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[Feb. 15th, 2014|02:16 pm]

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[Current Mood | pessimistic]

WHO: Stiles and Derek
WHERE: Hale Estate
WHEN: Week 8. Thursday. An hour or so after this thread
WHY: Because they need to 'talk'
WARNING: Sexy times

Wait, Scott! You didn't- Am I attractive to gay guys? You didn't answer my question. )
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[Feb. 14th, 2014|09:06 am]

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WHO: Nate and Lucien
WHERE: DeWitt Mansion
WHEN: Week 8, Thursday, evening, night, and Friday morning
WHY: Lucien is no longer hungover. yay So he and Nate can work out some problems, have sex, figure out what that 'warm' feeling in his chest is, and have sex.
WARNINGS: As always Lucien's mind, sex, and possible cuddling.

Sex is different, when there are feelings involved. )
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[Feb. 11th, 2014|03:15 am]

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WHO: Lucien and Emerson
WHERE: The De Witt Estate
WHEN: Week 8, Thursday, late afternoon
WHY More bonding over Emerson laying into Lucien's father over the phone.
WARNINGS: Language for sure, more will be added if needed

The way I see it? You failed him. Not the other way around. )
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[Feb. 9th, 2014|07:55 pm]
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Who: Samandriel & Dean Winchester
When: Thursday afternoon, Week 8
Where: The Shopping District
Why: Samandriel should probably meet PCs who aren't his Master... >.>
Warnings: None as of yet, will be updated if it needs to be

Until otherwise proven//The good are never easy//The easy never good//And love it never happens like you think it really should )
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[Feb. 7th, 2014|11:32 pm]

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WHO: Carrick and Russell
WHERE: Russ' hotel in town
WHEN: Week 8. Thursday evening
WARNING: Sex. Light to moderate erotic spanking.

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[Feb. 6th, 2014|06:47 pm]

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[Current Mood | awake]

WHO: Stiles and Isaac
WHERE: Hale Estate
WHEN: Week 8. Thursday. Late Morning
WHY: Because it was bound to happen
WARNING: Sexy times between slaves

For half my childhood I was locked in a freezer. So, being helpful is kind of a new thing of me. )
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[Feb. 5th, 2014|08:06 pm]

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[Current Mood | aggravated]

Who: Russell & Noctis
Where: One of the nicer hotels in town
When: Week 8 Thursday evening
Why: Flooded basement in the cabin
Warning: TBD
Insurance agents are spawn of the devil. )
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Week: 8 [Jan. 26th, 2014|12:23 am]
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[Current Mood | annoyed]

GAME WEEK: August 25th to August 31st
REAL TIME LENGTH: January 26th to February 8th

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