to air all the dirty laundry that finally led me to this explosion of "HEY TROLL, HERE'S A PINEAPPLE, SHOVE IT UP YOUR URETHRA", I'mma show some decorum. Not a lot. But some. So don't expect a better explaination that "lawl trollz."

Please keep in mind, all "yous" are general. Unless you're here to troll. Then they're directed at you, and I hope to Isis you've got the sense to GTFO without the wank, because I am a cranky little witch and I'm getting damn sick and tired of the disrespect, not only to me and my fellow moderators, but to the other members of the fucking community. But then, you're a troll. You don't have sense. What the hell am I on?

  1. The community has been set on moderated joining. IJ's moderation request system is a little broken; it shows as not going through on the end of the requester, but it does show up in the queue. All applicants will be checked and the three of us will make a private decision on the subject. If the vote is not unanimously in favor, the applicant will be either be denied (in the case of unanimous disapproval) or contacted to clarify whatever it is causing us not to agree. We all have our own sources of information, and we are tired of the trolls. Denied applications are subject to being liberally coated with ketchup and fed to the dragon.
  2. Posting is also moderated currently; this, however, is temporary. I've set this, because the mod who knows how to set entries to automatically friends only is currently very much asleep, and as I rather like having my flesh intact and on the rest of my body, I'm not going to be the one to wake her up. Thus, the posting will be changed tomorrow, provided that the world doesn't end, or something that trumps policing petty online squabbles doesn't come up. Posting is now unmoderated, and all posts are set to friends-only by default. Don't change the setting, guys, unless you run it by us first, because let's face it, sometimes things need to be accessable to the public. I totally keep typoing that as the pubic.
  3. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, found to be in here simply to take our member's personal entries and exploding them across the internet for the lulz because they are a petty little bitch will be ban_set and laughed at extensively. This is why these measures are being put into place. And yes, responsible parties have been, we think, taken care of.
  4. On that note... You break the rules, you disrespect the community members, and you are gone. The three of us will talk about it, will make the decision together, but if anyone else comes in here to stir the fucking pot, well. It won't take a psychic to see that ban_set in your future.
  5. And when we say "respect all paths", we fucking mean RESPECT ALL PATHS. We have all paths here -- Green witchery, Wicca, Druidry, Dark witchery, White witchery. Traditional, eclectic, solitary, coven-based, Christian, Buddhist. Whatever. Respect them. I don't care if Joe Sue thinks that David Fucking Bowie is the Goddess Of All Things and that s/he's the reincarnation of the bastard love child of Lancelot and Ulysses with a bit of Tom Cruise's alien DNA thrown in for good measure, you fucking show some respect for your fellow human beings. This rule is null and void on trolls and those whose paths seek to actively harm others for the lulz, because your rights end where someone else's begins. No sacrificial virgins here, please. We are, in general, not an "evil magic" type of community. This is entirely different than offensive spells cast for defensive reasons (as in hey, bitch, you just tried to kill me. Have some psychic mindfuckery. Would you like a good ass-reaming with that?). If you sacrifice virgins, fantastic. Don't do it here. Virgin-blood is hard to get out of the carpet.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm tired, and I'm starting to get more than bitchy. I'm tired of the trolls, and I'm running out of sharp sticks to shove up their malicious asses.
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Looking back over recent posts [May. 29th, 2008|11:29 pm]

[Current Mood |contemplative]

Back in May, in one of my journals, I posted a QOTD (Quote of the Day): "I have never claimed to be a tolerant person. Tolerance is, IMO, well over-rated and too often used as an excuse for ignoring things that people know are wrong." ~ Matt Kiessling.

I have nothing against tolerance, but one should keep in mind that the origins of the word related to the capacity of enduring hardship or inconvenience without complaint -- and I happen to complain a lot about a great many things; that medically, tolerance has the following meanings -- a. Physiological resistance to a poison. b. The capacity to absorb a drug continuously or in large doses without adverse effect; diminution in the response to a drug after prolonged use. 5a. Acceptance of a tissue graft or transplant without immunological rejection. b. Unresponsiveness to an antigen that normally produces an immunological reaction. 6. The ability of an organism to resist or survive infection by a parasitic or pathogenic organism.

Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition. 1995.
NOUN: 1. The capacity of enduring hardship or inconvenience without complaint: forbearance, long-suffering, patience, resignation. See ACCEPT. 2. Forbearing or lenient treatment: charitableness, charity, forbearance, indulgence, lenience, leniency, lenity, toleration. See ACCEPT.
While I actually do tolerate any number of things, conditions, beliefs, etc., there are many I do not. I am fairly disapproving of out-right bashing of someone over their beliefs, no matter how wrong I may perceive them to be. I attempt to point out where I believe they may be in error, sometimes tactfully, sometimes with the proverbial clue bat (aka the Clueyville Slugger or the ClueX4), because that is the means that works in that situation. I can roll my eyes with the best of them over some fluffy-bunniness; I suppose I have to point out that being a fluffy bunny is not the same thing as being a newbie to something, whether it is the Craft or particle physics. I tend towards the definition of fluffy bunny as someone who chooses to remain willfully ignorant in spite of proven facts - the "9 million Wiccans burned" in the "Burning Times", for example. To quote Edith Sitwell (1887 - 1964), "I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it."

Now, getting back to the original quote, </a></b></a>[info]dragonhearth (at LJ) commented in a response something else that I believe is also a truism: "Religious Intolerance is the racism of the new millennium. This valley is not going to stand for anything less than total inclusion." (Mayor James Ledford, City of Palmdale, at AV Interfaith Council and AV Heritage Task Force's National Day of Prayer event May 1, 2008)

In a fit of synchronicity, an automotive dealer in the Antelope Valley recently ran a radio ad that told non-Christians they should "sit down and shut up."
Text of the radio advertisement

“Did you know that there are people in this country who want prayer out of schools, “Under God” out of the Pledge, and “In God We Trust” to be taken off our money?

“But did you know that 86 percent of Americans say they believe in God? Now, since we all know that 86 out of every 100 of us are Christians who believe in God, we at Kieffe and Sons Ford wonder why we don’t just tell the other 14 percent to sit down and shut up.

"I guess maybe I just offended 14 percent of the people who are listening to this message. Well, if that is the case, then I say that’s tough; this is America, folks — it’s called free speech. And none of us at Kieffe and Sons Ford are afraid to speak up. Kieffe and Sons Ford on Sierra Highway in Mojave and Rosamond: if we don’t see you today, by the grace of God, we’ll be here tomorrow.”

While the business owner has "apologised", it would appear that the mayor of nearby Palmdale has his work cut out for him.

Why the quotes around apologised, you may ask? Because I don't consider the following to be an actual apology.
“It’s just something that went by us,” said Kieffe, who does not attend church but considers himself “a Christian spirit.” “We’re obviously sorry that it offends a given segment who identifies themselves as atheist.”

Just as racism is nothing new, neither is religious intolerance: various sects of Christianity have been doing it to each other for centuries (the old "they aren't real Christians ... ") and differing religions have also done it to each other (Crusade? Jihad? Jewish Blood Libel?) and to other non-conforming groups for just about as long. (Gay rights? Women's Rights? Civil rights in general, for that matter - although a great many churches and other religious groups have been in support of those for decades.) That doesn't make it right, but it also doesn't mean it's going to automatically disappear over night.

It's been a frequent topic at </a></b></a>[info]the_wildhunt. I'm thinking in particular of this, this, and this; but especially this one. (BTW, if you don't read the WildHunt Blog daily, I highly recommend it as well.)

One method of confronting such intolerance is interfaith dialogue. While I am all for dialogue, it must be a two-way communication in order to be a true dialogue, and it has been my experience many times that the majority of that communication is only going in one direction. Again, </a></b></a>[info]the_wildhunt has pertinent linkage: We Are 'The Unreached People' Groups, wherein he talks about John Morehead's efforts in ensuring that two-way dialogue. Gus diZerega, Cat Chapin-Bishop, M. Macha NightMare and many others have represented Pagan points-of-view on these topics for several years; when I last belonged to the Covenant of the Goddess (COG) several years ago, interfaith work had become a large part of its public work. Karl Lembke has an excellent essay on the subject of tolerance over at WitchVox. which I recommend.

