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Jul. 6th, 2008


Is it Big Foots or Big Feet?

After spending a couple of hours in the canoe, at least an hour longer than we had to because we had to stop to play. I'm really not complaining about that part. We went down a very small water fall that I'm sure we're going to have to carry the canoe up it if we intend to take it back. Not that will be that hard, just slippery. We walked side by side for about a mile or so. Every time I started to say something Dean shushed me. I figured that we were getting pretty close to where Big Foot lived so he wanted me to be quiet. How was I supposed to know that Big Foot was scared off by the sound of someone's voice?

We made it to the edge of a gully and it was dense and thick with trees and plants. Good thing that I was wearing the right shoes. Otherwise I would've probably fallen to my death. The walk down was steep and I kept following Dean. Once we got to the bottom I took his hand in mine and got him to look at me. Since I wasn't going to talk and possibly spook whatever it was that lived down here. 'Cause I wanted to see Big Foot and plus after coming all of this way I really didn't want Dean to be pissed because I jeopardized that. I gave him a look like 'now what' and he just put a finger to his lips.

He led us over to underneath a very large tree and crouched down low to the ground. He reached into his back pack and started throwing m&ms on the ground. Giving him a look of disbelief he gave me a grin. I felt like we were stuck in ET only this time we weren't trying to lure an alien it was a sasquatch and of course it was a different kind of candy. Sitting down on the ground a twig broke underneath my butt making a snapping noise. Dean took in a deep annoyed breath.

Then, it was almost like the twig had set off an alarm of some sort because big daddy Big Foot came crashing through the brush. My mouth got wide staring at the eight foot tall hairy beast. All I could do was stare. He was looking straight at me and I couldn't even move. Then he looked down on the ground and started to gather up the m&ms that Dean had thrown on the ground. I was fully expecting this thing to come charging after us but after he had picked up the candy he was off again.

I started to crack up and I held my mouth with my hands over it trying to not make that much noise. Since we had actually seen the Big Foot now I wasn't too worried about it. "That was awesome."

Jul. 5th, 2008


all or nothing

It's been a few days since Tara's disappeared. Well, disappeared again according to Buffy. Even though after Buff told me that she was missing the first time I walked in on her naked. As many times as I had pictured her naked back in the day with Will I had never wanted to see her that way alone. Especially with a freaked out expression on her face. I bailed after that happened and I was in the middle of watching a nice movie about another one eyed bad ass by the name of Snake. Kurt Russell really does the whole bad ass routine better than me but that's not something I like to admit.

Anyways, Buff busted in on me watching the movie saying that Tara was gone again. She was in tears this time saying that we have to find her. What did she really expect me to do? So now all she's doing is moping in her room and I just needed some time away from the hotel. At least for a few hours.

Sam had shown up with Anna. Only this Anna was not the same that we all knew back in the other world. Besides not being pregnant the other factor she has going for her? She's completely nuts. Cuckoo crazy nuts. She told me that even that I should poke out my other eye so I could see more. Does that make any sense? No. But I told you... crazy.

I decided to leave the hotel and go to the person that made sense to me. Cordy. I was through with beating around the bush with her. With all these changes and people coming and going I finally said to hell with it. I was going to ask her out. On a date. And if she said no, well then, I'd no that there was no chance. If she said yes even better. I'd get more time out from the crazyness and that was fine with me.

Walking into her shelter I waved at the girl that had seen me quite a few times before. I kinda think that she's Cordy's secretary or something like that. It didn't matter what she was to me right now. I had a mission. She did smile and wink at me which was kinda weird but whatever.

I knocked on her office door which was closed before opening it up. Cordy was sitting at her desk talking on the phone. I sat down across from her and waited for her to finish up. Once she was off the phone I started in on my whole schpeel. What I had rehearsed on the way over here in my head a dozen times did not come out. "I'm tired of running around in circles Cords. Do you want to go out with me? On a date. A real date. I'm not talking about hanging out. I mean a date, where it's you and me and a bottle of red or white. So, what'll it be? Yay or nay?"

