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March 17th, 2014

RE-Opening, Spring 2014 @ 10:18 pm

So, those that had followed this journal or the RP Comm. May have seen changing dates of reopening over last few years. RL difficulty had prevented the mods from being able to make this happen, however BTL is presently being worked on to open in the next few months. No solid date as of yet has been set in stone. Will depend on game promotion and Player interest.

Thank you! You can send any questions or comments to Amy VIA Childofdarkness01@yahoo.com ... Please put 'BTL-Inquiry' in the subject line. Or Instant Message MindlessMun on AIM.

The next few days, I shall be clearing this journal out for the re-opening of the game. Anything I think may be saved for memory sake will be moved into the [info]burntheland_old Where all the threads from the first time around will be archived.

July 6th, 2008

Serenity Players please read! @ 06:25 pm

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Serenity shuttle occupants. )

July 2nd, 2008

Jaylee Video @ 12:24 am

Like it ... Love it... Hate it

It's my Firefly OTP so just deal with it... PLUS Ghost of the Robot ... HEEHEE


June 21st, 2008

Wanted SL @ 06:43 am


I’m looking for a player that is interested in completing a character plot for your Ames. LOL … I have a character I’m dying to bring into the game. She’s going to be very odd, like VERY. But hopefully the plot will be interesting, and intriguing. BUT the thing is, I need a character that she’ll be linked to. Basically the character isn’t going to be aware in the slightest about it. But the character would own an old Egyptian trinket of some sort. I’m not yet sure on what it’ll be exactly, BUT whatever it is would be something the character was perhaps given by his/her mother or somebody else… or maybe just something he/she came across, that was neat looking and kept. It’d be cool if they wore it, but doesn’t have to cause I’m not sure what it is yet, but long as they own it. [And it isn’t like buried away in stuff; cause then … wouldn’t work sooo very well.] I think it’d be cool if it was an already established character, otherwise I’d post this in the wanted post that shall soon be going up.

Soooo… any takers?? I promise it’ll be interesting.

April 29th, 2008

Blah @ 05:21 am


Sorry for disappearing on you. While I was trying to post the thread my computer was really sluggish and then I guess my AIM disconnected. And after posting the thread I had to restart my computer, which then the router/adapter for the internet wasn’t working and I reset it, and then the computer again. And it’s still acting up. So ehhhhhhh… my headache that had gone away, came back. I’ll be replying to Talos, and then heading to bed. Unless Oddball has a reply then he’ll reply and then I’ll head to bed.


My computer is doing weird ass things... Uggggg

Ohh Oddball went and edited the start of the thread a little bit. Still the same, just sounds a bit better. I hope. LOL.

EDIT: I ain't going to bed yet, Oddball refuses to let me cause he wants to chat with the Dori for a little while. And if i make him sleep he'll just chatter in my head and no sleep shall be gotten. Lmao!

Ohh replied to Talos!

April 19th, 2008

I can post! Woot! Woot! @ 10:35 am

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I finally got everything squared away, so I should be able to post.

A suggestion and questions. @ 03:31 am

Players with characters on Lorrayna please read here. I suggest all characters that are aboard the ship Lorrayna Phoenix reading at least the starting part; it has landing procedures and a bit of physical description of the ship. Since I haven't gotten around to finishing the written description of the entire ship [It's massive, because, well it has lots of shiny love that has gone into it the idea of the ship.] I'm working on a layout that people can view. But until then, sharing description is the best way for players to understand, so you don’t feel lost as characters, to understand how the ship works. It's unique, built in a special ship yard. It of course isn't your average sort. So read if you want understanding on how it appears when it’s landed, and the landing procedures, which are more than just a set of things the pilot is responsible for. Serenity we know because we’ve seen it, Lorrayna Phoenix you can to imagine, but I like sharing because I got her all figured out in my head.

If any of it is difficult to understand, the way I wrote it, or I didn’t explain how stuff works well enough. Just ask, and I’ll try explaining in a different manner. I’m pretty certain it’s easily described. I’m not engineer at all, but I do know how she works, all the bits that would operate in the most realistic manner. The moving parts, the ship systems needed or/and tech.

Additionally, Angel you might be interested in reading the log. [I think everyone would.] But Angel, because Talos is the main subject. LOL. And Monica’s reaction to it is, well… you got to read. I’m figuring the following day, May 11th. Talos will be woken up, and Lula will take him to the ship Lorrayna. In the afternoon I’m thinking, and that’s when we can have Monica run into Talos. Like we sorta talked about a while ago.

