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Doll Photo of the Day #6 - Ilium [23 Oct 2009|07:41pm]
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Ilium is a Dream of Doll Sha, and he arrived to us in April of 2006.

Ilium was the first doll who had a separate storyline from Diderot & Co. He was purchased as a compromise, actually. We both loved the DoTs when they were introduced in late 2005, and even went so far as to design characters and a storyline for a Shall and a Lahoo, a story we called Highwater and Holtsclaw. But after being in the hobby for not even a year and already having four dolls, we really couldn't lay out $1200 for a pair of DoTs. When DoD introduced Sha a few months later (having the Shall head on a boy body) we knew he was the perfect compromise. Instead of getting the characters of Nikolin Holtsclaw and Tzeitel Highwater, we got their son, Ilium Holtswater, and adjusted the story accordingly.

When Ilium arrived, his resin was amazingly pink, his lips dreadfully orange, and he clashed with his default wig something fierce. He also had hardly any clothes. We had ordered a pair of jeans for him from Wicked Stitchery, and because Brandon was delayed in sending them out, he very kindly included a skull-print batik shirt as a gift. It was a great shirt but we thought Ilium, a prissy little priest, would never wear it. But in spite of our plans, Ilium had his own ideas. He chose a brown wig rather than white, he watched Advent Children far too many times, and when we weren't looking he fell in love with Janus. Eventually he even got his lips repainted, and it turns out he's the sort of guy to wear a batik-print skully shirt after all. Along with semi-automatic weapons and his father's motorcycle goggles.

...I don't know what they're teaching them in seminary these days.

The suit he's currently wearing belongs to our un-bodied Edgeworth minimee, and will someday be dyed magenta. It's Guessdoll, by the way, fabulous quality for the price, and fits DoTs like a dream. Protip. ^_~

Ilium has suffered the only real doll damage we've ever had to face (*touch wood*), and as a result, he has replacement hands. The new DoT resin has a different tooth to it, but it's mellowed and matches his old resin perfectly.

Ilium was our sixth doll.

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