May 3rd, 2009

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An Article in the Bullworth Review Newspaper

It's Alive! Business Empire Will Revitalize New Coventry
An Op/Ed Interview with Mr. Derby Harrington, Esq. by Roberta St. Clair

     Let's face it, everyone. Bullworth Township has Aquaberry en Mode and Premier Enterprises to thank for its induction into the enviable world of fashionable cities. Everyone can remember when the Bullworth Theater had just three screens instead of twenty-one. The night life just wouldn't be as bright without the beautiful Three Cranes Resort and Casino, attracting to Bullworth around 4,000 tourists per year, a dazzling amount for a township of 20,000. Yes, Bullworth wouldn't be the same without the man who made dreams into reality, raising the standard of living per capita and attracting valuable jobs to the area. That man is Mr. Howard L. Harrington, who makes his living in international trade in energy resources and commercial real state.

     The Harrington family was present in Bullworth upon its founding in 1895, watching it build up from a fishing village into the cosmopolitan town on the rise it is today. These English transplants cite hard work and solid family ties as the secrets to their success, and successful they have been: the senior Mr. Harrington has signed major deals with such companies as Whoa!Mart Inc. and Moonstags Coffee to buy real estate within the township. The lovingly rebuilt Bullworth Bay Boardwalk, aside from being a profitable and family-friendly recreation zone, is also a charming gift to the town.

     Now the senior Mr. Harrington is preparing to pass the time-honored crown of business down to his eldest son, the young Mr. Derby Harrington, Esq. (23). A recent Harville grad, Derby is heading into the law aspect of business, focusing on commercial law. The charming blond was all smiles when we met to discuss his fresh, savvy plans for Bullworth's future.

St. Clair: What can we expect to see happening this season in Bullworth?

Harrington: We are very much expecting to continue to bring in new opportunities to ease the suffering the recent economic recession has caused. Lay-offs have become a fact of life, and we find that to be completely unacceptable. Everyone should have a job.

St. C: What sort of jobs can we look forward to? Will these be sustainable jobs, or temporary work?

Harrington: A fair amount of it will be in construction, that's true. Once the construction is over, we'll most certainly need contractors to continue to maintain our beautiful new additions, and the incoming companies should continue to hire employees at a steady rate. There will be plenty of opportunities in the tourism and sales industries.

St. C: Bullworth has never been known before as a tourism town. What made Harrington Industries turn their focus onto that?

Harrington: (laughing) Well, you see... we've always adored the allure of the small New England town. I myself have numerous fond memories of growing up on the beach, exploring the docks, and being an all-around sportsman, if you will. We thought that encouraging tourism would be an excellent opportunity to share in our nostalgia for simpler times with the world... invite them to take off from the hustle and bustle of the large cities to enjoy a bit of New England hospitality.

St. C: (laughing) It's some hospitality, isn't it! I can't say that the Three Cranes Resort is a conventional New England bed and breakfast! What are your thoughts on Mr. William Crane's developments?

Harrington: Ah, Mr. Crane and I are very good friends. He has consulted my father on numerous occasions during the design of the resort, and we're all very proud of it. We didn't want to mindlessly copy every design aspect of every other New England city... we thought it'd be quite alright to infuse Bullworth with a little of the town's own personality, and thus the Three Cranes was born.

St. C: I see, and it really does have a personality of its own, doesn't it? Let's talk about personal matters for a moment. Was it strange for you, moving from Bullworth to such a famous city as Camden and back again?

Harrington: Not at all. In fact, it made me appreciate the charms of Bullworth that much more. I've always been a homebody, really. (smiling) I've had numerous opportunities to spend time in New York and such for internships, but nothing ever really compared to what we have here [in Bullworth].

St. C: A homebody, really? That's wonderful, especially when the economy these days is turning everyone away, making them want to run for cover and all that. It's nice to hear from somebody who's intent on sticking around.

Harrington: (smiling) Thank you.

St. C: So, tell me a little more about your personal life. Have you rekindled any friendships since your return to Bullworth? Recently, Bullworth Academy, your alma mater, had a reunion, is that correct?

Harrington: Yes, Ms. St. Clair, that is correct... The highlight absolutely was rekindling old friendships with all of my old acquaintances. It was a pleasure to see Mr. Tad Spencer, for instance, who is currently working hard to [clean up] the Bullworth Bay and [revitalize its assets] and [create new opportunities].

St. C: Our time is running short, so for our final thought, I understand that a bit of a surprise happened during your speech at the reunion. Is it true that Mr. Gary Smith, the alleged mastermind behind the Forgotten Pines rebellion several years back, attended the reunion?

Harrington: I'm not at liberty to discuss those matters. I'm not in touch with Gary Smith in any way.

St. C: I see. What do you have to say in response to allegations on the internet that you revealed your homosexuality at the reunion?

Harrington: (smiling) Those allegations are completely unfounded. I have never said anything like that. It's really a shock that some people would assume such a thing, as I'm engaged to a woman. She was my "high school sweetheart", if you will.

St. C: Ms. Pinky Gauthier?

Harrington: Yes, indeed.

St. C: Do you have any wedding plans currently?

Harrington: We haven't set a date yet... but it's definitely coming!

St. C: Congratulations in advance, Mr. Harrington. It's been a pleasure speaking with you.

Harrington: You as well, Ms. St. Clair.