Dec. 31st, 2008



Unfortunately my computer decided to die on me a couple of days before Christmas and it looks like I am going to have to go on hiatus until I can get it repaired or get a new one. :(

um... I did have a list of gifts for Tohru to give out but I cannot access it. Basically, I had planned on her giving everyone their favorite dessert! and um... Cookies for those in Neflheim if it could be arranged somehow. If not that is alright too!

Oh! And thank you for the Ecard Clara! ^_^


Me Against the World~

First off, hope everyone had a good Christmas (I was surprised how many liked the ecards I sent, and that it was actually a series/character they liked on it. I thought I was being random in picking them, weird. O-o), and that the New Year will be good to you all as well.~

Now, I also offer apologies for being failtastic of late. I know most were busy at Christmas, but I really should have gotten back into things sooner. I was working after Christmas, and well, family stuff that I may have mentioned before is still hard on people. Death in the family, that's all I'll say, because I don't want to drone on and sound like an attention seeker. But yeah, especially around the holidays, you can guess how it went.

Also, I will not be around from tomorrow afternoon until around the same time on Saturday. We're going to my gran's for New Year's dinner, and my brother and I will be staying there for two nights, and since she doesn't have a computer, well, no internet or RP for me. Calling a hiatus here for Morana and Medusa til Saturday evening when I come home.

I will be around tonight and tomorrow, and try to catch some tags before I go, but if I do leave any hanging, I apologise in advance. Feel free to poke me here if any plots or character interactions need discussing.~

EDIT: Forgot about this due to bringing in the bells and being knackered last night. ^^; Just to remind everyone, all Asgardians got a little bunch of wild flowers outside their doors for Christmas from Morana, with a little card wishing them Merry Christmas in her childlike handwriting.

As for Medusa, she ain't the most generous person around, but in order to keep up her polite facade, she'll have left everyone in Niflheim a small bottle of homemade medicine which can act as a pickmeup for if your character is feeling down or low on energy, kinda like a magical version of canned caffine drinks. It will be enchanted to look, smell and taste like something your character would enjoy, but she'll just say she made a lucky guess on the flavours. Each will have a tag wishing them well for the holidays of course.~ The stuff is actually innocent enough, no poison, no tricks or anything. Is she going soft during the holidays, or trying to gain trust? Even I'm not sure. XD

Again, poke me if needed, I still have a couple of hours before I have to leave on hiatus. <3

Happy New Year everyone!

Dec. 29th, 2008


Merry XXXmas

Kain has tricked Dorian into believing the condoms he received from L for Christmas are balloons. With Dorian's help (the mummy's ignorance and knowledge of the helium cylinder he used for both Asgard parties were a plus), Kain has returned his gift to L.

If you should see a random "balloon" or two floating by, this is because of butterfingers Dorian, who accidentally let go of a few.

Just thought you guys should know. ♥

Dec. 25th, 2008


Mod's Back - Computer Works and Everything!

It got up a few days ago but my family has been everywhere in the house and heck if I could get the computer to myself, lol. I apologize for that and I thank the co-mod for being such a help in my absence.

Here's the gifts everyone's getting for Christmas:

From Metatron, everyone in Asgard is going to receive a palm-sized ball that when they hold it, allows them to feel the love he has for them. (Do not misunderstand - Metatron loves everyone, no matter what someone does it should NOT affect what the ball does.)

Lina doesn't celebrate Christmas, being from another world, but Balam is going to leave a small gift on Asgard's doorstep for Mitch (it won't say who it's from until the box is opened) - a pocket-sized book on defense moves and ways to block attacks.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and please don't think you need to be on and doing CU during a holiday - you can, of course, do it if you like, but for those who celebrate a holiday, you can always do the RPing stuff a day later. CU is only a game and is not meant to be so demanding as to require your time on a special day of your life. =3


Happy Holidays

Zefiris doesn't really do Christmas, but she'll be getting gifts for those who've gotten her presents.

Gifts Within )

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone.

Dec. 23rd, 2008


More Christmas stuff...

Eileen's Christmas presents: (All are for Asgard)

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Midvalley is only giving a present to Jazz, and Jazz will also have to wait and see.

And unlike everyone else, I will be around, because Channukah doesn't really take up much of time! I am working as usual though; since it's a nursing home they need to be fully staffed on the holidays. And my daughter is coming over Sunday for three days so then I'll be a bit busier, but I'll still check in and reply to comments.

Dec. 22nd, 2008


Blythe's Gifts!

Ja, kind of forgot to actually SAY what they were! Not going to cut - it's only three people.

