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[Nov. 29th, 2013|10:48 am]

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Who: Jack and Ianto
Where: Jack's home
When: Week 4, Thursday, Midday
Why: Jack wants to talk about eventually changing Ianto and Ianto surprises him.
Warning: Angst

I will never leave you alone. )
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[Nov. 25th, 2013|08:45 pm]

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Who: Eterna and Allison
Where: Eterna's
When: Week 4, Thursday Lunchtime
Why: Allison's feeling ignored
Warning: Eterna. Humiliation, some pain play.

Notice me. )
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Rajani's Appointment [Nov. 25th, 2013|03:54 pm]
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WHO: Dr. Hannibal Lecter & Rajani Darlington
WHERE: Lecter's Psychiatric Practice
WHEN: Week 4, Thursday, Morning
WHY: Rajani is a druggie
WARNING: Hannibal, TBA

Drugs. Give me drugs, give me drugs. I don't need it, but I'll sell what you got, take the cash, and I'll keep it )
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Hannibal's Harvest [Nov. 25th, 2013|03:43 pm]
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[Current Mood | hungry]

WHO: OPEN TO ALL unless you are vegetarian
WHERE: Hannibal's Home
WHEN: Week 4, Thursday, Evening
WHY: The feast presented itself
WARNING: Hannibal, Cannibalism, TBA
(Multiple threads)
I present to you, your dinner )
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Mechanical Engineering [Nov. 23rd, 2013|05:38 pm]

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Who: Derek & Stiles
Where: Hale Estate, the Garage.
When: Week 4 Thursday afternoon.
Why: Derek has things to fix.
Warning: TBA.

The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools. - Confucius )
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[Nov. 18th, 2013|12:22 am]

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WHO: Ambrose and Emerson, Piper and Buffy*
WHERE: The DeWitt Estate
WHEN: Week 4, Thursday, Around 2PM
WHY: Piper and Buffy talked about getting together to spar/exercise, Ambrose and Emerson made it happen
WARNING: Language, Sparring-level violence

*Since Buffy and Emerson are both played by me, we thought we're splitting Ambrose and Emerson's sideline conversation and Piper and Buffy's spar into two threads on this posty-thing. Like different rooms at the parties! Worry not, the streams won't cross.

Hit me with your best shot. )
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Week: 4 [Nov. 9th, 2013|10:52 pm]
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[Current Mood | sore]

GAME WEEK: July 28th to August 3rd
REAL TIME LENGTH: November 10th to November 30th

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