May. 7th, 2009


Constructive Criticism

Alright guys, it's that time of year again. Or rather, a return (or reinstatement) of an optional feature in CU. This WILL have a link to it in the link index, though it can also be found through a constructive criticism tag. What's the gist? Well, basically, if you're interested in hearing constructive criticism, reply to this thread with the name of the character you write. Please post eat character's name individually so that it is very clear which character is being commented on.

If you guys would prefer, I will make this Anonymous Only, otherwise people have to be signed in to comment on this. If you want to vote one way or the other, please reply to the first comment on this - once it's clear there's a majority one way or the other, I'll delete that entire comment thread and make it that way.
Instructions! )
I'll be writing an example one to myself with Metatron, soo feel free to look there if you're afraid of writing a critique post and want an example.

Feel daring? Want to comment on someone's characterization, or see what comments you're getting yourself? You know you wanna~