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Doll Photo of the Day #3 - Triska [20 Oct 2009|09:03pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Today's doll photo is Triska! Triska is a Resin Soul Yu, and we got her for free when we ordered Issachar and Vltava for Christmas. We didn't even know we would get her until after we'd placed the order, and really weren't expecting her to come to us with faceup, and a carry bag, and a pile of personality! We had thought perhaps that our unexpected doll would be Gink (short for Ginkgo) and a little tree spirit. But instead, our thirteenth doll became Triskadeikaphobia, or Triska, for short.

Resinsoul's pictures don't do justice to their dolls, and that's certainly true in Triksa's case. She's a little sweetie. Her posing was tricky until we put white pipe cleaners in her arms and legs, now she holds her poses like a dream. Triska never really attached herself to any of the other dolls until Valentine came along, and then she decided that he belonged to her. The mysterious, quiet magician and his tiny assistant are inseparable now, keeping their secrets. Sometimes I think Triska fell out of one of Valentine's cards, and sometimes I think Valentine came along because Triska wished for a friend. Someday, maybe they'll tell us just what their stories are, but for now they're happy to have each other.

Triska arrived in January of 2009. Our tiny queen of hearts, lucky number thirteen.

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