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Aug. 8th, 2009


Dino Discussion :3


PIC! )

If anybody wants dino info, feel free to ask. I'm no expert, but I know where to look to help you find something scary for your kid(s) to run away from, or something big for them to trip over, or so-on, so-forth.

Jun. 27th, 2009


Attack of the Plots!

Okay guys, two plots coming up!

FIRST! The Asgardian Meeting Plot! I'm thinking that I'll set the thread up tomorrow morning, which should give everyone enough time to get ready for it, since they knew it was coming. For those who don't want to participate in the thread or who are not here right now, don't worry. Blythe will be checking on the Asgardians who were quiet on the journals and it will be assumed that they were there, even if they say nothing ICly.

How the Asgardian Meeting Thread will work. )

SECOND! Tailypo and Banru set out to wreck some shit! We need an Asgardian volunteer to get the hell beat out of. Or, if you would rather that your character not get too beat up, I'm sure that we could come to some sort of agreement. The most important thing is just getting an Asgardian to be jumped in an ambush by Tailypo and Banru. Any takers?

Jun. 19th, 2009


Ok, I'm getting back into the game as much as I can (What with college and all. :[ Why'd I have to pick hard ones? D:), But I can't seem to come up with anything for Walter. I needs help with him. D: Just about anything will do (I'm also watching some vids from youtube to see if that'll help any. ^^)

Jun. 3rd, 2009


Seeking Asgardian who wants to have their hair stolen ;)

So Reno has an assignment to get a sample of hair from somebody else in Asgard (since he did such a good job of getting some off of Maria... heh). Who wants to plot with me?

And no, I have no idea what that icon has to do with this post. I just hadn't used it yet.

May. 21st, 2009


So, what Asgardian is willing to be "tormented" by Midvalley? He really doesn't want to torment Morana, Dorian, or Mitch, and for Reno's sake he'll skip Maria. I was thinking of Kain, since Midvalley wouldn't feel at all bad about tormenting someone so tough, but maybe the baby plot (even though Midvalley as a character has no idea) makes that a bad idea. Any volunteers?

("Torment" is likely to sound/pain based, though presumably Midvalley is going to have to catch the person outside Asgard to make that happen.)

Note: To people who are encouraging me to get PBs for my characters: I'm off this weekend and I'll be working on that.

May. 20th, 2009


I know of his first journal post, there was a lot of talk of Keele meeting other magic users to chat about magic related things. Did we want to make a log about that or discuss what had happened during said meeting? kldshfafd♥ you all.

May. 12th, 2009


Some plot ideas...

I was told Vader needs some more action in the realm, so I've thought about this:

I have this idea about Vader working with Zefiris to sort-of infiltrate Niflheim in one way or another. This could be tied to his mentioning of upgrading Asgard's security with blaster cannons and other nice and deadly stuff. I could even see him wanting Myre, as his 'apprentice', to help with this, though as a Sith he won't count on her help.

Also, about the Jazz somewhat being part of the traumatize Frank plot: When should it start, should Jazz be in the know about what Flauros and Carrion are trying to do etc.? My apologies, but I seem to have gotten out of the loop with this plot and am in need for some clarifications.

And third: Who should be the winner in the next trial? Vader or Flauros?

May. 8th, 2009



OKAY, so. Reno wants to come up with some amusing way to mess with assorted Asgardians. My brain is not currently cooperating on what that might be, but I think he will want to get other people in on it, a) because he likes doing stuff with other people, especially if it's fun mischievous plottingness, and b) because at this point having witnesses to the fact that he's doing something is a good thing.

So I have a couple of thoughts on that regard. There is something in the works involving Flauros, Reno, Yako, and Midvalley. Perhaps somewhere in this, Reno and the other misfits figure out something to do? Orrr, since he poked Emerald again, he and she talk evil plots over cocktails? XD Whatever works for people. If anybody else has any brilliant ideas, do let me know.