Jun. 17th, 2008


Talkin jivey, poison ivy

Hair of the dog. That is what I needed right now. It was freezing in here even though I had slept on the couch in front of the fire. The fire was out now. My head was pounding with a dull ache and after all of that whiskey last night I was surprised that I hadn't puked. You never know, it could still happen. Sat up very slowly so the room wouldn't spin. Didn't matter when I got up it was still spinning. Grabbing the whiskey bottle I took a couple of swallows. Ugh, that tasted horrible this morning. Hopefully that'd do the trick. Otherwise, I'd have to raid Bobby's cupboards again. This time in search of aspirin.

When I stood up all the way I realized that I was naked. Did Paul and I...? No. He just got up in left and I sat in front of the fire for awhile and listened to him snore until he passed out. He even missed s'mores. Guess it shows that the big touch FBI agent can't handle his liquor. At least, not in comparison to me. Who am I kidding? I didn't pass out much later than he did.

Walked over to the fire and crouched down trying to get it started again. I put a couple more logs on it. Crap. It got snuffed out. Reached in and took out the logs. As I was taking out the second log a small spark landed on my thigh. "Fuck! Ow." That made a nice big fat red mark on my leg. Now I needed aspirin and burn cream. Put some kindling in and got that going nice before adding the logs back. They caught this time thankfully.

Standing up I brushed my hands off and started to reach for my t-shirt. That was when I heard a groaning coming from the other room. Threw the t-shirt on and once it was on I saw that it was on inside out. Shit! Took it off and put it back on again, this time the right way. Heard Paul coming out of the bedroom and squeaked as I dove back on the couch making it creak. Frantically I grabbed the blanket and was able to save myself from further embarrassment from him seeing my bare ass. At least, I hoped he didn't. Now, I just had to get him out so I could throw some pants on. "Mornin'." I said looking over the couch at him.

Jun. 12th, 2008


no matter which way you go

The sun was just starting to come over the horizon when we made it to where the boat was to meet us. Spike had driven very quickly and even with doing that he had to shroud himself in his leather coat to keep the suns rays from burning him up.

The crew members hardly said a word to us upon our arrival. They just showed us to some rooms below the deck. The Captain introduced himself to us once we were safely below. He also showed us to the kitchen that would be for our own personal use. The refrigerator was fully stocked with blood and food for me. After he told us all of that he took his leave of us. Spike had left to put our bags in our room.

Curious, I started opening up cupboards in the kitchen. With the first cupboard door I opened I saw that the shelves were fully stocked with honey. Taking a step back my hands flew to my mouth. This was no small coincidence. Opening another door there was more of the same. Opening up more cupboards there was all the alcohol that Spike liked to drink. In the refrigerator there was ale that Spike liked as well. And eggs. I was not sure who this friend was of Spike's but it was kind of frightening how much he knew about us. Especially me...

Walked back to our room to see Spike getting out some of our things. "Spike, I have to show you something." He looked like he wanted to finish getting our things put away first. So I started to help him. There was no television in the room so I figured that he was going to be quite bored. Maybe that was why he brought all of the books that I have never seen him read and the magazines of Dawn's?

The room was small but it was still big enough to have a larger bed than Spike had back at the flat. There was a bedside table on each side of the bed, a small closet, and a small wardrobe. I followed suit and put all of my clothes and things away. Since we were unpacking I assumed that we were going to have a long journey. "How long is it going to take us to get to the tropical location?" I asked him while taking off my shoes and putting them on the floor of the closet.

Jun. 11th, 2008


what's in a name

The bar was a go. Angel and I both threw ourselves into it like we had nothing better to do. Because, in truth? We didn't. I was tired of doing the stealing things for ridiculous amounts of money. And he was tired of being the do-gooder and whatever else he used to be in his world. We've gotten a lot of things done with only a few slight hiccups. Who knew that the big guy was as good of an organizer as he was a brooder?

