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shemar moore. [Jun. 1st, 200901:52 am]

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Well, fancy that. It's someone other than the adorkable Matthew Gray Gubler (who's getting a post tonight anyway, but that notwithstanding). Can Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan get some love?

So, these started as a present for [info]musify, who's going to be PBing this gorgeous man in the near future. He's very much not my usual type, but I must say, he's a lovely man. While my personal favorite Kingsley Shacklebolt PBs are Will Smith and Samuel L. Jackson, I could see Shemar working for him as well, and if I ever played Kingsley, I'd probably use him.

This post may be a bit NSFW, just because, as I found out while pawing through Google Image Search, Shemar apparently doesn't like keeping his shirt on. Seeing as he's quite beautiful, I don't blame him. Some icons also feature MGG, Kirsten Vangsness, Mandy Patinkin, and Paget Brewster.

If you need more of a Shemar fix, [info]tryslora has 233 here, Hollow Art has 20 here, and [info]fourletterword has 20 here.

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