A related topic is that of "Respect". I've seen many screeds on many sites recently where people felt they were not being respected. To borrow a phrase from Inigo Montoya, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Courtesy of www.bartleby.com:
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

TRANSITIVE VERB: Inflected forms: re·spect·ed, re·spect·ing, re·spects
1. To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem. 2. To avoid violation of or interference with: respect the speed limit. 3. To relate or refer to; concern.
NOUN: 1. A feeling of appreciative, often deferential regard; esteem. See synonyms at regard. 2. The state of being regarded with honor or esteem. 3. Willingness to show consideration or appreciation. 4. respects Polite expressions of consideration or deference: pay one's respects. 5. A particular aspect, feature, or detail: In many respects this is an important decision. 6. Usage Problem Relation; reference. See Usage Note at regard.
ETYMOLOGY: From Middle English, regard, from Old French, from Latin respectus, from past participle of respicere, to look back at, regard : re-, re- + specere, to look at;

I fail to see why someone should be regarded with honor or esteem if they have demonstrated nothing that shows honor or esteem. Respect is earned, never given. And nowadays, with the quest for instant gratification, to do everything yesterday, few have the will, patience, or perseverance needed to be truly respected. This is as true of so-called "leaders" as it is of anyone else. However, putting in the time in the trenches, doing the work (whatever form the work may take), and demonstrating that someone is capable, knowledgeable, and probably most importantly, trustworthy in every sense of the term goes a long way towards earning that respect. In most cases, I'm more inclined to afford that tentative respect towards that experienced person over someone who is relatively speaking inexperienced.
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Mod Post: Dangerous ground [May. 29th, 2008|04:27 pm]

"Some preach, and what they say is true,
Some speak, and the power of God shines through,
But then there's a few...
Expensive sheepskin, money-minded smile
On their chin-chinny-chin, still some will follow.
You've got to open your eyes,
You've got to know who's making all the rules.
Is he a man of God,
Or is he just a baby with power tools?"

Power Tools, White Heart

An odd way to open a post to a witchcraft community, but nevertheless an appropriate one. It has come to my attention that some rather disturbing allegations have arisen in this community regarding the Assemblies of God denomination. These allegations insist that the AoG church -- particularly cited in Tennessee and Florida -- are Craft-friendly, and many members themselves engage in forms of witchcraft.

These allegations could not be further from the truth, and as it stands, to allow this misconception to persist is extraordinarily dangerous. As a survivor and walkaway from the pentecostal movement, I'm going to explain what the Assemblies of God is, what they do, and the allegations of witchcraft and where those beliefs originate, and I do have extensive research to provide to back up what I'm going to say. This is a very new field of research, but there is already a mountain of extremely disturbing information regarding the Assemblies of God and the dominionist movement.

Personal History and Backstory )

Please do not be deceived into thinking the Assemblies of God or other dominionist organizations are for even half a moment pagan-friendly, or that they are as accepting as it might seem. Again, these allegations I make are not simply alleged, but backed up with plenty of proof and links. Just hang out in Dark_Christian, or browse the various links below.

- Vineyard Churches
--- Dark_Christian wiki homepage
- A history of Dominion/"Kingdom Now"/Restoration Theology
--- Home Page for the above link
- Information on Cell Groups
- Dark_Christian
- Ex-Pentecostals

These seem to be a small smattering of links, but the first few are full of articles and essays that link to numerous other verifiable sources. [info]dogemperor is incredible for hir research ability in that regard.

I am also opening this post to debate, discussion, and for non-Witches with information and links to feel free to come in and add their own experiences with the organizations, and provide their own links and reference.

You enforce Biblical law!" The purpose of government, he said, is "to protect the church of Jesus Christ," and, "Nobody has the right to worship on this planet any other God than Jehovah. And therefore the state does not have the responsibility to defend anybody's pseudo-right to worship an idol!"
- Rev. Joseph Morecraft
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Official word from a mod [May. 28th, 2008|02:52 am]

[Current Music |Shawn Colvin - Sunny Came Home]

May I redirect everyone's attention to the rules? Rule number two states that "If you have true concerns about a situation, contact a moderator and let them do their job, please." Rule four says "Do not play moderator." And while we don't have it explicitly stated, I should think it'd be obvious: DO NOT TROLL.

