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wire tbd. free customs! [26 Aug 2019|08:25pm]

well, this is late as late can be but HI! i'm maisie and i want to know if you were going to be secluded for whatever reason on an island with all your basic needs taken care of but were allowed to bring any 5 items what would they be and why?
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Customs, because it's hip to be squre. [12 Jun 2019|02:03pm]

Alright, guys, I'm just gonna cut to the chase: who's your favorite Spice Girl?
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@alisontaylors on wire [13 May 2019|06:54am]

i’m taylor, and fresh off a dream where i was locked in Target overnight and had to camp inside. And I’m good with it. What’s the last dream you remember?
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customs for now, wire to follow. [04 Apr 2019|08:43pm]

HEY HELLO SUP? i'm maisie and i'm still a tad out of it from yesterday -- celebrating the beginning of the end of something that brought me more joy than anything i could have ever dreamed of. family and memories to last a lifetime so what i want to know is what's the last thing that brought you joy?
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customs please [23 Feb 2019|06:51pm]

shit, this is late as late could be but i have been busy hosting things and talking people into sucking strange dick for water. Sup?
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customs, or someone help me come up with a good wire name! [28 Jan 2019|03:50am]

What is the perfect introduction nowadays? I'm Brendon, and I'm kind of awesome?
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customs for now. [13 Jan 2019|12:56pm]

i just wanted to make this short and sweet and say hello i'm selena. what's up and lets be friends!
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customs are love but @evilhag works too [08 Jan 2019|09:18pm]

hi i'm aubrey... i enjoy long walks on the beach, documentaries about serial killers, inappropriate jokes, rambling and whatever food is within arm's length and easily stuffed in my mouth -- and since this sounded very much like a tagline for one of those dating apps i want to know about your worst first date experience.
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customs or @collinsl on wire [27 Dec 2018|04:31pm]

Hello! I'm Lily and I'm curious... what was your favorite song in 2018? You can only pick one.
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Wire @leoprio [14 Nov 2018|09:34pm]

I am busy binge watching Life In Pieces. What is your go to show? Hi, I am Leo.
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[08 Nov 2018|04:52pm]

I'm Nicole. I promise you don't know me so tell me something about you instead.
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do the thing with customs [08 Nov 2018|12:38am]

i'm norman. if you were a zombie, who would you eat first?
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Customs make my heart happy. [25 Oct 2018|05:11pm]

[ music | also i'm on top of sienna miller. har har. ]

Hi there. My name's Bradley. If you call me Brad, I'll assume you're my older sister and tease you accordingly. What's a name you went by in childhood that sounds funny when new acquaintances try it on? Or just tell me your favorite movie. Or both. Your choice.

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free customs or livelyb [01 Sep 2018|03:11pm]

hi guys! im blake and i want to know what your guiltiest pleasure movie -- an actual movie not a pleasure movie -- is.
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@stumpupthejams or customs [23 Jul 2018|01:29am]

hi, i’m patrick. tell me the last song you listened to.
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customs till i stop being lazy [27 May 2018|09:18am]

And of course [info]hershlag is one step ahead of me again. But don't let her fool you, I've seen her late before....that's how we got Amalia.

How is everyone doing today?
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i am unoriginal, of this i am sure [22 Feb 2018|06:12pm]

Sup y'all, I'm Zac. I have virtually no actual talents aside from this whole acting gig, so that begs the question... what are your hidden talents and/or something people would be surprised to learn about you?

OR (because who doesn't love options), favorite movie you've seen so far in 2018?
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customs or @giroux [13 Feb 2018|08:48pm]

salute! i'm claude and am doing my best to pretend i'm not annoyed i wasn't allowed to compete in the olympics this year. what's been annoying you lately?
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Customs for days. [05 Sep 2017|01:26am]

I fail at introductions, the creative side of me freezes up. What is something you want to do that you haven't done yet? Hi, I am Charlie.
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customs make me even happier than ice cream (groupme also works @ [25 Jul 2017|01:55am]

speaking of ice cream, tell me your favourite flavour, or alternately, what your dream flavour would be? or give me a number between one and a hundred and i'll tailor a specific question just for you.
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