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Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
12:45 pm - LOVE

[info]lost_world Love goes to:

[info]marygoround - The angst, the drama, the fucked up strangeness with Johnny, I don't know what I'd do without it.

[info]knowingmore - I have two in love with her. She's just got a way about her.

[info]celestialintent - I never thought Piotr would find a friend who really understood him. How could I have known it would be Castiel?

[info]ignis_quaedam - There's a little phoenix who thinks the world of him, and holds him very dear to her heart. She would have gone mad if he'd been gone any longer. He can never go away again.

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Friday, March 1st, 2013
9:51 am

Broken down by groups because it made more sense to me:

The Flying Dutchman

1. Damien Thorn: Massive love all over this character. He's evil, seductive and always up for fun, which appeals to both me and my muses (this goes for Mike's Damien in every rpg we've been in).

2. Bruce Banner: The perfect blend of humility, snark and spirit that defines Bruce. GW has always brought such life to the role.

3. Damon Salvatore (all twelve): Gin brings an amazing touch of humility and humanity to Damon that really fleshes out the character, while still keeping the 'willing to do what needs to be done' jackass sense to him.


1. Edward Nigma: DADDY! Rae really brings Eddie out of the comics and into The City wonderfully, the brilliant madman whose not afraid to get his hands dirty and she showcases him wonderfully in this new world. He's spot on and perfect, even when broken.

2. Erik - Fae portrays such a woefully tragic yet brilliant phantom that I just want to read every little bit she writes with him. He's so squishy and wonderful!

3. Tony Stark - Wonderful, brilliant, self-absorbed...every time I see the character's name on a log I have to read it, just to get another glimpse at Tony.

4. Dinah Lance - The writing is such a perfect blend of everything that makes Di...Di that it's a treat to read, even when my characters are getting yelled at. It's everything that made me fall in love with the character originally.

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Monday, February 25th, 2013
7:27 pm - Lots and lots of love

So. I love a lot of the characters that I come across. It's hard to pick just a few to gush about so I will definitely have to make many return trips to this comm.

1. WC & RC Dean-Nel does a fantastic job with Dean. She's got his voice down perfectly and strikes just the right amount of humor and manpain/levity. Love him. I also love how he's gone in two very different directions and both are very different but both make a ton of sense based on how he's developed.

2. On that note, I also adore LW Dean (I do love Deans when they're done well!) Lilah does a wonderful job with him as well. He's dead on and we've done a lot of fun stuff with Dean so far between BRS and LW.

3. LW Johnny. LOVE Johnny. And the whole Johnny/Mary craziness. There is so much depth to this OC of Mila's. The backstory is heartwrenching, the character is a quirky take on a vigilante. He's got a fun sense of humor, and there is a lot of fun to be had with the time travel aspect of it. So much love.

4. LW & RC Harry-Dyan does such a fantastic job with Harry Dresden. I've seen her play him from three different points in canon and take him in three different directions and they're all still so very HARRY.

5. RC Bruce Wayne-Trish has his voice just down. She kills me with how Bat-ty he is. He's not exactly cute and cuddly-in fact he's downright prickly so it's fantastic to see him when he's letting his guard down just a little bit.

So. This was not a super-short list. And this is just the start. There are a lot of great players spread across the three games I frequent and a lot of fun characters to play with. I am a happy RPer.

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Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Where to begin!?

Peter. Oh my dear goodness, Peter. Damaged, shaken, but still holding it together -- with both hands, tenaciously, in spite of every damned thing that's gone wrong. Peter, who gives when others would have given up. Peter, whose power seems a curse to him and yet he still chooses to try to help, even when others find it frightening, even when it means he'll be isolated by the response. Dear goodness, Peter. So much love.

Harry! What the heck! I've never read the books, but this dood is like cracktastic and a half, with this heart that shines under it all despite his frenetic insanity. Why have I never read this series? I've already fallen in love!

*pant pant*
Okay, squeed out..... FOR NOWWWWW.

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Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
7:41 pm

I totally forgot about this comm.


Though it has been many years gone, I woke up this morning thinking about some of my favorite characters and I feel that they need to be shown appreciation (even if they no longer have voices in the minds of their muns.) So without further ado, the characters that I miss reading and playing with:
XD!Piotr - Sadly, I feel like I never got the chance to rp with him much. Why didn't I get to rp with him more? What a fabulous rendition of Colossus. I think I can honestly say that I have never been in an X-game with a more interesting Piotr. Just the thought of trying to condense Marvel's chaotic Rasputin family history into a teenager is difficult enough, but to make it plausible? Props to Piotr. Props to his relationship with Kitty and JP. I regret that Erik was never able to turn him over to the dark side of the force.

XD!David - AHAHHAHAHA. Handsome. Suave. Is that guy from the Dos Equis commercial the most interesting man in the world? HELL NO. David Haller is! I always wanted to see him freak out and go totally batcrap crazy though. And was there something going on between him and Monet??? Did anyone else see that??? Was it just my fangirl imagination??? I thought I saw some ♥ between them. Alas. Where is he now, I wonder ...