The first thing that we decided to do was look for the right place and the right location. We wanted it to be busy but not so busy we couldn't keep up with it. 'Cause if we wouldn't be able to keep up, what would be the fun in owning a bar? Henry set us up with a real estate agent but after a few hours we decided to not bother with using one. They were pretty much more annoying than anything else. After telling them our price range and what we were looking for they continued to show us shit that we'd never be interested in a million years. I kinda had this certain look that I was going for and Angel just wanted it to be cheap. Even though I told him that money really wasn't an issue. So we found it. It's very old school Hollywood/art decoish. It had been sitting vacant for probably twenty years.

That's when we had to find a contractor. Angel took care of that stuff and I told him that I just wanted to give some input like where the bars were gonna be and a small stage and stuff like that. So, the building is two floors. The first floor has all the game type stuff. Big screen tvs, a fooseball table, a couple of pool tables, a bar of course and one gigantic juke box that Angel insisted had Barry Manilow on it. That was the first real fight that we had on the place. Until we decided that he could be in charge of the lower floor and I could be in charge of the upper floor. My floor was more loungey. There was a small stage, a bar of course, lots of really plush comfy couches and chairs. More what you'd think a swanky speak easy would be like. At least that was the look I was going for. Then there is a roof where people that smoke can do that and for people that want air and stuff. There's gonna be a mini-bar up there with just the basics.

Since we decided that we also needed to have something besides alcohol we are having a small kitchen put in. We're gonna serve basic bar type food with some extra special yums on the menu occasionally. Also, the basement is going to be part storage area and part Angel's apartment. I told him that he really didn't have to stay underground anymore but he said that he didn't mind and that he didn't want to take up the room from anywhere else in the building. Which, I kinda get.

I put an ad in the paper so we could start hiring people today. It might prove to be interesting since neither Angel or I are really people people. There was also the problem where we hadn't come up with a name yet. That might be one of the first things chat about in the morning.

Walked into our place first thing in the morning. Angel had spent his first night here last night. The construction crew were redoing the wood floors. Thought I spot the big guy in the back by the kitchen area. Things looked like they were coming into place pretty quick. When you had an anal retentive vampire supervising you, you tended to move quickly. "Morning." I said behind Angel and the contractor. And I took a sip of my coffee.

Jun. 10th, 2008


Waddya got to lose?

Looked up seeing Ava reflected next to me. Well next to where I should be. Pretty thing she was, all the curves in the right places, legs just long enough to be about perfect. Wasn't too sure about myself at the moment though. Brought the girl out to Sin City, saw the lights and went to our hotel for a shag. Figured we'd spend some time in the 'cuzzi and get out with pruney fingers and even more shriveled up bits. Funny thing happened though, she sat on my cock and I went softer then ice cream on a sunny day.

Wasn't anything ever happened to me before.

Told her just as much, a few times. Told me it was okay and said all the right things. Still saw the disappointment in her eyes though. Thought maybe I needed a nip of blood but that didn't do a bit of good. She was tired from the drive and changed into a robe, she was merrily sleeping away like nothing had happened. Which, I wager nothing had actually happened.

Maybe it was the hot tub that did me in? Right, blame the water that's a winning idea there. Couldn't sleep, not in the middle of the night like her. Shoved off the bed, flipping my imaginary reflection off before getting dressed. Knew I'd be back before four when she woke up so I grabbed my room key and let myself out. Walked the strip, dodging the porn peddlers and the drunk tourists looking for something that'd get me in trouble.

Stepped off the main walk of the strip, ending up in a more seedy neighborhood. Prostitutes I wouldn't touch with Angel's pole yelled at me, prices were close enough to nothing they weren't worth stopping to ogle. Spotted a titty bar advertising cheap beer and the best poon in town. Ducked in and found the beer was cheap and the pussy wasn't anywhere near the best. Win some lose some I guess.

Figured the problem might not be the poon, since Ava's was the only one I could think about. Problem was me. Maybe I was getting old? "Vampire." Bloke sat down on a stool next to me, staring at the girl on the pole in front of us. Sniffed and did a double take.


"You have some of my property. I want it back."

"Direct ain't ya? At least get me a drink before you try and fuck me."

It laughed, taking its sunglasses off. Balls, it was one of those demons. "Avamalanna Estanada Bashlik is mine. You have taken her. Therefore I have taken something of yours halfbreed." Wanker leaned over and patted me on the balls to make his point.

