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Opinion time: [12 Jan 2009|03:06pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

What part of a body would you like to eat?

Personally, I'd love to try some ribs or a thigh. My mouth waters just thinking about biting into a piece of tender thigh. I imagine it tastes like pork cops, with salt, garlic and pepper. A slice of thigh with some green beans and mashed potatoes. Sounds tasty.

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Our Origins [07 Jan 2009|02:27am]

Cannibalism for a Brighter Tomorrow was founded back around September 2007. There was talk between [info]cuteinsanity and myself (and possibly a couple of other people) about population control. Not wanting to just kill people for no reason, and possibly inspired by Stephen Sondheim, our inner carnivores suggested cannibalism.

Novemeber that year, we had a brief dalliance on the devil of networking sites, thanks to a couple of enterprising acquaintances. Unfortunately, when the ties were broken, they deleted the entire affair (and the Wayback Machine is unable to pinpoint it).

Let's call it a full year of waiting. It's been a cleansing year, full of retrospection. We've been able to evaluate our influences and motivations. We feel the time is right. We're clean again, and ready to make our voices heard.

"I want to eat a person before I die."

We aren't expecting immediate social upheaval. We understand that an idea this radical will take time to get used to. But, just like civilian space travel, this is on the horizon, and could very well happen in our lifetime.

Knowing that, the future looks brighter to me!
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Welcome! [07 Jan 2009|12:13am]

[ mood | cheery ]

Here at Cannibalism for a Brighter Tomorrow, we believe economic problems can be solved for good with a little unconventional thinking.

As every child grows up hearing, there are starving people in Africa, or India or downtown. As we grow older, we start to worry for our future: people breed, a lot, and rarely smartly. People are living longer. In the United States of America alone, there are roughly two babies born for every person that dies. In India, four babies per death. It's a gruesome way to look at it. Granted, there are countries, like the United Kingdom or Japan, that have an almost perfect ration of 1:1, but overpopulation is a real threat.

What can we do about this? How do we kill the metaphorical two birds with one stone? Personally, the answer is obvious: kill a section of the population to feed the hungry.

In the long run, the numbers will balance. Then we can create ranches, and the people grown there would be bred for food only, never to enter the social-cultural mainstream except on a plate. Free-range people, the ultimate renewable food source!

Certainly, there's the worry of mad cow, or the human variant. As long as we don't eat the brains, there shouldn't be any problem. Yes, that's a lot of grey matter to go to waste, but we can feed it to other animals, ship it to zoos, use it as fishing bait. We can find uses, yes.

The future looks bright to me!

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