Look, people. Pagans get enough flack for their 'crazy beliefs' and their 'world of make-believe' and such. And yes, we have our nutcases who are really just gamers way too lost in their fantasy worlds, but you know what? That's not your call to make. If someone is truly becoming a problem with that, we moderators will take care of it. Believe it or not, we're watching this comm regularly and ready to step in, as should be obvious now, even if we all have vastly different styles from each other.

So, going back to those rules? Never. Ever. EVER come in here and accuse someone of using a legitimate comm for real-life witches of just being a gamer and goofing around. If you really suspect an account that has made a post is a fake account or a gaming account, CONTACT A MODERATOR. We will investigate and contact the OP. Do NOT comment to the OP and accuse them of such. It's very offensive, and it's not your call to make or right to do so. Period. That is our job.

I would've thought such etiquette was obvious, but clearly it's not. So if you have concerns or suspicions, contact the moderators. We all have email, we all have at least one public post you can contact us on, and failing all that, IJ has a lovely and spiffy private messaging system you can use.
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Getting to know your totem animals... [May. 27th, 2008|01:52 am]

This one is probably mostly for those who are also parents. I happen to have a son who is 19 months old (my first and currently only child).

For reasons I'm unclear on, my son's totem animal has already appeared to him. This wouldn't be problematic, except that it happens to be a fairly large wolf (the same type as his natural father), and, quite frankly, it frightens him--definitely a problem since it seems to favor nocturnal visits. For the time being, this particular totem animal has been told (not by me, but by my significant other who is a Wiccan scion) that my son is too young to interact with it and to wait until he is older before trying to make contact again. The wolf hasn't been around since.

So, my question, then, is what would be a more appropriate age range to encourage my son to reach out to his totem animal again? For that matter, what suggestions do you have for helping me guide him through the reintroduction? Or is this a matter where I should be completely hands-off and let the wolf's reappearance be left completely up to the two of them in their own due time?

As for me personally, I'm not much in contact with my own totem animal (strongly believed to be feline)--we haven't even been properly introduced, really, seeing as the totems don't play much of a role in the Persephonic tradition I follow--so I'm a bit unfamiliar with this territory in terms of my experiences. ^_^;
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Beltaine is coming! [Apr. 22nd, 2008|07:05 pm]
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[Current Mood |cheerful]

We're having a group ritual, a maypole dance and a great feast afterwards since we're also celebrating our wedding anniversary. It's been a very difficult year so we're looking forward to really celebrating! At least my husband and I are together celebrating our second year. A couple of dear friends of ours who are married to one another are separated by an ocean and immigration red tape. She's American and lives in Idaho. He's Scottish and residing in (duh) Scotland. Something seems to come up and hinder them actually being together and they are so much in love that they are dealing with it well, but it is so difficult. So, our coven are gathering prayers and doing our energy raising to help remove all that is keeping these two apart.

I'm grilling afterwards and we'll have much merriment! What's everyone else planning on doing? :)
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Well, hello [Mar. 29th, 2008|09:03 am]
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[Current Mood |accomplished]

I was just now so excited to hear the news of [info]myfanwy65 dedicating to the Lord and the Lady! I'm actually a little misty eyed. She's a wonderful person and a good friend who's been hunting a spiritual 'niche' for a while now. She just moved some time ago from an area that didn't have a pagan community really so she felt very cut-off from other like minded people. I'm so very happy for her. And excited. I'm just all tingles right now.

Anyhow, a little about me. I came over from Live Journal.com as I don't like how commercial it's getting to make a long story short. :)

I'm a High Priestess of a small Neo-Wiccan coven. I'm married to a wonderful husband and I have a beautiful 6 month old daughter. We're also happily owned by 3 cats. Two feline ladies and one handsome fellow...Pandora, Autumn, and Logan. Loveable and michevious but we're happy to be their humans. LOL!

Anyhow, not much about me really...I'm a fairly simple girl. I'm 33 and married almost 2 years, Elora is our first baby. I'm a secretary.
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Hello [Mar. 28th, 2008|08:30 pm]
[Current Mood |sleepy]

I wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm new to IJ, thanks to my friend chimerawinds. I saw a few familiar names when I read over the members. Please feel free to add me, or not, as you like. :D

For those who don't know me, which is I'm sure most of you, I have been a pagan for over 20 years. Until about the last 6 months, my path has been solitary. Since moving to a different area, I have become involved with a coven, as of about last September. This coming Friday, under the new moon, I will officially dedicate myself to the path, the lord and lady, and the coven. I'm pretty excited. :D I mostly follow the celtic pantheon, with a few wanderings down the greek/roman and egyptian path.