Responded by taking my beer mug and smashing his nose into his face. Met a lot of demons in my day, wasn't a one I couldn't go toe to toe with. Heard a growl and got tackled, growled back and we took out a row of tables and chairs. Strippers were running around screaming and the whole place turned into a riot.

Somehow he slipped away and I got tossed by a pair of bouncers. Heard him laughing when I landed on the sidewalk but the bastard was gone. Knew he'd be back, still had what he wanted after all. Checked my watch and swore, turning back to the casino. Ava'd be up soon. Had to tell her we needed to go. Her demon was here and I knew he wanted her back.


everything's not lost

Never thought that sex would tire me out as much as it did. Tara and I had been going at it for hours. It was almost like we were a drug for one another and we needed each other kinda like we needed to breathe. We would sleep for a little while have something to eat and drink to sustain one another and then go back at it. We'd even talked about how we should go out and do something but neither one of us was willing to give up... until I fell asleep.

It was odd that I had fallen asleep before her. Then when I woke up, I discovered that she had already gotten up. Checking the clock it said that it was half past six... pm. Something just wasn't right. Getting out of bed I felt like someone had slipped me some roofies. I felt that completely groggy. If it was any worse I was sure I'd have a strange craving for beer and lighting fires again. That would not be good.

Walking into our living room area I didn't see Tara. Checked the bathroom and it was empty. She wasn't in the kitchen either. Went back into the bedroom and through on some clothes as quick as I could. Somehow, I just felt like something was wrong. Maybe she just got up to go talk to Xander or something? Or maybe she needed something from the big kitchen downstairs? We hadn't been grocery shopping in a while. Padded down the stairs, I looked everywhere. First the lobby, then the courtyard, went to the basement, then I backtracked and checked the ballroom even.

Officially panicking now I ran back upstairs. If she was going to go out she would've told me. Or she would have left a note. Before I knocked on Xander's room I decided to go back to our room to see if somehow I missed a note. Looked on the bedside table on my side by the alarm clock, not there. Looked on the kitchen counter and on the refrig, nope.

Ran out of our room and down a flight to Xander's room. I started knocking fractically, resisting the urge to break it down. The door opened, "Woah woah, Buff. Something dire? If there's another Terminator in the hotel I think I'll ignore it and turn on some porn." He left the door open for me to come in.

I wasn't in the mood for jokes right now. "Tara's missing."

He turned around and gave me a "what" look. "What do you mean... missing?"

"I fell asleep and when I woke up she wasn't there. I've checked everywhere."

Xander kind of sighed and rolled his eye at me. "She probably went out for a little bit. Y'know? Catch some air that isn't thick with the smell of sweet lesbian lovin'?"

If he wasn't trying to make me feel better I so would punch him right now.

"She didn't leave a note. She always leaves a note."

Then he looked worried for probably less than half of a second, and then gave me a look like 'what do you want me to do about it'? He decided not to voice what he was thinking obviously. "I'll help you look. Maybe she just got an urge for playing hide-and-go-seek?"

Shaking my head I said, "I don't think so."

He stood up from the chair that he was sitting on and we left the room. "Let's check your room."

I thought that was the stupidest idea ever since I had already checked it top to bottom twice but I didn't say anything. We went up the flight of stairs and to our room in silence.

Threw open the door and walked inside and said, "She's not here Xander! I've checked twice!" He walked inside and that was when I heard Tara scream my name.

Running into our bedroom, since that's where I heard her voice come from. Xander was on my heels obviously alarmed with her tone as much as I had been. Threw open the door and there she was, naked on the bed, like she had never left.

"Oh! Buffy!" Xander turned his back and was heading back out towards the door. "Y'know? If you wanted a third in your sexcapades all you had to do was ask. Not that I'd agree, but you didn't have to make up some story like Tara being missing."

I wasn't really listening to Xander at this point I ran to the bed and gathered Tara into my arms. "Where did you go? I was so worried."


