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[22 May 2018|10:11am]
Still working on this gpsl, still open for holds. Also looking for a co-mod or someone to help with coding, anyone interested?

Would especially like a few more clients!
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[14 May 2018|12:55pm]

They had been lovers for the past several months. Neither one able to restrain their primal urges when it came to the other. It felt like lust at first sight when they first met. But over time and after getting to know one another, feelings began to blossom for both parties. Unfortunately, happiness never lasts when it was revealed one woman is a vampire and the other a werewolf (or some other supernatural creature). Typically, vampires and werewolves don't get along, much like cats and dogs. To make matters worse, one of them is a powerful assassin working for their coven or pack. Can these two come to terms with who and what the other is or are they truly destined to be apart?

I'd love a PSL for this supernatural femme line, one that involves plenty of angst, conflict, some fluff, some smut, drama, and action-adventure. I can play either species and I'm open to discussing PB's, including changing this PB as well. This line could be played presently, from the beginning, or a combination of both. I'm more interested in the development of character dynamics than writing just pure smut. Don't get me wrong, I will write out adult scenes when they happen but I love a good story with it.

I'd love to world-build for this line as well. We can take inspiration from movies, books, television, etc. and mix them together or create a world of our own. I would love something long-term though.

Feel free to contact me either on this ad or in my character journal if you're interested in discussing.

This line has been filled, thank you for your interest!
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[13 May 2018|02:24pm]
New adult gpsl, see mod journal for more information. Open for holds.
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[08 May 2018|12:42pm]

Is there an Aubrey Plaza out there for my Elizabeth Olsen? Or alternatively, some Marvel ladies? Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson, Letitia Wright, Angela Bassett, Karen Gillan, Evangeline Lilly etc etc.
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[06 May 2018|07:04pm]

Looking to set up an adult gpsl. Anyone interested, comment my screened post to be added to the discussion custom.
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[21 Apr 2018|02:25am]

Looking for an Amy Adams pb for a twin line against this Isla Fisher pb at [info]beauxbaton - incest, possibly with her sister as a futa. More details available on request.
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[20 Apr 2018|10:41pm]

[info]beauxbaton a femme and futa game set in the Harry Potter world.

I'm looking for a female or futa fiancée for this character (who is a futa herself). Either a fellow student - I have a couple of preferences in the cast for this - or a faculty member. They must be a Pureblood in the HP world. I would be particularly interested in including a pregnancy in the line.

I'm fairly open on pbs, though I would love Diane Kruger as the teacher.
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[14 Apr 2018|01:29pm]

Crossposted, apologies.

[info]beauxbaton, a femme and futa game set in the Harry Potter universe.

Looking for an open relationship line for this futa teacher, student or colleague welcome, I have some pbs in mind for either but would also be happy to hear your list. I would like them to be a potential wife for the Pureblood Marriage Act.

Also looking for her apprentice who is another option for a relationship line. Details and pbs available on request as there's a couple of ways to go and this one can't be the same line as her apprentice must be a Halfblood due to game rules.
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[09 Mar 2018|03:45pm]

Long shot since not many play any more...but. Looking for a Pansy Parkinson for a kinky...yet fluffy femme line.
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[02 Mar 2018|03:45pm]

[info]beauxbaton the other red velvet girls (i'll give anything for seulgi because cute), other k-pop faces in general, woc in general ♥, sofia boutella, dichen lachman, zoe saldana, evelyne brochu, dua lipa, alycia debnam-carey, arden cho, zendaya, letitia wright, selena gomez, aya shalkar, kiersy clemons, laura harrier
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[11 Feb 2018|06:59pm]

[info]beauxbaton Her mother, sister or aunt, Adele Laurent, who is her only relative. Does not have to be incest but it is negotiable.
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x-posted [29 Jan 2018|10:50am]

due to their previous game closing two weeks ago, would anyone be interested in a group scene against bayonetta and morrigan aensland? both would be written by yours truly and writing against other fandom ladies would be heavily preferred. i have two solid ideas to build off of but i'm not opposed to brainstorming or starting from scratch either. feel free to comment here or in my journal for a custom!
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[28 Jan 2018|04:30pm]
Incest gpsl, if interested in possibly joining, comment here or in the screened post to be added to the discussion.
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[21 Jan 2018|01:14am]

Always on the look-out for femslash, in and out of fandom. Check the journal for lines, faces, etc.
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[16 Jan 2018|01:57pm]

Femme lines for this boarding school headmistress? Ideas in journal or we can brainstorm something else. Smut and plot are both good.
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[29 Dec 2017|09:50pm]
Poly gpsl setting up fully after the holiday madness. More info in the journal.
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[25 Dec 2017|06:48pm]

Anyone open to taking this busker home for Christmas while I finish giving her a bio? Femme preferred. Give her a nice lady, a big cup of hot chocolate maybe? Some with snow and all the seasonal cliches thrown in? If it goes well, I'd even take them into the new year, or move them to a bigger home?

Apologies for the cross-posting. I know it's a terrible day for it, but I figured better to take a shot than re-reading old lines all day.
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[17 Dec 2017|10:05pm]

Check the journal for copious femslash smut.
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[16 Dec 2017|04:32pm]

Would anyone be interested in taking a femme-only (for sex, at least) poly group to [info]hadlowoffice? Three to five characters, depending on interest, exact relationship dynamics can be discussed and thinking they would have openness to play with other ladies as wished, but that can be discussed as well.
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[09 Dec 2017|03:44pm]
Poly gpsl, set on an English estate that is in the process of being repaired. All sexualities welcome, see journal for more information.
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