XD!Wanda - So patient. So full of love. So helpless and forgiving. And just about every log I was in with her made me cry. (As a sidenote, I loved her brother, too. Edward Norton as Quicksilver? Epic genius. EPIC, I say.)

XU!Horsemen - Yes. I am going to lump all four of them into one single category. Why? Because I can. And because they were one with each other! I wish we could have seen their true potential. Every time I see a bag of Cheetos I think of XU. Weep.

Dystopia!Kurt - I'm not sure I totally understood him. But mmmmTim Roth. Yum.

XD!Jean-Paul - Does anybody else miss those bathroom fights between him and Tom Cassidy? No? Well, I do!

XD!Megan - OMG. So pink. So cute. I hope she and Berto are happy together somewhere.

XD!Charles - All of that mental power in one inexperienced teenage boy. Part of me kind of wanted to see him just lose it and become evil, if for no other reason than to break the Xavier mold. The other part of me wanted to see him live up to the Xavier legacy. But the best thing about Charles was that you didn't know what he was going to do in the future or where he was going to go. And neither did he. How do you play the weaknesses in a character like Charles Xavier, one of the most powerful mutants on the planet? I don't know. But XD!Chuck definitely had his flaws. And that's what made him lovely.

XD!Sean - Elegantly written. Beautiful icons. My first introduction to this PB. And I can't think of him as anyone else.

XD!Raven - Evil. Plain and simple.

And there are about a thousand more characters that I miss, but I have to revisit old journals to find them so I can give them justifiable praise. Not that it will matter because I don't think anyone has posted here since 2008. So no one will see this. But that's okay. Part of my mind is now at rest.

Thank you, Character Love.

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Monday, May 12th, 2008
9:00 am - walked right into THAT, didn't i?

dysnomia just made me... gah. oh god. her last tag, here...

nothing like cryin' in your coffee in the morning to wake you the fuck up before work.

kudos to miss kitty fantastico. not that she hasn't blown me away before (and i'm sure will again). outta the park.

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Thursday, May 8th, 2008
10:27 am - oh lordy goodness!

So much love for Mila, Kate and Cary right now - Awesomeness is an understatement especially since the log has just started and I'm trying not to giggle madly in the office.

Lordy lord, my cheeks are blushing - the robe! the robe!

"a robe! a robe! my dignity for a robe!"

I <3 you crazy three

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Sunday, April 20th, 2008
11:59 pm - Hi

I love Philotes. She got Deimos to giggle. How can you not love that?

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008
6:23 pm - YES!

dear friends:

i submit to you MASSIVE, RAMPANT AND UNBRIDLED love for jeannie, as written by [info]keleos, at [info]we_coexist. her latest two replies here have me in stitches. my abs actually hurt from laughing.

brilliant. totally brilliant. <3 !

ps- really, at least click that link and read her last reply. it's totally worth it.

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Friday, April 4th, 2008
4:31 pm - Just Talkin' 'Bout Moros...And We Can Dig It

Okay, so I haven't seen anything in this forum for some weeks, and I figured it was time to break the trend, and I just finished the thread I'm going to reference.

I'd like to express a little love for the madness of Moros, especially since 2/3 of my characters hate his guts, and I don't get to show my appreciation in character. His crazy is at the same time hilarious and amazingly creepy, and that's just something you don't see every day. And in spite of his madness, he's endlessly inventive with his...um...playthings.

More than that, though, I want to offer extra-special credit to the fellow behind the hulking, seven-foot monstrosity, Steve. His writing through that entire thread was spot-on perfect, from the opening post to the very last sentence. The quality of his work forced ME to try to be a better writer, and his creativity made me have to become more inventive with my own. Steve's an amazing author, and I could almost say he was made to play Moros.

I can't wait for our next thread.

(You can send that C-note via Paypal, yo.)

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2008
9:27 pm - OMG Oizys!

Not only is she utterly brilliant in her paranoia… she talks to Philotes’ goat. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing it is that she talks to Lottie’s goat. Watching her brain go in circles like an insane little dog chasing its tail just makes me love her all the more.

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Saturday, February 9th, 2008
11:48 am - OMGLOVEOMG

You never know when it's going to happen, but there are threads that make your heart thud and your eyes water. Dearest Shadeling! You blew my mind and made me tear up with this. Specifically the comment about what he wants. It was amazing!




current mood: touched

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Friday, February 8th, 2008
8:44 am - am i really first?!

hello, people!

i would like to submit to you some serious, ridiculous affection for nanshe at ddc.

fae's officially trying to make me just... fall over from cute. not only is this lovely goddess baking cakes for widows and orphans (and don't forget the gerbil named gus).... now she's trying to help morpheus sort out his completely screwed up personal life by giving him purpose.

nanshe needs her own talk show.
she can have all the gods and goddesses on her couch, and make them cry, and give them tea and fix their lives. i want to cuddle her now!

rampant cuteness and fae winnage here.

<3 <3 <3

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