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[21 Jan 2018|01:14am]

Always on the look-out for femslash, in and out of fandom. Check the journal for lines, faces, etc.
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[16 Jan 2018|01:57pm]

Femme lines for this boarding school headmistress? Ideas in journal or we can brainstorm something else. Smut and plot are both good.
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[29 Dec 2017|09:50pm]
Poly gpsl setting up fully after the holiday madness. More info in the journal.
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[25 Dec 2017|06:48pm]

Anyone open to taking this busker home for Christmas while I finish giving her a bio? Femme preferred. Give her a nice lady, a big cup of hot chocolate maybe? Some with snow and all the seasonal cliches thrown in? If it goes well, I'd even take them into the new year, or move them to a bigger home?

Apologies for the cross-posting. I know it's a terrible day for it, but I figured better to take a shot than re-reading old lines all day.
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[17 Dec 2017|10:05pm]

Check the journal for copious femslash smut.
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[16 Dec 2017|04:32pm]

Would anyone be interested in taking a femme-only (for sex, at least) poly group to [info]hadlowoffice? Three to five characters, depending on interest, exact relationship dynamics can be discussed and thinking they would have openness to play with other ladies as wished, but that can be discussed as well.
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[09 Dec 2017|03:44pm]
Poly gpsl, set on an English estate that is in the process of being repaired. All sexualities welcome, see journal for more information.
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[30 Nov 2017|02:05pm]

Sorry in advance for the cross-posting, loud muse got looooooouuuuuud.

Anyway, whipped this girl here up for a PSL not long ago and she took off like a rocket in my head. I'd like to keep the PSL as her current timeline, but would very much be interested in exploring more of her past by way of PSLs and lines. Long term or one shots welcome, but I would like there to be some influence by travel involved for at least one party. Think of it like On The Road, only Sal Paradise is a girl who dyes her hair lots and has plenty of Tattoos. Gen and Femme both welcome, in fact I'd kind of enjoy the idea of an awkward travel where she whisks away a dude somewhere fun for a weekend, and he gets the way wrong idea.

Feel free to ping the contact post if it appeals to you in any way. Happy Thursday!
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[19 Nov 2017|05:47pm]

Hey there, and happy Sunday! Sorry in advance for the x-posting.

I threw up some fresh story ideas in the journal, still actively seeking some lines. My preference is for Original Character pairings with a heavy bend towards science-fiction, fantasy, and supernatural themes. Adding Urban or heavy influenced by musical themes, to them earns even bonus points. I'm not against pairing with fandoms however and crossovers are more than welcome. I'm open to suggestions too.

And if, in an ideal world, you'd want to mash up Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The Phantom of the Opera, with street magic, music history, conspiracy theories, and wizardry? Please report to the head of the line.

Hope it's been a great weekend.
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[13 Nov 2017|12:47pm]

Looking for a PSL partner to write in a semi-original setting combining science fiction, fantasy, and touches of the supernatural. No interest in taking it to games or comms. I have a high preference for well developed, original, characters, though I will welcome crossovers. Extremely minimal interest in Marvel when it comes to crossovers however.

Please see the journal for more details.
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[12 Nov 2017|01:06pm]

[info]womenofhistory Still in search of her business partner/fwb. PB suggestions available but I'm more interested in getting the role filled than the face.
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[12 Nov 2017|12:55pm]

Would anyone be interested in working out a line to take to [info]womenofhistory? I have several ideas, for characters in front of and behind the camera! I'd also be interested in filling something for players already there.
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[05 Nov 2017|11:04pm]

[info]womenofhistory Her business partner/occasional sexual partner. Open on pbs, but would very much like Kate Beckinsale if suggestions are wanted.
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[05 Nov 2017|10:24pm]

Faux celeb femme gpsl. See journal for more information.
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[28 Oct 2017|03:40pm]

Would anyone be interested in working out a line to take to [info]womenofhistory? I have several ideas, femme/femme, femme/futa or even a possible futa/futa idea.
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[28 Oct 2017|12:29pm]

Femme faux celeb gpsl. Check journal for more information.
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[22 Oct 2017|02:58pm]

Redheads to be part of a kinky witches' coven? Small gpsl. Open to non-redheads but gingers preferred.
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F/F Storyline [21 Oct 2017|03:59pm]


Hello all!

I am looking for two things:

1) A line that would be a female/female love interest line. Trista here (PB: Jennifer Lawrence) is bisexual, but enjoys women and men equally. Her love interest is the opposite of her: shy, lesbian, unsure of herself and nerdy. Trista is the type of woman who goes for what she wants and gets what she wants, which is this other woman. The other woman, while not being confident in herself and not used to dating beautiful women that can pass for straight, not only is shy about it all, but the fact that Trista is bisexual is a source of contention. (PB: Tegan Quin preferably, but will take suggestions).

2) Possibly a community these two could be together in.

If you're interested, please let me know.

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[16 Oct 2017|12:53pm]

Looking for players interested in a femme gpsl. Open for discussion on settings. Celeb or pb. Wanting to keep it small, so thinking five writers max, but open to a couple more if there is interest.
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[12 Oct 2017|02:06pm]

Hard to find these days but looking for someone to play a Pansy Parkinson or other full of themselves Slytherin girl against my clever and sneaky Ravenclaw girl.
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