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May 11th, 2014

[May. 11th, 2014|05:19 pm]
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WHO: Open to Everyone
WHERE: Auction House
WHEN: Week 14. Sunday. All Day.
WHY: Can't have a Master and Slave game without an auction!
WARNING: Mention of slavery. Masters might test out new slaves. Will update with more warnings as things happen.

Going once... going twice... )
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[May. 11th, 2014|06:22 pm]


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Who: Alcuin and Derek
When: Week 14, Thursday, Early Afternoon
Where: Derek's office in the Hale Estate.
Why: Alcuin has been working on a plan to contribute something worthwhile to the pack.
Warning: Will update as needed!

'Days are going faster than I ever could keep up, overwhelming the bed I've tried to make so perfectly...' )
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