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Link round up. [Dec. 4th, 2007|01:51 pm]
A Centaur and a Female Faun in a Landscape by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo.

Cute girl centaur sketch by Verabee.

Cute fat centaur guy.

Tufte word centaur.

Centaurs at a Mall fountain where they no doubt sell these centaur noodles.

Feminist centaur brooch.

Winsor McCay's 1921 centaur animation (youtube).

The fabulous Theoi.com website. (Scroll down on each page to see all the great pictures.)
Kentaurides (girl centaurs), Thessalonian centaurs, Cyprian centaurs, Peloponnesian centaurs, Lamian centaurs, Chiron the centaur.
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