January 11th, 2011

[info]chaosunmodded in [info]chaosu_ooc

We Regret to Inform You...

After much deliberation, we've decided to shut this roleplay down. It's been on it's last legs for a while now, and we finally decided it was time to let it rest.

To those who have been here a while, thank you for keeping with it, and I'm sure you saw this coming. To the couple new players, we're sorry your time here was cut short.

There is a possibility this roleplay will open again in the future, probably with some major overhauling. If not, it's likely that we mods will start up a new game that will be just as fun.

Thanks for a great game while it lasted.
~Wei & Dis

The above still holds, but we've decided to give this game an actual ending, too. So for those of you who are around... Asgard just won, and the game is over. In-character posts coming soon!