Apr. 24th, 2009


For fairy tale week I am going to be making Tohru the Swan Maiden. She’ll be waking up today and discovering that she is a swan. She can change back, but she isn’t going to know how to at first. She will also have the power to sing people to sleep and call the wind, but I don’t believe there will be any instance where that will come up.

For reference, here is the story that Blythe's player provided me. ^_^
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Fairytale Roles?

Please announce the rest of the fairytale roles to this instead of clogging the board. No need to delete what's already there, but please just reply to this and list what your character is if you haven't made an announcement yet.

Just to let everyone know, their personalities won't be changing, but...

Metatron will become Prince Charming because it just makes sense. He'll be running around trying to solve all the girls' problems as best he can.

Balam will become a sort of Drosselmeyer from The Nutcracker. He'll create a Nutcracker and try to locate a grandchild to pass it off to.

Lina will become The Ugly Duckling. Yes. She is a temperamental baby swan for Fairytale week. Please don't eat or step on her~!

I'll announce Lucifer at some point when I figure out an evil enough fairytale character. XD

Apr. 23rd, 2009


Fairy Tale Week

Catching up to the bandwagon, this is what will be happening to my characters during Fairy Tale week.


Alessa will be taking on the role of the priestess from the Silent Hill fairy tale, "The Monster and The Priestess" For the entirety of the plot, Alessa will often say things in Latin, and will be acting somewhat akin to a pagan priestess. Her root personality however, will not be changing.

And here's the story.

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Raziel will be taking on the role of the discharged soldier from The Devil's Sooty Brother. For the entire plot, Raziel will be unable to bathe, wash, or trim himself. No matter how groddy he looks, no matter how bad he smells, he will not be able to do the aforementioned things.

If asked where he's come from, Raziel will answer "from Hell" and when asked who he is, he'll answer, "The Devil's sooty brother."

The story can be read here The Devil and his Sooty Brother


Flauros will be taking on the role of the Devil from How the Devil Married Three Sisters. For the duration of the week, Flauros will be seized with the desire to marry, and will do anything, and everything he can to persuade one of the women to marry him. Of course this won't work, but that won't stop Flauros from trying.

How the Devil Married Three Sisters

Apr. 22nd, 2009


Hiatus / Fairy Tale

I've got finals and such starting next week, so I will be hiatus for the next week or two. To that end, Zefiris will be play Sleeping Beauty. Friday, a spinning wheel appear in the room she shares with Maria. She will prick herself with it and sleep for the next week, waking up naturally when the malfunction-ness is over.

Try not to trip over her if she's sleeping on the floor. ^_^ Wikipedia article here.


Gonna Go with the Fairy Tale Week Flow, Here...

So! Yako will be living out the role of Rapunzel!

Now, Yako won't be locked in a tower, because somehow I don't think Carrion would appreciate the extra company. Instead, she'll be chained in her room, all prettied up in frilly dresses with tight laces she can't undo. She'll wake up with her hair grown out straight to her lower back, but it will grow a foot every time her name is mentioned. The story, for reference, is here: http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/Rapu.shtml

Apr. 21st, 2009


While we're on the subject of fairytale week...

Following Tori's example, I think I should post some of my fairytale week stuff just to keep everything clear! ♥

Kain will be taking up the role of the soldier in The Tinder Box! He will carry with him at all times a tinder box which will, when a match is struck against it, summon up a magical talking dog that is so large it's eyes are as big as teacups. This will be the only dog that he will be able to summon, as the other two are ridiculously huge and it would be skating into godmod territory. You can find the story here: http://andersen.com.ua/en_the_tinder_box.html

Banru is, fittingly, going to be the big bad wolf from Little Red Riding Hood! Banru will now have claws to go with his fangs, and he will be prone to commenting on how delicious people are. He'll run around with a picnic basket, complete with stereotypical red and white checkered napkins, salt, pepper, plates, and silverware, and if he's close to people he may take to drooling and attempting to sprinkle some spices on them. NOTE: This is being done in a COMICAL CARTOONY fashion, so nobody is going to get eaten, unless they, you know, don't have the sense to not let him chomp down on their arm after he starts salivating and sprinkling salt on them. >_> You can find the story here: http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/type0333.html

And that about sums it up! <3


Upcoming Malfunction Fairytale Week

Just thought I'd share what my characters are doing for that week, so that I don't cross any wires!

Sal - Not here!

Blythe - The Two Cakes: http://www.surlalunefairytales.com/diamondstoads/stories/cakes.html Very simply, when Blythe speaks (it says "breathes", but the version I grew up with, it was "speaks"), roses and jessamines will fall from her lips. When she combs her hair, pearls and garnets fall from it, and when she walks (outside!), lilies and violets spring up from her steps.

Dorian - Little Boy Blue: http://ivyjoy.com/fables/mothergoose.html#blue The mummy will be rather exhausted this week, and will be found sleeping in comfortable places both outside and inside. Always nearby will be a sheep and a cow, and a horn fastened at his belt next to his bag of marbles.

Also, I'd like to add that while my characters will be in these roles, their personalities aren't changing, as that is my personal interpretation of the malfunction day. They will still behave (Dorian's napping doesn't exactly count, because fatigue is not an emotion), react, and dress like themselves. Just so there wouldn't be confusion on that!