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The Elf ½ [userpic]
What is a Christo-Pagan?

I'm not the owner or creator of this community; I'm just someone who thinks it's odd for a community to sit unused for three and a half years.

I'm not really sure what a "christo-pagan" is. (Asking various self-identitifed c-p's has gotten erratic and contradictory answers.) Is it someone who:

  • Believes Jesus died for their sins, but isn't the only deity?
  • Likes the ritual structure of Wicca and its focus on nature as divine, and also believes one should follow the 10 commandments and Jesus' advice?
  • Believes Jesus was a great teacher, and worships the Triple Moon Goddess and her consort?
  • Attends Christian church services on Sunday, and casts circles during the full moons?
  • Believes/does something else?
From what I gather, "christo-pagan" almost always refers to one specific kind of pagan: wiccanesque neo-paganism. I don't hear about Christian Asatru or Christian Kemetics, although Christian Druids seem to exist. (Druidry is the most common blend into wiccanesque paganisms, so I suppose that makes sense. The Christo-Druids never seem to be the ADF types.)

I can't figure out how one can blend or combine Christianity's core message of "repent, be forgiven and saved" with most paganism's insistence on personal responsibility. I also don't know how one can honor one god to the exclusion of all others, as JHVH demands, and still celebrate the union of the Triple Moon Goddess and the Hornéd Lord. But I'm open to discussing it, and definitely encourage Christo-Pagans to comment or make new posts explaining what they believe and why they've taken a label that seems, on the surface, to contain such contradictions.

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