August 8th, 2010

[info]torchwoodrose in [info]chaosu_ooc

I am so so sorry for disappearing; real life kinda ate me. But I'm back now, doing a bit of canon review for good measure, and will be throwing Rose back into the fray soon.

Along those lines, she'll probably be electing herself Asgard's social chair. The last Trial has shown her that they're not really a cohesive unit and she wants to change that. And morale-boosts are always good.

Any team-building/bonding activities you'd be interested in?


[info]stoicblackmage in [info]chaosu_ooc


This is -KT - bringing one stone-faced Ezekiel Bishop into Asgard's team! I look forward to all the awkward stuff that's bound to happen with him! ^_^~