Also Tabi, game time wise. Emerald wants to talk to Lola. You’ll see why if you read the whole log. I have how I think it’ll best work out/start. It’ll be in the morning. Do you mind if I post a thread for Emerald and Lola??

Ahh, I think that’s it.

Ohh, are you going to reply anymore to the Lola, Lula, Talos thread?? The second part I figure is finished up. Lola talking with her parents. But the part with the girls talking, I had the mom come in. We can leave it at that. And Lola tried explaining to her [You know via Lula explaining it to Lola, with her sorta mixed up riddles.] And then Lula left to see to the ruckus Talos was making in his dream-sleep-walking. Or we can write out Lola trying to explain to her mother… up to you Bunny. [I’m fine with leaving it the way it is, if you are] I just need to know, cause if we’re are done. I’ll mark in complete.

Ok, I think that’s it now.

March 27th, 2008

(no subject) @ 12:53 am

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This is me apologizing for filling up your f-list pages. Emerald was in a writing mood, and wanted it to look more like it was hand written so it’s big and she got long because she didn’t really know where to end things. Please read, it’s in a private paper journal so nobody will know any of it. But it’s insightful. And parts are kind of funny. She’s done for the moment. She might post something in her cortex journal. But I’m not doing that tonight. She made me sleepy and my head is hurting from staring at the screen. Also I'll tag that last entry later too.I so should have been doing other things. But my characters control my brain. How sad… but they’re saying I owe them it because I’ve been neglectful. LOL.

I’m going to try to be on AIM tomorrow, it’ll be in the afternoon. Because well stupid people decided cause its spring break that we would RP D&DS tomorrow and Friday. GRRR. I’ll log into MindlessMun… cause other RP folks might want to get a hold of me. God I wish I had a phone with internet that I could have at the game table. Cause you’d be surprised at how much time is spent just sitting there.

And Thomas I don’t care if yousss read this cause its true and you know that. Thomas… Jayne/Gwen/Joey… the DM of the game. LOL *sigh*

Also Abby once you come back to the game... you might want to bring Tanis here! And if you don't come back I'll Have to hurtss you I mean pester you endlessly :P

March 26th, 2008

Thread question @ 11:49 pm

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Hey Liz and Tabi, would you two like to thread out Monica taking the two engineers to the engine room and then them working on the ship systems?? Figure since Kaylee has had so little actual play, and I know Akira will enjoy meeting with Kaylee. And Monica doesn’t mind Akira’s company so much. She’ll give the appearance of not wanting it, but after them talking in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure Akira knows the truth of the matter.

If you two don’t want to that’s fine. But I figured since you both appear to be the only ones yet to read the Summary; that we can thread that out.

March 25th, 2008

Activity check [February 16th – 29th & March 1st –14th] @ 02:32 am

P L A Y E R S-

Respond to this post with your name, the name of your character[s]. For these activity checks we are requesting that you do something different. You must read the posted game summary. And you must state several of the things your character was requested to do. You may easily copy&paste parts that mention your character[s], or you may rewrite the things that the character[s] did. You MUST do this for each of your characters. It’s a little more work than usual, but we want to make sure you read and understood what was posted. If you have a character that isn’t on Serenity or Lorrayna Phoenix, then please post when the ships will be arriving on Paquin. MODs shall be responsible for listing their characters too!

Note- Due to the slowness of the game at the current moment, even if you haven’t threaded or logged anything in the last four weeks, as long as you reply to this check with the requested information then it counts toward activity. ALSO many of you didn’t reply to the last check. Those of you that didn’t, make sure that you defiantly reply to this one. Sorry for the slowness, lack of playing. It’s a combination of everybody. We’ve all strayed some; waiting for others to post, or whatever. But we the MODs aren’t going anywhere. We love this game, and want you guys to continue playing here with us. We want to have the checks every two weeks; the slowness of late is reason for them not being posted on the correct dates.

C H A R A C T E R- A N D- P L A Y E R- E X E M P T I O N S:

Players or characters that joined after March 1, 2008 or haven't officially introduced the character[s], are exempt from this Activity Check.

None are exempted!

P L A Y E R - H I A T U S E S
Individuals listed on official hiatuses are also exempted from this activity check.

