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    Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
    2:14 am
    If anyone else finds this thing and is semi-active in eljay land, post please. I haven't been on forfuckingever, and haven't come across any half-decent posts in even longer.

    gtburns came up with this awesomeness:

    "If I did end up getting married and having kids
    Here is what I would and would NOT DO.


    1. Have them involved in organized sports, Why because the Soccer moocows have ruined them. These sports are nothing more than glorified daycare for yuppies and their trophy kids. These sports do nothing more than a contest to find the next great superstar, if you are not you life is worthless and you get treated like it. I know I was in it soccer 6 years the shittiest player on my father's team. Why do you think the burnout rates are so high? 75% of the kids enrolled at 5 will quit at 12.

    Here is one sport they would be involved in Target Shooting, Trap, Skeet, 22 rifle. Shooting teaches common sense and self-control. Something all the big jocks in school lack. If you can fire a gun and follow the basic rules of firearm safety you have the common sense and intelligence to function in society. Parents tend to not act like jerks and scream threats and obscenities at a 14 year-old holding a rifle or shotgun.

    Especially if I have a daughter, they are getting enrolled in a legit Martial Arts self defense course. I say legit as one that teaches real skills and useful techinques and is not some McDojo or glorified KrottyCow daycare.

    No one gets girl toys, especially daughters, have you seen the toys marketed to girls these days BRATZ? How about calling them SLUTZ, while boys get GIJOE, The Real American HERO, a action figure who defends the USA and puts his ass on the line or FREEDOM. How about a boy toy called JERKZ, The Real American ASSHOLE. Totally compatable with the BRATZ line as these are the boyfriends/husbands the slutty BRATZ girls will get stuck with as a result of their oversexualizing.

    We have Rick the Prick, who likes drinking, screwing and slapping his girl around.

    Chuck the Cheater, who sleeps all the other BRATZ dolls on a weekly rotation.

    Alan the Alcoholic, likes to blow 75% of t his paycheck working at Burger Hut on cheap BOOZE.

    Dave the Deadbeat Dad, he has a kid with each BRATZ doll and pays child support for none.

    We can also have a series on new BRATZ figures like, Cloe the dead cocktrapper, she forgot to take the pill and tampered the condoms because she though a BABYEE would stop her BF's Sean's swinger ways and the sight of the baybee would met his heart and they would live happily ever after. But instead her Sean became angry that she refused to get and abortion so he emptied a 12 Gauge Shotgun into her gut. He is now doing 25-life. Which figure you can special order along with the PRISON BITCH playset that comes with the exclusive figures Uncle Roy and BUBBA.

    But this opinion on how to not raise shitty kids is met with some friction by a few fucktards. The fact that these comments are more LULSNARK then the post itself? Now that's w1n

    blue_mouse (who will most likely be featured in the future) totally overlooking that karate and shooting are sports, asks "So if Little Billy wanted to try out for the tee ball team or the soccer team, you wouldn't let him because Sports Are Evil?"

    I can't think of a humourous response (or any for that matter) and by the lack of response from any other members, I'm not alone; So moving on....

    vomitrocity who has a hardon for dir en grey, says:
    "You're right! Every child needs a gun!!
    That's the answer to every problem!
    More people like you need to be childfree.
    I'm glad you aren't breeding."

    Really?? Right back at ya bitch... Too bad you're not pro-gun, cause yaknow, most gun "accidents" happen in the owners home.
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