May. 9th, 2010


Upcoming trial info!

Alrighty, it is finally time for Trial #3 to get underway!

The trial will last two in-game days, or from the 17th to the 24th of May in real world time. As always, logs do not need to follow the schedule too stringently (write when you can and finish whenever you finish) but that's the official schedule. So to be clear:

17th - First day of trial begins
21st - Second day of trial begins
25th - Character return to their regularly scheduled lives

This trial consists of an obstacle course that characters will need to find their way through in teams. There will be two teams; one for Asgard and one for Niflheim, and they will go through identical but separate courses. That is, the course they experience will be exactly the same no matter which team they are on, but the teams will not cross paths. The winner will be determined by a combination of how quickly they progress through the obstacles and how well they work together as a team.

The characters involved are as follows:



If your character is listed and has already been in a trial, or if you won't be able to play during this timeframe, please post so I can rearrange things!

For the duration of the trial, the teams will be stuck in their course. They will be provided a place to rest once they get through the obstacles for the day (details under the cut), but they will not be able to leave the area set up for them. They will have normal access to their journals, so they can communicate with the other team and/or people not involved in the trial as usual whenever they have time to do so. That way, characters not in the trial can still be involved in a sense.

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That should cover it. I'll post up a log for each team at the beginning of each day for the main trial. Feel free to split into your own logs for whatever happens once they get to their apartment.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment here with them. This post can also be used for any plotting you wish to do.

Trial 3, ahoy!

P.S. New kids have been assigned rooms on the places of interest page. Take a look! If you don't like where I've put you for whatever reason, poke me and we'll figure something out. :)

Jun. 4th, 2009


One Final Trial Announcement - IMPORTANT!

Duelists, don't worry about starting your trial threads. The Mod would like to formalize the trials by having one of the NPCs post the threads at the allotted times. To make sure your characters aren't confused when they first enter the arena, Sandalphon will be the first to post in each thread, guiding the selected fighters to their weapons.

Once each character has a post with their weapons, Sandalphon will then post again and explain the rules. She will step aside and the duel will commence how ever the players see fit. Once the fights are finished and a clear winner has been decided, Sandalphon will end the trials. The NPCs will take the duelists back to their own teams.

In shorthand (my attempt at making this humorous as well as educational...):

Metatron: Welcome to the arena!
Lucifer: Woohoo!
Sandalphon: Tohru, Yako, choose your weapons. *weapons morph into Sock'em Boppers*
Tohru: OMG!
Yako: WTF!
Sandalphon: BBQ? These are the rules: *insert rules here*. And begin!
Tohru and Yako: *post for however long is required*
Sandalphon: Okay, winner is _____!
Metatron: Let's go home!
Lucifer: Woohoo!

And that's how it works! On a related note, I'll be working for a few of the days during the trials, so I'll be a bit late in having Sandalphon respond to the threads posted on Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday, (and...Wednesday, maybe? I can't remember the days now!). Not too long! Work's just a couple hours.

Edit: Oh, and! If your character would prefer to use magick or powers or some weapon they themselves have brought to the tournament, the character can just refuse to accept a weapon in their post. (For instance, if Vader brings his light saber and doesn't want to take any other weapon, he can refuse and Sandalphon will acknowledge it.)

May. 30th, 2009


Minor Trial Update!

There's been some back and forth debating as to whether weapons shall be provided once characters enter the arena or if they should bring their own. A consensus has been reached, and the decision is thus:

Aside from Tohru and Yako, characters may bring their own weapons into the arena. Midvalley can bring his sax, Kain can bring his lance, etc. The only weapons that will not be permitted in the arena are the advanced ones that have been purchased from Sydonai's shop.

If your character is weaponless and has no magical abilities to counterbalance this, please contact the Mod and myself (Vic) so that we can arrange something for him/her.

On a side note, the duel between Sal and Maria will be in the form of a paintball tournament. Both may bring their own guns, but they will morph into paintball guns for the duration of their Trial.

Thank you!

May. 25th, 2009


Just Letting Everyone Know~

Two fights will have special effects come about when the two chosen step onto the arena. This will not be known to the characters until they've finally stepped into the arena!

1. Kain vs. Schroedinger - healing abilities will be nullified during the battle.
2. Tohru vs. Yako - their weapons will disappear, turn into, or their fists will be covered by Sock'Em Boppers. They'll have to hit each other about ten times or so - first one to get ten proper hits in wins.

Feel free to ask any out of character tournament questions here!

May. 7th, 2009


Upcoming Tournament Information

It's that lovely time of year, everyone! This is strictly OOC knowledge for now, until Lucifer or Metatron say more on it. However, I'm thinking that the second trial will be from Friday, June 5th to June 10th. For some extra information on the trial, click here.
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Jul. 29th, 2008


CU Wiki Update

Just to let everyone know, there's now a character template to use for character information on the CU Wiki. I'd really, really appreciate it if people used this template more often. Simply sharing the application doesn't give as much information as following the template will - and it is a wiki, isn't it? It might be more fun to learn more about characters.

There is also information on the trials on the CU Wiki as well. I don't think there's any new information except a tiny bit, but it's better organized than the page of information on the trials here.

Also, for those who haven't confirmed for their characters to be involved in the trial yet - please do so soon!

In case some people don't confirm, though - is anyone willing to have their Niflheimer be part of the representative list as an 'understudy' of sorts?

Jul. 26th, 2008


Trial Update

Extra trial information here. The representatives have been changed slightly. Originally I was going to keep the first roster and replace Will with Okita, but that won't work because of the trial dates.

Players who do not get a character in as a representative this time will eventually have a turn! Every character will take part in one of the trials at some point.

Please reply to this entry and let me know if you're okay with your character being part of the trial officially, finally now. xD If you do not want a character that's on the roster in this particular trial, let me know now or forever hold your peace? D=

The riddles will not be shared until the day Sphinxie (see the above link) shares them in an IC, ceremonial-type thread, but this is a good update. However, if players would rather I share the riddles (I won't share the answers yet) now, before the characters even know about them, then i'll consider putting them up somewhere soon. Just don't tell other people the answers if you figure it out somehow, because it might ruin the experience for them.

So! Questions? Concerns? Comments? Confirmations on the rosters? Feel free to start asking me about anything and everything now.