[EDIT] Right, totally forgot that Lucifer said he had something for Reno to do, so this post might be a moot point depending on what that is. We'll see, I guess?

May. 7th, 2009


Potential Plot

I was talking with the players of Flauros and Frank and baaaasically (of course, they can edit the situation as they please), I'm posting on their behalf and if they'd rather take over this themselves, that's fine. But!

Would anyone like to participate in this plot? This is the potential plot if everyone involved is fine with it: Someone gets it in their head to torment Frank. This person decides one way to do this is by getting Flauros to tell Frank aaall about how his wife died and what she experienced during that, etc. However, maybe this doesn't go as planned, maybe it doesn't, but either way...this leaves room for that original person to take it futher and do more damage in a way that befits their talents (for example, if Carrion, maybe causing Frank to have nightmares of his wife alot or something).

Honestly I was thinking of Carrion for the job, but who wants to participate? Once Frank's player knows who is interested she can see what kind of plots could work out and manage this. It's her plot, so it really comes down to what she'd prefer. So who is willing to get involved in trying to weaken Frank, eh~?

Also, Frank-player, if this is too forward of me and I'm being overly helpful, just let me know and I'll take this down and let you handle it from here. XD This might be me being too eager to help out.

Apr. 26th, 2009


An Offering / Asking For Some Help

Under Cut! )

Mar. 26th, 2009


Plot Offering!

Banru needs desperately to stir up some trouble, sooooo~

During the Talisman missions, would any of the parties like to be harassed by Banru? It doesn't need to be anything major, he just wants to hinder the Asgardians as they go along. My hope is that eventually this will spur Talisman parties later on to carry some of Metatron's feathers on hand in an attempt to protect themselves, and Banru will be able to complete the task that Lucifer has assigned him.

So who would be cool with having Banru drop in for a visit?

Mar. 12th, 2009


The Talisman Sign-up Sheet

Alright, thee's five more talismans to find and all Asgardians (even if you were shy and hadn't voted yet) can have a turn as long as the people who officially volunteered first get their chances.

More information about the talismans will be given soon, but baaasically...here's every poem and where the talismans can be found (though the characters are not receiving the location with them - and please wait until Sydonai gives the poems ICly herself to the others before reacting to these in-character.) Each talisman, with the exception of #2 and #6, should have two or more people on it.

The talisman riddles and sign-up sheet! )

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Sign-ups? Comment!

Feb. 1st, 2009


Details Of The Metatron Plot

Alright, everybody, for the next two months, it’s gonna get a little crazy. I’m going to explain the general plot and then give dates so that everyone understands what’s going on and why. The main characters involved are Chrissy’s, Mary’s, and mine, as it was our devised plot, but because it will be complex at times and because we’ll need help with some other players, this post is being made to clear everything up.

The Plot )

Jul. 26th, 2008


Frank hunting for Glitch

Glitch's player and I have agreed that Frank should go to Niflheim to "rescue" Glitch (though currently he's not in danger so much as just lost). The problem I'm having with this is that it would be out of character for Frank not to ask for help first and people generally respond. Plus I want him to get out of Niflheim alive.

So, I'm looking for a way to arrange for Asgard people to ICly not be able to help and for Frank to not encounter someone who would want to kill him in Niflheim. If anyone has suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Also if the Walter player would like Walter to meet Frank that could be cool (albeit possibly dangerous).

ETA: If it's easier I can have Frank look for Glitch somewhere else, such as the Emptiness, but it still might be interesting to have him run into some Niflheim people.

ETA 2, Son of ETA: Dorian will be going with Frank, it looks like. So what I might just do is have him post asking someone to go, and have Dorian show up and urge him that they should set out, and in OOC say that no one else should answer until they're already gone.


OOC Niflheim Plots

This post is for players of Niflheim Characters )

Jul. 23rd, 2008


Getting Somewhere ^^

Heyya people! The long postponed thread for Tristan to get into Asgard is finally being written. It is backdated to the day before Bodyswap/switch Day. Sooooo, what had Strix and Tristan been up to since then?