Alessa: A book of poems by William Blake (Blythe got into poetry after the Trial and figured he fit Alessa's style). And a magickal journal where whatever Alessa writes in it, no one else can read it. To any other pair of eyes, the writing looks like absolute gibberish.

Mitch: Blythe has combined her "matchstick" spell and a Demon spell. Mitch gets a necklace with a pendant filled with magickal fire. When he holds the pendant and says the incantation, any and all evil entities within a one-hundred foot radius catch on fire. (I'd like my sister's boyfriend to be an evil entity, please D: - BURN THE WITCH!).

Kain: With Dorian's help (as he is undead and she has no urges to rip him to pieces because of it), Blythe goes to Emptiness to get Kain a harness for his chocobo. Ever since Maria gave Blythe a massage, she got interested in it as a means to help people with stress and tension, so she will also be treating him to some very thorough massages over the next couple days~

And because Blythe is clumsy (sorry for running into the presents under the Christmas tree - nothing broke! D:), she's discovered that everybody deserves something. For everyone in Asgard, she's put bags of tea together - magick tea that helps strengthen the immune system and protects against winter ills.


Gifts! <3

I'm a bit late to jump on the bandwagon, it seems!

Gifts behind here! <3 )

Edit: I just realized that I forgot to get Flauros something, gah. Banru will be getting him a book about handling adolescents with poor attitudes. ♥


Alessa's getting a few people gifts for the Holiday.

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Walter's gifts

Asgardians and few team mates. All are anon.

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Dec. 21st, 2008


And here's Henry's list of gifts to give out to his fellow Asgardians - big surprise what most people are getting! They'll be left wrapped under the tree with tags, saying who to and who from.

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Dec. 20th, 2008


Brief note and Schro's Christmas gifts.

Mum & I will be going to my Grammaw's sometime during the holidays, so I won't be able to be reached for one - two days, tops. Again. (Thank Akira-kun for that. >_>; on to the gifts... Walter's will be put up tomorrow/Monday and Schro's (If there is any more...)
Schro's )


Frank's gifts

OK, Frank is giving out Christmas presents. They're kind of... Frank-like, in that they may not be totally appropriate because he's still working on having social skills. They'll be left under the main Christmas tree with people's names on them, saying "Do not open until December 25." (Jazz and Walter are the only Niflheim residents who get presents. I'm not sure how Frank is getting them there, but there are other people giving presents to Niflheim and the other way around so maybe his can go with theirs?)

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Dec. 18th, 2008


Christmas Presents

I know this actually totally goes without saying, as it's pretty obvious what my characters are doing, but I thought I'd just specify one or two things~

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Dec. 17th, 2008


more gifts~

And so Mitchell learned that fire can be used for other than causing explosions. xD 

Dec. 15th, 2008


Christmas Shopping With L

Since this is L's first time consciously celebrating Christmas, he has resolved to take the practical route and get people what he perceives they need. Unfortunately, such an approach has a lot of potential to make people angry at him. XD

Here is a tentative list of L's bold choices for what he wants to procure for his team mates and/or friends. Except possibly in Kain's case, he has nothing but the best intentions, so if your character Is of the understanding variety, they might recognize that. ^^

1. Misa- Webster's Concise Dictionary
2. Frank- Tropical Plants and sugar-water (for the butterfly)
3. Kain- An economy-size box of Sir Lance-a-Lot condoms (size small)
4. Blythe- Before it's Too Late: Recognizing Mr. Wrong
5. Maria: You're Worth it, Too: A Woman's Guide To Moving On Past Heartbreak, A Techno Dance CD
6. Mitch: Anger Management For The Explosive Adolescent
7. Dorian: Optimism: The Gift That Takes Care Of Itself
8. Sal: Fat Chance: The Hefty Woman's Guide To Losing Weight and Punishing Self-Hate!
9. Henry: How To Assert Yourself: A Leader's Guide To Constructive Control
10. Eileen: From Vanilla To SHOCK-A-LOT! Spicing Up Your Romantic Life (Misa's recommendation for the stumped L)
11. Tohru: Holiday Cooking For the Gourmet Afficianado
12. Morana: Earplugs, The Indispensible Natural Disaster Survival Guide

He also wants to get things for Jazz, Schro, and Mello, but he's still thinking about those. Suggestions are welcome, and please let me know if some of these gifts would be unreasonably offensive to your character, even by L's impressive standards. He likely won't deliver any of these personally, but will leave them, unwrapped and minimally labeled, near the people they're meant for. Outside doors and such. Oh, and as far as I know, these are all fictional book titles.