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[Mar. 27th, 2014|12:36 am]

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Who: Emrys and Mir
Where: Mir's home, the music room.
When: Week 11, Thursday, right after his journal entry.
Why: Mir needs some music to calm his nerves.
Warning: Sadness, tba

Even music can't heal a broken heart )
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[Mar. 15th, 2014|01:26 pm]

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Who: Derek and Mir
Where: Hale Estate, Derek's study
When: Week 10, Thursday afternoon
Why: Mir is finally going to talk to Derek about moving
Warning: TBD

We need to talk. )
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[Feb. 27th, 2014|11:03 pm]

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Who: Mir and Emrys
When: Week 9, Thursday evening
Where: Mir's home.
Why: Jenn has been sick all week and Mir is feeling the strain of not having his girl to relieve him. Enter Emrys.
Warnings: Roleplay, rough sex, dirty talk, toys, implied dub-con/non-con, more too be added.

I'm hungry like the wolf. )
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[Feb. 3rd, 2014|06:02 am]

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WHO: Mir and Emrys
WHERE: Mir's home
WHEN: Week 8. Monday. Afternoon
WHY: The Fortunatov family finally gets back home after a week away to a very sad discover...okay maybe not that sad.
WARNING: Over dramatization? Not much else.

Where has all the music gone? )
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[Jan. 16th, 2014|10:15 pm]
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[Current Mood | anxious]

WHO: Jenn and Mir
WHERE: Hale Estate
WHEN: Week 7. Monday. Night.
WHY: Jenn is climbing the walls

Lost down shit creek without a paddle )
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[Jan. 10th, 2014|12:09 am]

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Who: Mir, Alice, and possibly Emrys.
Where: Hale estate
When: Week 7; Monday morning
Why: Mir is like a giant puppy when it comes to snow.
Warnings: TBD

Baby it's cold outside. )
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Hale Pack Gathering Post [Jan. 6th, 2014|06:07 pm]

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Who: Hale Pack & slaves
Where: Crescent Hills Preserve
When: Week 7; Sunday afternoon/evening.
Why: Wolfy meet and greet.
Warnings: TBD

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. - George Carlin )
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[Jan. 3rd, 2014|12:49 am]

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WHO: Mir and Jeremy
WHERE: Around town
WHEN: Week 6. Thursday, Mid after
WHY: Mir is taking a break from work and goes for a walk.
WARNINGS: Probably none

Fresh air. )
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[Dec. 21st, 2013|07:59 pm]

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WHO: Mir and Emrys, then Mir and Jenn
WHERE: Mir's home
WHEN: Week 6. Sunday. Before noon
WHY: Mir needs to give Emrys a special present then he has to have a heart to heart with Jenn.

My heart hurts to much when we are apart. )
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[Dec. 11th, 2013|07:58 pm]

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Who: Open to all
Where: The Avalon
When: Week 5. Sat, evening
Why: Slave night
Warning: Mild sexual content, intoxication

I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it; I'm not trying to hide it. )
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[Dec. 7th, 2013|10:12 pm]

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WHO: Carrick, Jenn, and Mir
WHERE: Carrick's lair
WHEN: Week 5. Sunday, Just after dark
WHY: Jenn needs her punishment. Then Mir has a question of Carrick.
WARNINGS: Punishment, shaming, sex, possible dub-con if you squint.

Ask and ye shall receive. )
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[Dec. 3rd, 2013|09:11 pm]

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[Current Mood | frustrated]

WHO: Stiles and Mir
WHERE: The preserve
WHEN: Week 5. Tuesday. Sun down.
WHY: Because it has to happen some time

I have an unfair advantage. You see these cheekbones? Aerodynamically suited for speed in water. )
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[Nov. 25th, 2013|12:28 pm]

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WHO: Mir and Jenn (Maybe Emrys)
WHERE: Mir's home
WHEN: Week 4, Saturday, Morning.
WHY: Back in the music room, Jenn finally confesses.
WARNING: Language, possiable punishment, More to be add

We only regret the unsaid words. )
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[Nov. 19th, 2013|05:37 pm]

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WHO: Mir and Emrys
WHERE: Mir's home
WHEN: Week 4, Friday, After dinner.
WHY: Mir finally unlocks the music room door and finds out that the string was not really broken.

It is harder to forgive yourself, then to forgive others. )
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[Nov. 15th, 2013|06:32 pm]

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Who: Emrys and Alice, possibly Mir and/or Jenn as well later?
Where: Mir's Home
When: Week 4, Wednesday Morning, While Mir's at Hannibal's practice
Why: We're forming the Crescent Hills Slave Glee Club Alice got lost and needs to find her way back home
Warning: Language if anything? Probably nothing else

She's lost in the woods, and she likes it that way. )
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[Nov. 13th, 2013|03:22 pm]

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WHO: Mir Fortunatov and Hannibal Lecter
WHERE: Hannibal's practice
WHEN: Week 4, Wednesday, 10 am.
WHY: Shit has hit the fan at Mir's home and well he needs a Doctor to talk with.
WARNING: Possible language, talk of wanting to kill someone, emotions, More to be added.

What happens when you become your worst fear? )
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[Nov. 10th, 2013|02:20 pm]

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WHO: Mir, Jenn, and Emrys
WHERE: Mir's home
WHEN: Week 4, Sunday, Afternoon
WHY: Mir finds his beloved violin with a broken string and Emrys is to blame.
WARNING: Language, punishment, shaming, possible sex, More to added.

