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[Mar. 15th, 2014|08:19 pm]

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Who: Simon and River
Where: Morgans Apartment
When: Week 10, Wednesday late at night
Why: The house is divided and poor River is in the middle of it all.
Warning: TBD

Don't you dare look out your window, darling everything's on fire )
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[Mar. 13th, 2014|02:48 pm]

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Who: Jenna and Nate
When: Wednesday Afternoon, Week 10
Where: The living room at the DeWitt Mansion.
Why: Jenna's trying to do all the cleaning so that poor old Gretchen doesn't have to work herself to death.
Warnings: Probably PG, Jenna's not prone to cursing and they're just getting to know each other

Whistle while you work... )
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[Mar. 13th, 2014|09:17 am]

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Who: Allison and Whoever
When: Wednesday Afternoon, Week 10
Where: The library at the Hale House.
Why: Allison's been spending a little time by herself.
Warnings: TBD

lose yourself in a book )
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[Mar. 8th, 2014|07:03 pm]

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Who: Nate and Lucien
When: Week 10, Wednesday, evening.
Where: DiWit Manor
Why: Lucien it ready to tell Nate about his past, but he is afraid Nate won't love him anymore.
Warnings: MAJOR angst, language, sex, more to be added.

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself - FDR )
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Week: 10 [Mar. 2nd, 2014|12:03 am]
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GAME WEEK: September 8th to September 14th
REAL TIME LENGTH: March 2nd to March 15th

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