Thomas- Jayne Cobb [[info]ourhero_jayne] & Guinivere Hawks [[info]gunner_gwenny] & Joseph Wheeler [[info]_jtw_gimp]

D E A D L I N E-

Players will have a week to respond, that is plenty enough given time in our opinion. This post will be open for replies from March 25, 2008 to April 1, 2008. Again if you miss two Activity checks in a row, we'll send you an email. The third will get your character removed from the game! Also a Activity check will be posted at the end of this week. Simply because we’ve been behind cause of mentioned slowness; and you must reply to both when it’s posted.

Activity check format )

March 7th, 2008

Incomplete Threads @ 03:26 pm


We still have several incomplete threads, which would be lovely if they could be finished for the story. If you no longer want to play in them that's perfectly fine. But if you could try to bring the threads to a conclusion that’d be lovely. A [*] indicated the person that the thread is waiting on. If you want you can skip that person if it’s with more than two people. But don’t forget the character is still in the thread.

Threads )

March 3rd, 2008

*Sigh* @ 03:03 am

Just wanted to drop a note into here; that I’ll be posting a summary post in the next few days, which will be accompanied with the activity check for the second half of February. Although there’s been little actual activity the check will be depended on you reading the summary that shall be posted. Everything will be explained in it. Also I’ll be posting an updated recap. But I wanted to let folks know that we are still here. And play is slowed almost completely again, but that we are still very much opened. And hopefully people will be more inclined to posting after the summary is posted.

Sorry for not being around too much in the last few weeks. But the motherboard in Tabi’s computer is fried and I know she’s using her dads laptop [I think it’s her dads anyway.] But all her RP stuff is on her own computer. And far as I’m concerned was crazy hospital stuff with my dad and Grandfather, and annoyingly enough my computer has a virus. I’m trying to take care of the virus [which is my sisters fault, which is why I don’t like letting her use my computer] It’s a fight in a half to get the computer to go on without freezing. So that’s why I’ve been on less. Thomas is without a computer, and well he isn’t able to use mine. So… just figured I’d explain our lack of being here. It’s not at all to do with the game. I’m, as you know, in this endless attempt to get the game going at a reasonable active pace. Cause that’d be ohh so nice. Lmfao.

So I guess that’s it for now. I’ll be posting modly stuff in the next few days. Hopefully I can get the summary finished tomorrow. I just figured I wasn’t going to tonight since I started rambling a bit with my lack of sleep. And don’t want to ramble, because it’ll be confusing and I want it as straight and to the point as possible.

I miss you guys!!


February 18th, 2008

Activity check [February 1st - 15th] @ 06:04 pm


P L A Y E R S-

Respond to this post with your name, the name of your character[s] and a link to the thread/scene[s] they have participated in. Please provide a link to the list of scenes the character[s] has/have been active in. You can do this easily by clicking the character[s] tag[s] in the RP journal. MODs shall be responsible for listing their characters too!

Note- Due to the slowness of the game at the current moment, even if you haven’t threaded or logged anything in the last two weeks, as long as you reply to this check with links to your character[s] tags then it counts toward activity.

C H A R A C T E R- A N D- P L A Y E R- E X E M P T I O N S:

Players or characters that joined after February 1, 2008 or haven't officially introduced the character[s], are exempt from this Activity Check.

Dave- Hoban Washburne; Wash [info]shadow_puppets

P L A Y E R - H I A T U S E S
Individuals listed on official hiatuses are also exempted from this activity check.

Stephy- Malcome Reynolds; Mal [[info]aimto_misbehave]
Thomas- Jayne Cobb [[info]ourhero_jayne] & Guinivere Hawks [[info]gunner_gwenny] & Joseph Wheeler [[info]_jtw_gimp]

D E A D L I N E-

Players will have a week to respond, that is plenty enough given time in our opinion. This post will be open for replies from February 18, 2008 to February 25, 2008. Again if you miss two Activity checks in a row, we'll send you an email. The third will get your character removed from the game!

Activity check format )

(no subject) @ 11:54 am

AMY Where are ya!

February 4th, 2008

(no subject) @ 03:16 am

Hey, folks. I'm going to be taking over the role of everyone's favorite, whacky pilot, Hoban Washburne. If any of you choose to call him Hoban to his face, he will get decidedly less whacky in the comedic sense and instead go full on War Stories on your sorry pì gu.