Music is the soul of language. ~Max Heindel )
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[Oct. 31st, 2013|01:23 am]

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WHO: Carrick, Mir, Liam and Emrys
WHERE: Carrick's home
WHEN: Week 3; Wednesday evening at dusk
WHY: Carrick needs a new suit

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Event: Oni Giri Restaurant Opening [Oct. 26th, 2013|10:58 pm]
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WHO: Zoro, Sanji, Noctis for any patrons
WHERE: Oni Giri (Business)
WHEN: Week 2, Saturday Evening.
WHY: Introducing the restaurant to the local Masters (and Slaves)
WARNING: Slavery discussion - small talk? Will update accordingly.

Itadaki-masu! )
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[Oct. 26th, 2013|05:16 pm]

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WHO: Mir and Jenn
WHERE: Mir's home
WHEN: Week 2. Friday, After dinner.
WHY: Mir decides he wants to get to know Jenn like he has Emrys.
WARNING: Talk of slavery, TBA

So...I just want to talk, I promise. )
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[Oct. 21st, 2013|10:40 pm]

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Who: Mir & Emrys
Where: Mir's home
When: Week 2, Tuesday, Mid morning
Why: Mir wants to talk to Emrys about the slave swap.
Warning: Mention of slavery, talk of sex, sex.

Your'e special to me, just let me in. )
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[Oct. 21st, 2013|11:53 pm]

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Who: Eterna, Carrick and Mir
Where: Carrick's home
When: Week 2, Saturday evening
Why: Carrick is sending messages
Warnings: TBA

As the evenings passed, Lord Carrick found himself thinking increasingly of the female vampire he had met on his first week in Crescent Hills. She had been beautiful and ruthless - entirely his type of woman.

Carrick thought for a moment. Eterna was clearly a lady of sophisticated tastes. He could do with a new suit for the occasion. He'd heard that the best menswear shop in town was To Rule With Greatness, and so he quickly typed out another message. The slave he had toyed with at Countess Eterna's party had belonged to Fortunatov, he thought idly. It would be pleasant to see the boy again, along with any other slaves he kept.

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Slave-Swap [Oct. 12th, 2013|02:58 pm]
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Who: OPEN to ALL (Multiple Threads Possible)
Where: Westenra Estate
When: Week 1, Saturday, Evening
Why: This little thing called fun
Warning: Slavery, Sex likely TBA

Variety is the spice of life )
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[Oct. 11th, 2013|07:42 pm]
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Who: Jennifer Garcia & Vladimir Fortunatov
Where: Fortunatov Estate
When: Week 1, Thursday, Morning
Why: Because Mir has a sex drive
Warnings: Slavery, Sex, TBA

Whilst Emry is cleaning, they can get dirty )
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[Oct. 5th, 2013|08:56 pm]

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Who: Mir Fortunatov and Emrys Michaels
Where: Mir's home
When: Week 1, Tuesday
Why: Mir wants some alone time with his new pet, he also wants to her the piano being played
Warnings: Mostly like mention of Slavery, cursing, and sex. More to be added if needed.

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. ~Lao Tzu )
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[Oct. 4th, 2013|10:48 pm]

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Who: Morgan and OPEN (multiple threads possible)
Where: The Avalon
When: Week 1, Wednesday evening
Why: Meet and greet
Warning: TBD, may include swearing, slavery, dub-con, D/s, BDSM

We'll never get too far / Just you, me, and the bar / Silly ménage à trois )
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[Oct. 4th, 2013|12:26 am]

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Who: Mir, Jenn, and Emrys
Where: Mir's home
When: Week 1, Sunday, Afternoon
Why: Mir bought a new slave and wants all three of them to get acquainted.
Warning: Language, talk of slavery, most likely sex. More to be added.

One's lonely, Two's company, and Three's... )
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[Oct. 3rd, 2013|11:55 pm]

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Who: Mir and Zoro
Where: To Rule with Greatness
When: Week 1, Tuseday, Midmorning
Why: Zoro needs a snazzy new suit for the the opening of his restaurant.
Warning: Possible language, more to be added.

Never hire a teenage witch, you will always be flaky. )
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Home Sweet Home [Oct. 1st, 2013|09:51 pm]
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WHO: Vladimir Fortunatov and Jennifer Garcia
WHERE: Vladimir's Home
WHEN: Week 1. Sunday. Afternoon
WARNING: Nudity, Slavery, Cussing, Shower Sex. Will update with more warnings as things happen.
Last night was the last night you'll ever spend alone )
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[Sep. 30th, 2013|07:39 pm]

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Who: Mir Fortunatov and Scott McCall
Where: The preserve
When: Week 1, Monday night.
Why: Patrolling the preserve, bro time,
talking about Sunday's auction, and conquests.
Warning: Crude language; more to be added.

Walking around, but getting nowhere fast )
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[Sep. 29th, 2013|01:40 am]
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[Current Mood | accomplished]

WHO: Open to Everyone
WHERE: Auction House
WHEN: Week 1. Sunday. All Day.
WHY: Can't have a Master and Slave game without an auction!
WARNING: Mention of slavery. Masters might test out new slaves. Will update with more warnings as things happen.

Going once, going twice, sold! )
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