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misha collins. [Apr. 11th, 201009:45 pm]

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Yeah, Castiel really is my favorite part of Supernatural. I love Sam, I love Dean, I love the plots and the writing… but, oh, I love Castiel. These are all from 4x20, "The Rapture," which I went after specifically because it had more expressions than Cas's usual rotation of BAMF, awkward, and :|. Soon, I'm going to go after caps of some of his more recent season five episodes.

As before, I got my caps from ~toxic_cloud on Livejournal.

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misha collins. [Mar. 10th, 201008:58 pm]

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Something I thought to be unthinkable: I have found a show that I hate iconning more than Criminal Minds. That show is Supernatural.

However, I will get through it for the sake of Misha Collins and his gigantic, beautiful blue woobie eyes. Also: "This isn't funny, Dean! The voice says I'm almost out of minutes!" Many of these icons are sort of questionable, given that the show is pitch black half the time, but they're not so much so that I'm not posting them. …There are also not enough icons of hippie!Cas from "The End." There aren't any spoilers, but there is a doofy smile.

I got my caps from ~toxic_cloud on Livejournal.

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