May 5th, 2008

[info]arbor_vitae in [info]chimeracafe

Riddle Gifts and a Harry/Tom-Voldemort Gift Exchange

As moderator of both [info]chimeracafe and [info]riddle_gifts, I wish to extend an invitation to all Chimerians to join this year's [info]riddle_gifts fest! :-)

I also want to bring up a question. Back when [info]chimeracafe first opened, a Winter Ficathon was held. My friend [info]leianora and I were discussing bringing back a Tom/Harry fest, this time an annual gift exchange. The exchange will be held during the fall season.

This is our tentative schedule:

Sign-ups begin: Friday, July 18
Sign-ups end: Monday, July 28
Assignments out: Friday, August 1
Submission Deadline: Sunday, September 14
Posting starts: Monday, September 22, on the Autumn Equinox

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?