Take it from the top

Trying to catch my breath I curled up next to Buffy in our bed. "Ok, what time is it anyway?" We'd gotten sort of sidetracked after she came home. Which was sort of typical for us, but we'd been extra into it tonight. Ever since Angel showed up at Solvei's party we've been screwing like rabbits according to Xander. I couldn't help but kick his shin for it, my way of remembering Anya.

"Wow." Sat up far enough to see the clock on the nightstand before collapsing back onto the mattress and the slayer. "Maybe the clock is running fast." Tugged on the sheet getting a grunt from her. If she was actually worn out then the clock wasn't fast. Felt a tickle in my nose and turned away sneezing. Sneezed twice again and reached for a tissue box.

Started to sneeze for a fourth time and was about to swear to Hecate when I felt a tingle race down my spine and the bedroom disappeared. "What the Goddess?" Looking around I found myself in Arashmahar. "D'Hoffryn?"

"Yes child, it is your master. I've called you. The time for you to fulfill your end of our contract is at hand." He appeared in front of me, a pair of his slaves standing behind him chanting. He always had loved his chanting according to Anya.

"My end? I thought you owed Cordelia a favor?"

"Yes, I did. However she sacrificed herself. And you relied upon my power to bring you and your friends to another plane. If you wish for them to remain here, I will require certain services from you."

"V-v-engence services?" My mouth was suddenly dry. I couldn't hurt people, I just wouldn't. Attempting to stand my ground I folded my arms across my chest. Right now I didn't care about being naked in a demon dimension. "Your blackmailing me."

"Am I? Did you not think there would be a cost for your friends lives? Do you wish your lover to be dead once more?" There it was. The one threat that made me want to retch. "Come child, you must answer the call of vengeance. It is your choice when and how wishes are to be granted. Embrace your power and you will see we are not evil beings, merely judges of humanity."

He snapped his fingers and I had clothes on, we were also in someone's apartment. "What?"

"Just watch child."

Standing in the middle of a cramped living room between the door and a stained couch I heard the fight in another room. Insults flung back and forth in the air. Then the sound of a crash and a door slamming.

"Get back here you bitch!" The woman ran for the door, toward us as though we were invisible. A chair followed after her, flying through the air and hitting her back, knocking her down. He caught her, and the beating began. As much as I wanted to look away I couldn't. Quietly I heard her whisper for help. She wished he would go to hell.

"Grant it." D'Hoffryn nudged me and I stared at him, shaking my head no. I couldn't move my lips, if I said anything...

"Does he not deserve it? You know he does Tara, how many times did you see this as a child? Deliver vengeance, it is your calling."

"I won't....its not the same..." Goddess, what have I become? It was the same. "Granted. Grantedgrantedgrantedgr-" A power surged through me and the man screamed, his body exploding into a mist that evaporated in a flash.

"An excellent beginning Tara." He smiled and clapped his hands together. Disappearing. A cold tingle went through me and I was back in the hotel, in my bedroom. But Buffy wasn't here anymore.


Jun. 9th, 2008


Highway to Hell?

Spent two nights and three long fucking days on the road driving up to her friend's cabin. Found out along the way that we both hated big cities and cheap whiskey. Traded a few stories about work, got the gory version of a few of her hunts. Ended up being jealous that she got to run around killing these critters without all the paperwork I was stuck with. Even when I was a Seal there was a shit load of boring reports to read before and after the missions.

Tried to pick her brain about ghosts and the other critters she'd taken down. I'd never believed any of that shit. People could be evil enough without actually needing to add to the things in this world. Managed to avoid pissing her off for the most part, but she wasn't really the type to spill her secrets just because we were stuck in a car in the middle of BFE.

Hell, it was a nice change from my ex. Course I was avoiding that subject and a couple of others with her still. Still thought things were going to go to shit and she was going to end up shooting me. If and when that happens I don't need her to hesitate. Sure as hell not because I have an ex wife and a kid. The ex I haven't seen in four years, the kid two. Another reason I was in a hurry to get away from Los Angeles as fast as I could. Any chance of hurting my daughter isn't something I could take.

