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[09 Mar 2019|02:55pm]

Looking for a fantasy psl. World-building, high or low fantasy, fleshed out supporting characters, and every sort of hijink. Prophecies, heists, wars, open to any and all the things. Can create something wholesale or set it in a number of fandoms; Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Game of Thrones, Faerun, Witcher, or a number of novels. Comments screened, also OOC contact in the journal. Cross-posted.
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[01 Mar 2019|06:44am]

Seeking some hetero, lighthearted/fluffy story-driven smut or PWP (open to short-term and long-term alike)! Lines (along with some desired characters) and all the needed OOC info is in my Journal; Comment there if interested (screened for privacy),

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[23 Feb 2019|04:17pm]

check, please!
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[29 Jan 2019|04:29pm]

Hi! I'm looking for a long-term dedicated partner in a romantic plot. I'd also like a partner who likes headcanons and talking ooc, since I believe communication between partners is important. More info here.
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[23 Jan 2019|07:18am]

Check the journal (particularly seeking a lighthearted/comedic superhero or canon x OC Pokemon line)!
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[18 Jan 2019|04:51pm]

check the journal
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[06 Dec 2018|03:37am]

Looking for someone interested in world-building, multiple auxiliary characters, and the process of restarting civilization in the apocalypse. Zombies, plague, war, whatever. Just want to write what happens after Earth does a hard restart on humanity.
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[26 Nov 2018|11:03pm]

I'm looking for a few new PSLs, possibly interested in joining a community as well. I write het and femme, original characters and fandoms. Lines and PBs listed in the journal, comments are screened. Feel free to take a look and see if we might mesh!

Cross posted.
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[09 Nov 2018|05:42pm]

Hoping to take on more private lines! Please check the journal for more info. Comments are screened for your privacy in my journal!
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[28 Sep 2018|07:54am]

check it
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[24 Aug 2018|11:51pm]

Check the journal, please!
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[17 Aug 2018|07:03pm]

I'm desperate to fill Korean Drama inspired lines! Please take a look at the journal.

cross posted
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[15 Aug 2018|05:43am]

Check the journal, please!
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[16 Jul 2018|01:43am]

Check it
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[19 Jun 2018|12:26am]

I Play: Kirk
You Play: Bones
Star Trek AOS:
Storyline Ideas
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[10 Jun 2018|04:33pm]

Looking for a separated couple line. Check the journal for more details.
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[07 Jun 2018|04:10am]

I tossed up some line prompt ideas and potential scenes. Feel free to ping here or at the contact post over there if anything looks good!
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[15 May 2018|12:33am]

Looking for a writing partner to help create a community developing itself in the middle of an apocalypse. Zombies, infected, or simply some pandemic that shattered human civilization. Looking to focus on the tensions within the community and the threats that lie outside it, as well as their struggle to create something out of their situation.
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[06 May 2018|10:02pm]

Looking to play a lawman in a line filled with espionage, crime, and a neo-noir kind of flavor. Got some ideas for how that could play out, just need criminals/partners/rivals to flesh it out. cross-posted
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Lines Wanted for [info]salem_city_mod? [06 May 2018|04:18am]

Looking for these two lines for my Ellen Page OC. Her info can be found in her Application.

  • Jared Padalecki as a 'Hunter' preferably for Line #1

  • Mark A. Sheppard as Crowley 'The King of Hell' for Line #2

    Comments screened.
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