Dec. 20th, 2008


HP drabbles: December 2008 drabbles with alisanne, medawyn, and r_grayjoy

Title: December 2008 drabbles
Authors: [info]alisanne, [info]celandineb, [info]medawyn, and [info]r_grayjoy
Fandom: HP
Pairings: various
Rating: general (lots of innuendo)
Warning: some cross-dressing
Note: These drabbles were written to prompts from various folks. The first is completely stand-alone; for the rest we ended up making them linked (though each can be read alone also!), and they're posted here in an order that makes sense.

[info]kaellite wanted Ron/Neville, thong

Lost and Found )

The Ministry's New Year's Eve Ball

[info]eeyore9990 wanted Kingsley/Charlie, kilt

Tit for Tat )

[info]lilyseyes wanted Drapery [Draco/Snape/Harry], singing

Gifted Singer )

[info]aeryun wanted Snarry, clothes

Wizarding Wear )

[info]unbroken_halo wanted Billville, kisses

Before the Ball )

[info]blpaintchart wanted Regulus/Remus, golden syrup

Once a Year )

[info]sdk wanted Harry/Draco, whispers

The Other Side )

[info]emiime wanted Percy/Harry, pomegranate

Unexpected Gift )

[info]angela_snape wanted Bill/Neville, stockings

Last Dance )

Aug. 1st, 2008


HP drabble: A Day by the Sea [Neville/Ron, general]

Title: A Day by the Sea
Author: [info]celandineb
Fandom: HP
Pairing: Neville/Ron
Rating: general
Summary: A day by the sea is only the first step.
Note: For [info]kaellite who wanted Ron/Neville, ice lolly.

A Day by the Sea )

Aug. 8th, 2007


HP drabbles: February 2007 drabbles with [info]alisanne [various characters, some adult]

Title: February 2007 drabbles with [info]alisanne
Authors: [info]alisanne and [info]celandineb
Fandom: HP
Characters: various
Rating: general
Summary: These drabbles were cowritten to prompts from various folks.

Mistakes Were Made

For [info]nimielle, who said, "I would love to have a Severus/Sirius drabble :D Marauder Era, no non-con, more like naughty games aaaaaand *ponders* ice cream! :D"

Mistakes Were Made )


For [info]bryonyraven, who said, "Neville/Ron, postwar, after one of them comes home from St Mungo's."

Rise )

Between Friends

For [info]r_grayjoy, who said, "Let's see... Last time I asked for Snarry, so this time I think I'll go for either Snupin or Harry/Draco (your choice). Prompt: the Slytherin notion/value of friendship. Just the first thing off the top of my head; if that completely stumps you, I'll come up with something else. ;P"

Between Friends )

You Know What They Say

For [info]lesyeuxverts00, who said, "Snarry? umm ... post-war? and ... "Diamonds are forever." *g*"

You Know What They Say )


Adult-ish. For [info]irisgirl12000, who said, "Harry/Kingsley, glasses!porn. Please?"

Obsession )

Gentle Surrender

Adult-ish. For [info]leianora, who said, "Lucius/Harry. the prompt is... gentle surrender. Note that Lucius must be on top."

Gentle Surrender )


For [info]wolfiekins, who said, "Ooooh, how about Bill/Charlie... Quidditch bracers... *grins*"

Distraction )

Too Much of a Good Thing

For [info]megyal, who said, "new clothes. Harry/Draco."

Too Much of a Good Thing )

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