I love to garden, crochet, cook, read, write, and play with my furry babies. I have 5 cats at this point in time. They are a female orange tabby called Peaches, a male tux called Frodo, a female tortie called Spot, a male long-haired orange tabby called Chewbacca, and a female calico called Tinga. They are all related, in various ways. LOL They, along with my wonderful soulmate, make up my immediate family.

I have one full-time and two part-time jobs. My full-time job is in a chain bookstore. The pay is abysmal, but that is where I have things like insurance and vacation pay. One of the part-time jobs is at a university in the admissions office. I hope this will turn into something permanent and full-time soon. I am also a free-lance writer. Nothing spectacular, just Associated Content. But, it does pay me money, so I can count it. LOL

I am an avid musician, also and play several instruments.

Ok, this is getting way too long, I'm sure. So... I am glad to meet you all and look forward to talking with you.
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Location? [Mar. 2nd, 2008|07:00 pm]

[Current Location |Sofa]
[Current Mood |okay]
[Current Music |quiet]

Where are you at? Do you participate in any groups in your area?

I'm in Schaumburg, IL, and I've not found any groups yet.
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Tarot Question [Sep. 29th, 2007|04:29 am]
[Current Mood |thoughtful]

How would you read the Queen of Cups if you were fairly certain that it did not represent a person?

I did a sort of year long spread; one card for each month starting with this month (September) and ending in August of next year. I can read September through July well enough, but the last card (August) has me a bit perplexed.

It may (or may not) help to know that July is the 9 of Pentacles Reversed. In my case, I'm actually reading this as a good thing. I'm currently renting a house in a town I'm absolutely miserable in, and I'm planning a big move at some point between late spring and early autumn of next year. This card seems to indicate that the move will be in July.

Now, on to August. The Queen of Cups. I sort of have an idea of what it could mean, but I want to make sure I'm not just reading what I want into it.

I'd be very grateful for any help on this. Thanks.
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Lunar Eclipse [Aug. 28th, 2007|05:12 am]

Who here draws power and energy from the moon? Do you feel it is stronger for you during the full or the new? What effect do you notice from lunar eclipses on that energy? Do you have any rituals you use or authors you'd recommend?

Book recommendation:
Embracing the Moon by Yasmine Galenorn

An excellent book on witchcraft and shadow work. I highly recommend reading the reviews on the site.
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Pagan-based charities and scholorships? [Aug. 28th, 2007|01:23 am]


That article, as well as the comments, has a lot to think about in regard for Pagan-based charities and scholarships.

What are your thoughts? How can we also make an impact on our communities and help others on pagan paths?

For an example, on October 13th in Houston, Texas, there's the Witches Ball, and this year, the proceeds from that go to Sheltering Arms Senior Services.

On a lighter note, a bit of whimsy: The San Antonio News-Express held a wand-making contest.
...the San Antonio Express-News asked readers to make their own wand. Our only prerequisite was that the wand have a meaning unique to the one who created it, much like the wands in the Harry Potter books.

The creativity and thought the kids put into their wands is incredible and it was very nice to see something like this being encouraged, even if it was rooted in a fictional series for inspiration. Hopefully as they grow older, this will help guide their footsteps to a path that's right for them.

Do you personally use a wand? Did you make yours, or was it a gift, or store-bought?
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Helpful Directory [Jul. 4th, 2007|12:02 pm]

Someone on LJ linked me to a website where you can find metaphysical stores in your local area, which you can find here. This is especially convenient for those who are sick of ordering things online and having to pay for shipping, and not to mention the wait. It has the stores in the United States and even outside the States; including Canada, Europe, and Australia.
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Welcome [Jun. 29th, 2007|04:49 pm]

Do come in! Sit down, make yourself at home. No need to wait, feel free to step in, speak up, reach out. Pardon the dust, a more pleasing and customized layout and color scheme will be along in a bit.
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