Aug. 29th, 2008


Okay, I'm a bad mod. 

I set up a July challenge, but I wrote nothing for it. In my defense, I have no internet access at home, and I can't write a good story in an hour while I use the library computer. (Even if I could, I would inevitably have to bring the baby with me and try to keep him entertained while I wrote.)

So I'm apologizing for my lack of participation. Maybe one of these days, I'll actually have internet access at home.


Jul. 1st, 2008


The Plot
For our first challenge, you have to give a character a baby. Any character you want - except Buffy. She'll be there for moral support or to make jokes, but the baby can't be hers. 

The Tags
There should be a tag for every character, any romantic pairing, the type of story (gen/slash/het), the rating, and this:

                                                         challenge: july 2008

Word Count
I'd like at least 2,000 words. That's only 500 you have to write in a week. If you're only a few words off, I'm not going to take points away or anything. We don't even have points.

July 31, 2008


Jun. 19th, 2008


Title: Clipped Wings
Spoilers: This takes place after season 7 of BtVS and season 5 of AtS. Dean Winchester from Supernatural is hinted at, but never directly referred to. 

It's not an easy decision.

[info]slayerkate   Online Spell Check  Alphabetical list of BtVS characters  Latin phrases  English to Latin translator  BtVS and AtS transcripts. Also includes songs in each episode. Online Word Count

If you have another link you'd like to see added here, leave a comment.



This is the part that's less fun, but I just want to go over things so that nobody can say that they weren't informed. Which also means that everybody should read this. 

Rules and Guidelines

Post any story you want, as long as Buffy is somehow relevant to the story. She doesn't even have to be alive; you could write about Tara and Willow trying to figure out how to bring her back. Another good substitute is Buffybot. 

I'm not going to edit anyone's fic.* If you have a million spelling and grammar errors, it's completely on you. However, if someone else decides to tell you to clean up your fic, don't throw a tantrum. Either do it, or don't. I'm not concerned. 
Unless, of course, the argument escalates. I've noticed something about internet arguments. The longer they go on, the further back the people involved will regress in maturity. Don't act like you're six. Six year olds shouldn't be reading smut. I'll have to ban you and send you home with a note for your mommy. 

One more thing: if you don't like a certain pairing that someone else has written, don't decide to read it and leave a comment about how much it sucks. It's a hard concept for some people, so I have to mention it here. 

*There's an exception to this. I still won't edit your fic, but if it's so atrocious that pigeons wouldn't poop on it, I'm going to add a special tag to it, labeling it as badfic. This will apply to people who can't follow their own storyline. I once explained some fic rules to someone, and she acknowledged everything I said, then completely ignored it. I banned her. I'm hoping not to have to ban anyone here. 


There's going to be a challenge each month. Information will be posted on the first, and you'll have until the last day of the month to get your story completed. 
See what I did there? I'm not a fan of quantity over quality, and challenges are going to have a different set of rules than any other fic you post here. If you write something ridiculous, and that includes bad spelling and grammar, you won't be allowed to participate in a challenge until you clean up the submission and make it pretty. 


I'm not looking for a long list of things that you have to post with each fic. This works for me: 


Everything else should be posted as a tag.

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