I hear someone, Dina Reed (yes?) would like to sit a while in the copilot's chair? Hit me up, Wash will be more than happy to share some flight time. Contact me through comments for now, my AIM status is shaky.

Edit: I replied to an old post for some Dina/Wash, figuring it would have made sense for them to talk when Kaylee introduced him to the new blood. Check it: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/_burntheland_/2533.html?view=11237#t11237

January 31st, 2008

(no subject) @ 06:57 am

Akira’s last reply to Monica made me giggle. Especially at the tying her up… Thomas says that Gwen would happily help Oddball and Akira tie her in her room [Especially since it means she wouldn’t get to run into Talos planet-side then LOL]

I’ll reply to the rest of the threads I have later on today. I sleepy… again.

January 30th, 2008

(no subject) @ 10:09 pm

My internet is momentarily disabled. I'm trying to have it fixed, [at the library now] wanted to let you guys know. Hopefully it won't be for very long. If it looks to be longer than a week I'll try to make it back up to the library to let you know.


EDIT: I moved the wireless router into my sisters' room so I should be good for a while till mine is fixed for good. Which, YAY... I HATE using the library computers.

January 25th, 2008

(no subject) @ 05:21 am

cross-posted to all my games.

So this came with much thought and is hard to do but I’m going to need to go on a hiatus/break for two to three weeks (maybe only one) if the mods will allow it. I just haven’t been feeling any motivation lately for rping. I care about the games I’m in and want to continue but every time I’m ready to catch up, do a tag, write a post something seems to get in the way of stopping me. And then I just don’t have the energy or motivation to do so. For instance Sunday I was ready to catch up everywhere and do all the posts/tags I needed to do. Spent the day starting to read what I needed to read of posts or tags and began to think out in my head what to do with my characters in various games but then Sunday night I started to feel sick and ended up in the bathroom from 12 am to 5 am throwing up all night. I think I had the flu or something because then all day Monday I was sick and had a fever and even went on till Tuesday. By Tuesday night I was feeling better but still very weak and couldn’t hardly think enough to do any writing. With that I ended up being behind in homework so trying to catch up with that now. This weekend I am also going to be out of town going to a wedding in Iowa and I don’t know how much internet time I will really have and if I will even go on the internet at all. So even if I thought I was ready to write again and catch up everywhere I couldn’t, not enough time.

Besides being busy my emotions have been on some crazy roller costar the past few months and I really don’t know where my thoughts are going anymore. I need to hopefully get my head clear. At the moment I can’t get myself to write and I’m sure with taking a break and not having to worry about having to make a post/tag the next day I will be able to get my head clear. I am still going to be writing in a prompt based community I’m in because well that isn’t as hard for me right now, there is a lot of freedom in that and most of it isn’t even roleplaying so I don’t have to worry about switching on and off like I’ve been doing which doesn’t work well when in a thread. Besides that you only have to write like one thing a month for the most part to stay active so not much to worry about there.

What I’m going to probably do is slowly start coming back into roleplaying. Either by just starting to catch up in one community at a time or one character at a time and with each character/community I start feeling comfortable in again I will move on. If anyone really wants to keep up with me or just in general be friends you can friend my personal journals on either livejournal: adistantshadow or on insanejournal: somethingelse I meant to add some of you people that I was friends with on GJ but again with the having no motivation or energy lately for anything.

I am so sorry for not being the most active player lately and I hope to get everything together once again. I understand if any games want to replace me but hopefully you’ll let me take my short hiatus.


January 24th, 2008

(no subject) @ 02:08 am

Sooo I got shuffled and lost during the move to GJ and now I am completely like "what is going on?" in this game. XD I know I had some potential plot mapped out with some other characters and now I have no idea what it was. So I guess this is my 'HALP' post. I'm going to attempt to update Inara's journal to hopefully get some journal goodness happening and I guess we'll see where it goes from there.

January 15th, 2008

FYI @ 02:55 am

Current Mood: tired

Abby I’ll post that thread soon. I want to try and get all my character journals set up and things moved over, icons, info, ect. Plus making sure all the game info is up, and links are correct. I’m re-working the userinfo a bit. So yeah. But wanted to drop a note in here cause I mentioned the River/Emm/Lula thread being posted today, I said last night. Then realized Emerald’s journal wasn’t nothing done to it. Soo… shouldn’t be long.

<3 Amy

Burn The Land Out Of Character