Mar. 18th, 2013


[Loki, Thor; G] The Least Of These

Character/Series: Loki, Thor; Marvel Movie Continuity
Rating: G
Notes: Set when the boys were whatever the Asgardian equivalent of fourteen is.
Title: The Least Of These
Author: [info]yuuo
Word Count: 2038
Summary: Loki liked to walk along the river banks in winter, studying patterns in ice and the way his booted feet left a distinctive trail behind him, the way he could make whatever tracks he wanted by manipulating how he walked and where he stepped.

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Jan. 5th, 2012


[Hohenheim, Dante, pre-Envy; PG] A Dish Best Served Warm

Character/Series: Hohenheim, Dane, pre-Envy
Rating: PG
Notes: Written two years after Cradle to Coffin
Title: A Dish Best Served Warm
Author: [info]yuuo
Word Count: 860
Summary: "Master William, we'll get in trouble for this!" Dirk whispered, even as he held the bag for William.

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May. 2nd, 2011


[Dante, Hohenheim; PG] In The Image Of Man

Character/Series: Dante, Hohenheim; Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for [info]firebird308, prompt "Science Genius Girl". Set way pre-series, before the first Stone's creation.
Title: In The Image Of Man
Author: [info]yuuo
Word Count: 2639
Summary: Deborah's heart pounded loudly in her ears as she fled.

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Apr. 22nd, 2011


[Trisha Elric; G] Dirty Jobs (With Trisha Elric)

Character/Series: Trisha Elric, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric; Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: G
Notes: Written for prompt "spring time" from [info]beccastareyes
Title: Dirty Jobs (With Trisha Elric)
Author: [info]yuuo
Word Count: 632
Summary: Trisha hated spring times in Rizenbul.

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Aug. 20th, 2007


[justin/iris; r] Yet Indeed She is My Sister

Fandom: Carnivàle
Title: Yet Indeed She is My Sister
Author: [info]emilie_burns
Pairing: Justin/Iris
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,010
Disclaimer: Carnivàle is copyright HBO and Daniel Knauf.
Warnings: Incest, abuse of biblical verses.
Author's Notes: Written for [info]yuuo for the First Kiss Meme. Title comes from Genesis 20:12. I couldn't resist the temptation of trying to write this pairing. They manage to be full of both Do Not Want and Fuckin' Hot at the same time. I hadn't seen the second season at the time of writing, so this is a bit short to avoid too much, if any, backstory clashing. (please to not be giving Season 2 spoilers, thanks)
Summary: Her mouth felt dry as sand. "Leviticus, chapter eighteen, verse nine," she whispered.

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