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[Nov. 15th, 2013|08:38 pm]

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[Current Mood | lazy]

WHO: Noctis and Zoro
WHERE: Oni Giri - Residence
WHEN: Week 4. Tuesday. Sun down.
WHY: It is story time.

No, the X-men were named for the X in Charles Xavier. Since I am Sheldon Cooper, you will be, my C-men. )
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[Nov. 7th, 2013|11:41 pm]
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WHO: Open to all
WHERE: Sinsations
WHEN: Week 3, Saturday Evening.
WHY: Masquerade Party
WARNING: Pole dancing and sexual acts likely. TBD.

Read more... )
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[Nov. 7th, 2013|06:31 pm]
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WHO: Liam and Zoro (maybe Carrick later)
WHERE: Oni Giri (Business)
WHEN: Friday evening
WARNING: blood drinking

Variety is the Spice of Life )
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[Nov. 7th, 2013|12:03 am]

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[Current Mood | mischievous]

WHO: Noctis and Zoro
WHERE: Oni Giri - Residence
WHEN: Week 3. Thursday. Evening.
WHY: Noctis' food stash starts to turn bad

Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors. )
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Who We're Having for Dinner [Nov. 5th, 2013|11:52 am]
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WHO: Zoro and Eterna
WHERE: Oni Giri (Business)
WHEN: Week 3, Wednesday Evening.
WHY: Zoro owes Eterna dinner.
WARNING: Blood-as-food; otherwise TBD.

Was that a good year? )
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Yellow is the Color [Nov. 1st, 2013|12:50 pm]
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WHO: Zoro, Sanji and Noctis
WHERE: Oni Giri (Residence)
WHEN: Week 3, Early Tuesday morning.
WHY: Sanji wakes up after the night of the full moon to a surprise in his bed.
WARNING: Snuggling, bonding, begging, double-penetration threesome.

In the Mornin', When we Rise/That's the Time, I Love the Best )
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Hungry Like the Wolf [Oct. 29th, 2013|01:55 pm]
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WHO: Zoro and Noctis
WHERE: Oni Giri (Residence)
WHEN: Week 3, Monday Evening.
WHY: Oni Giri now has two resident weres, and one of them has been cooped up.
WARNING: Mention of wolf hunting. Slavery discussion, biting/clawing, slight blood/pain, oral sex. Completed.

I'll be upon you by the moonlight side... )
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Event: Oni Giri Restaurant Opening [Oct. 26th, 2013|10:58 pm]
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WHO: Zoro, Sanji, Noctis for any patrons
WHERE: Oni Giri (Business)
WHEN: Week 2, Saturday Evening.
WHY: Introducing the restaurant to the local Masters (and Slaves)
WARNING: Slavery discussion - small talk? Will update accordingly.

Itadaki-masu! )
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Mossy Stones & Shitty Cooks [Oct. 26th, 2013|07:24 am]
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WHO: Sanji & Zoro
WHERE: Oni Giri (Residence)
WHEN: Week 2. Sunday Morning, before the Auction House events.
WHY: Zoro explains to Sanji about Kenzi/Eterna. Then lots of smut happens.
WARNING: Talk of slavery/punishment, lots of sex (anal & oral), mildly rough.

Like you don't know how much I want you. Like I could forget about you for someone else's slip of a girl and the bloodsucker that owns her. )
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The Morning After [Oct. 26th, 2013|06:48 am]
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WHO: Sanji & Zoro
WHERE: Oni Giri (Residence)
WHEN: Week 2. Monday. Early Morning.
WHY: Zoro explains what happened with Noctis' punishment the night before.
WARNING: Snuggling. talk of slavery/punishment, pleasure/pain.

You're still my mate. Wolves mate for life... )
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[Oct. 25th, 2013|01:08 pm]

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[Current Mood | accomplished]

WHO: Sanji, Zoro, and Noctis
WHERE: Fit to be Tied
WHEN: Week 2. Tuesday. Afternoon.
WHY: Noctis' needs a collar
WARNING: Slavery. Stealing. Etc. Etc.

That escalated quickly from saying hello. )
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The First Supper [Oct. 15th, 2013|01:12 pm]
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WHO: Zoro, Sanji & Noctis
WHERE: Oni Giri (Residence)
WHEN: Week 2. Sunday Evening.
WHY: Zoro and Sanji bring home their badly behaved puppy.
WARNING: Slavery issues, cursing, verbal abuse, almost-makeouts and almost-groping.

I'm going to have your puppy neutered. )
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The Hard Way [Oct. 14th, 2013|09:14 pm]
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WHO: Zoro & Noctis
WHERE: Oni Giri (Residence)
WHEN: Week 2. Late Sunday Night/Early Hours of Monday Morning.
WHY: Because Noctis has to learn things the hard way.
WARNING: Slavery issues, cursing, biting/clawing/fighting, nakedness, bondage, bloodplay, dirty talk, and beating/spanking.

If you try to run off... )
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[Oct. 13th, 2013|12:11 am]
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[Current Mood | giddy]

WHO: Open to Everyone
WHERE: Auction House
WHEN: Week 2. Sunday. All Day.
WHY: Can't have a Master and Slave game without an auction!
WARNING: Mention of slavery. Masters might test out new slaves. Will update with more warnings as things happen.

Going once, going twice, sold! )
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Fit to Be Buckled [Oct. 8th, 2013|01:05 am]
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Who: Zoro and Sanji
Where: Oni Giri (Residence)
When: Week 1, Wednesday Evening
Why: Preparation for Avalon Meet & Greet
Warning: Cursing, name-calling

What even perverted you into liking buckles so much? )

Edited for a few words that were missing!
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[Oct. 4th, 2013|10:48 pm]

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Who: Morgan and OPEN (multiple threads possible)
Where: The Avalon
When: Week 1, Wednesday evening
Why: Meet and greet
Warning: TBD, may include swearing, slavery, dub-con, D/s, BDSM

We'll never get too far / Just you, me, and the bar / Silly ménage à trois )
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[Oct. 3rd, 2013|11:55 pm]

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Who: Mir and Zoro
Where: To Rule with Greatness
When: Week 1, Tuseday, Midmorning
Why: Zoro needs a snazzy new suit for the the opening of his restaurant.
Warning: Possible language, more to be added.

Never hire a teenage witch, you will always be flaky. )
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Finishing Touches [Oct. 3rd, 2013|11:08 am]
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Who: Zoro & Sanji
Where: Oni Giri
When: Week 1, Sunday, Evening.
Why: Admiring the completion of their restaurant, Master and Slave plan for a grand opening.
Warning: Cursing, name-calling, dirty talk, fluff, and a handjob.

This log has already been completed.

The first linens for the hamper, eh chef? )
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