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June 1st, 2014

[Jun. 1st, 2014|04:03 am]


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WHO: Alcuin and Scott.
WHERE: The Animal Clinic.
WHEN: Week 15, Monday late afternoon(ish.)
WHY: Alcuin continues to fret over Scott's cholesterol levels. Scott, on the other hand, continues to fret over his newfound slave's selflessness.
WARNINGS: Unbearable levels of unresolved sexual tension and possibly sick / injured animals being lovingly cared for.

'The day we met up it's hard to get up and live it down, we are smaller maybe than what we can't get around...' )
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[Jun. 1st, 2014|08:48 am]


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WHO: Nate and Lucien
WHERE: DeWitt Mansion, the garden
WHEN: Week 15, Friday, dawn
WHY: Lucien is working on his magic.

Magic )
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Week 16 [Jun. 1st, 2014|06:06 pm]

GAME WEEK: October 20th to 26th
REAL TIME LENGTH: June 1st to June 14th
MOON PHASE: Waning Gibbous (Last full moon Oct. 18th.)

OTHER: Samhain (Halloween) will be celebrated on Thursday, October 31st. Please note that this weekend is the last weekend before Halloween, for your party planning needs.
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