Nov. 20th, 2008


Calling 'Uncle'! D:

Calling hiatus for myself until Monday. I have soooooooo many projects/papers, it's not even funny. I'll keep watching the community and threads, but no/even fewer journal comments.

Just to point out with my previous post here~: Syd's shop contains items that are magical. Or even technologically advanced. Or from other worlds. You could ask for camera equipment, like Henry for example, but his equipment will be "special" somehow (like it'll be indestructible or can photograph ghosts or something xD). There'll be herbal ingredients as well, but extremely few (since I wouldn't want to slight Blythe). Be creative, peoples~

On that note, Jazz-player: What is "crystialized energon" and what is Jazz planning to use it for? (this will effect what Syd asks for in payment and whether or not he gets a lot)

Also, Zefiris, I will definitely get to your comment! I just need to ask our Mod some stuff. (I've watched Scrapped Princess, actually. ^^)

In conclusion: Later~

Nov. 11th, 2008


Item Suggestions!

While Chrissy and I pull together Sydonai's inventory, feel free to suggest some things for it here!

Thanks for reading! =D