This is where methinks we need more player discussion.

Jul. 15th, 2008


Plotting Update!

Well, it's happened, Morana has started screaming, and Asgard in suffering it's mini earthquake. So now, all is up to you dear players! 

Just a couple of brief points: 

First off, feel free to post in character journals over the communication system that someone is screaming and the whole place is shaking. The only restriction, as per our Mod's request is that no character suffers any serious injury during the quake. The might trip over in surprise, scrap their knees, bump their head etc, but nothing terrible like compund fractures.  Small minor stuff is the limit, as to cause great bodily harm to the characters is not the purpose of plot. 

Apart from this, Asgard is a safehouse, so no real harm can be done to anyone on the grounds or in the house as long as Metatron wills it that way. Also, everyone should know any damage will be repaired after the screaming stops after a few minutes. I don't imagine there to be anything terrible like ceiling beams falling down, so like the injuries, nothing major. Stuff will get knocked over, pcitures will fall from the walls, but I would say that small degree of damage would be the limit, the house would mostly hold together, just shake a lot while the screaming is going on. 

Now, hopefully that's all clear, if not, do ask me here. ^^ 

The other main point we want to make is for the aftermath of the quake. Obviously this won't be a big secret from the Asgard residents for very long, however, L-mun and I thought that we can offer, after the screaming stops, that Asgardians can jump into the thread, and track down L and Morana in the library, and see something has happened. Will put up a tiny but noticable edit when this is a-go, but comment now to say if you are interested. 

Anyways, do reply to the entry for any question about this little plot. So far so good, thanks for all the support you guys. ^^ <3~

EDIT: And the thread is now open for all!! Go here and have at it everyone! XD

Jul. 14th, 2008


Plotting Possibility

Small note of attention everyone! Mostly for Asgard, but that doesn't mean Niflheim people can't look. ^_~

Currently, L and Morana are having words in this thread, mainly going to consist of L trying to explain to Morana that she could be very useful to Asgard if she was go near members of Niflheim, and being cursed, would kill them. Of course, this does not sit well with tribal girl here, the very thought making her stress levels sky rocket. So, if pushed to boiling point, she will have a panic attack, and start screaming. Thus, her powers let loose for the second time due to severe emotional distress. 

Basically, those in Asgard will be hearing a very loud, shrill and scared scream coming from the library, and due to the sonic waves produced, the house will be going under what might be considered a small scale earthquake, so everything will be shaking until the screaming and tremours stop after about five minutes. Damage will of course instant repair once the quaking stops. The same might not be said for the slight trouble L will get into. ^^;;

Like I said, mainly affecting Asgard, since Morana's powers are not strong enough to reach Niflheim, so they won't suffer the quakes or noise. If there is some way they might that I'm not aware of, do let me know here. 

Any questions, concerns, uncertainities and criticism of this idea, do comment in this entry. The thread has only just begun, so we're not near the stage for this to happen. so plenty of time to get your opinions of this out there, and L-player and myself will listen and altar this small plottage if necessary. I also have dropped our dear mod a note about this, though am waiting for reply, so no concerns so far. Regardless, will be up to toning things down if necessary. 

If all goes through fine, I will post again to let everyone know the screaming has happened. Will vary depending on if it's okay with everyone and how quick L-mun and myself can tag.

Anyway, thanks for your attention everyone. ^-^ <3~

Jun. 13th, 2008


Plotting and Stuffs! Henry/Sal/Will/Mitch Plot

Okay! Since aftermath posts are going up, would it be okay to do a thread with Henry back at Asgard, getting fixed up? Since bodyswitch day is tomorrow and all. :D

(And I am totally up for also threading the return and everything else, too!)

Jun. 12th, 2008


To all those involved with the holo-plot

Should we maybe put the holo-plot on hold until after the whole bodyswitch and Henry rescue thing? After all 'Tristan' and Strix haven't arrived at Asgard yet.

Your opinions please.

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