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[19 Apr 2019|10:15pm]

Lines for this Cate Blanchett faced futa at [info]endowedmods I'm still working on her details but would love a Sandra Bullock for something specific, as well as other Ocean's ladies in general.
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[19 Apr 2019|05:19pm]

Looking for the wife of this Marg Helgenberger at [info]endowedmod Ideally a futa/femme couple but am willing to discuss which is which. The two characters have important roles in the town.
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[19 Apr 2019|05:07pm]

Re-opening this femme and futa gpsl set in upstate New York. Holds are open now and we'll be opening the game in a couple of days.
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[17 Apr 2019|10:46pm]

Any interest in a femme gpsl? Comment here or the screened post in the journal to be added to the discussion.
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[17 Apr 2019|12:22pm]

Customs and private lines for this rich, spoiled futa? Details in the journal. Can also play her as femme.
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[16 Apr 2019|04:53pm]

Any interest in a femme gpsl? Comment here or on the screened post in the journal to join the brainstorming custom.
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[06 Apr 2019|05:10pm]

Have just applied this Katie McGrath face to [info]snakeden as the assistant sex workers' manager. Would love to find her boss particularly, and I know there's another character wanting lines with the manager as well, beyond the other sex worker connections she would have.
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[03 Apr 2019|12:26pm]

So anyone want to join with this Katie McGrath face to take a line to [info]snakeden? Thinking she's either a client or staff member at this point, but am open to discussing more exotic ideas if you are interested in that.
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[31 Mar 2019|12:30am]

I'm taking this beautiful Mireille Enos pb to [info]snakeden and I'd love to find some ladies for her to experiment with at the club.
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[30 Mar 2019|04:26pm]

Looking for some lines for this girl at [info]snakeden - all are intended as relatively serious/long term for writing.

There's a few, so under a cut for length.

Lines wanted )
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[22 Mar 2019|10:41pm]

Have just held Amanda Seyfried as a sex worker at [info]snakeden Anyone interested in coming with as either the female sex workers' manager who she learned everything from and still hooks up with regularly outside of work hours or a client she loves to lose herself in and call mommy?
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[20 Mar 2019|01:04pm]
The supernatural mixes with Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics in New Orleans. Come and follow their adventures and relationships through The Big Easy.
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Crossposted [21 Mar 2019|12:57am]

[info]snakeden a new adult gpsl now open for holds. See journal for more information.
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Crossposted like mad [17 Mar 2019|04:47pm]
Looking for anyone who was at [info]eliteclub who might be interested in a new game that's similar. Not associated with the former mods in any way - this is a new game entirely.
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[10 Mar 2019|02:43pm]

Something for a high school (aged 18) queen bee type? Rich girl, gets what she wants, but she can be vulnerable for the right person. Femme or against a futa only please. Very open on line ideas. No non-con, but dub-con can happen. Her age or older are both welcome. Any face you want against her is okay with me.
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[09 Mar 2019|08:25am]

Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl or Kara Zor-el/Overgirl
  • As Supergirl, she's a sweet and kind sub.
  • As Overgirl, she's a wicked and cruel domme.
Open to most ideas from fluff lines to dark lines. Femme/futa's only. Interested? Leave one in the drop box here
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[02 Mar 2019|03:57pm]

Looking for anyone interested in a femme or femme/futa gpsl. There is a discussion post in the journal. Please check it and give any feedback you may have.
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[20 Feb 2019|01:37pm]

Femme psl for Gal Gadot, celeb or pb?

Also interested in taking something femme to a comm if anyone would be interested, also celeb or pb.
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[05 Feb 2019|10:52am]
Gauging if there is still interest in a femme boarding school gpsl. More information in the journal, so please let me know if there is interest.
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[03 Feb 2019|10:41pm]

Looking to pick up a new line or two to take to [info]secretdirection more info in the journal.
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