Which might be why I'd really asked Jo for help to start with. Saw her take down Lydecker without flinching. The file the Bureau had on her was full of crazy shit she might have done. The file on her Dad was full of even crazier stories. Half of it I still couldn't believe, even knowing that there were real monsters. Like me.

First night on the road we'd stopped at a shithole Indian casino outside of Reno. The rooms were cheap and we got our own rooms on separate floors. Don't know what she did all night but I played some blackjack, got trashed and passed out. Met her in the morning by the car and she didn't say a word.

Second night we stopped in Wyoming in a one stop light town. The motel along the highway only had two empty rooms and booked em both again. Found out the only restaurant in town was the local tavern too. The Galloping Goose, what a fucking name for a bar. Ended up back in my motel room staring at the cracked pain on the ceiling most of the night. The moon wouldn't be full for a week and a half and I could tell you exactly how many days it would be without looking at a calender.

Turned out her pal's cabin was closer to being in Canada then anything else. The place was north of Cut Bank which wasn't more then a spot were two paved roads crossed from what I could see. Drove the last two hours on roads that weren't even gravel, they were dirt. "This it?" The cabin wasn't more then a shack, but it had a barn behind it that was decent sized. Drove the rental over to it and parked. Figured I'd roll it inside later if there was room. Spotted a generator shed next to the shack and a satellite dish on the roof. Nothing like luxury.

Best part? It was fucking quiet. Popped the trunk and we started hauling supplies in. We'd picked up some food since she said all her friend kept on hand was pickled herring and oatmeal. "Which room you want Harvelle?"


life is a highway

Wesley has been gone for hours. Either that or it just seemed like he's been gone for hours. From the position that I am in I can't see the clock. It had to have been hours so far. He better hurry up because I really really have to pee. I wonder what's taking him so long. Knowing Wes they didn't have any green or blue cars so he's having it custom painted while I even think about it. That would mean that if he's waiting for it to be painted... it'll be even longer. I don't even want to know what he'll do to me if I end up pissing the bed. Wait... maybe I do want to know...

Was that a key in the door? Yes. It's him. Thank you to whatever god is in charge of bladder control for letting me hold out long enough. He was untying me and already pointing me in the direction of the bathroom. There was no way that I'd even think of protesting. Made it to the toilet just in time. Probably just peed more than a minute. Came back out on my hands and knees and he had an outfit all ready for me to change into. He always takes care of me.

When he asked me if I wanted to drive my new car I squeaked a little and through my arms around his neck. "Of course I do! What does it look like? Give me a hint? Pleeeeaaaase?" He wasn't giving me any hints so I hurriedly put on the clothes that he had set out for me.

On the way out he said something about rust and hoping that it would start. Like Wes would even think about buying me something that could possibly be worse than my last car. It probably wouldn't be worse by much. Practically running down the stairs I went outside. There, right in front, was a beautiful green convertible! It was a Solstice. Oh my god! "Wes! This? Is it really mine?" Didn't wait for him to answer just pressed myself against him and against his lips.

I walked over to it and stopped dead in my tracks. It was a stick shift. I had no idea how to drive a stick. Turning around I said, "I don't know how to drive a stick. Are you gonna teach me?" Blushed when I realized how he could possibly take that, but he was all down to business now.

Jun. 8th, 2008


Stimulating the economy.

My trip to find a suitable automobile for Dawn had taken far too much time for my tastes. First there was the issue of her preferred model, a Cobalt or a garishly designed Pontiac designated the G5. I found both to be lacking in braking and suspension capabilities, a fact I demonstrated to three salesmen during test drives. Two of them ended up losing their lunch while I drove, and the third had simply fainted. Yanks were such pansies when it came to driving in close quarters. A bit of practice on a roundabout during rush hour was what they needed to get them into shape. That and losing about thirty stone each.

Eventually I located an emerald green Solstice convertible which struck me as the perfect car for Dawn. It was light and maneuverable enough to pass my tests and the standard transmission greatly helped matters. After two hours of negotiations the dealer agreed to my price along with free oil changes for two years and upgraded tires. Wrote them a check for the full amount and left with the keys in my hand.

It was past noon when I arrived back at my flat, parking the car on the curb out front with the top down. Strolled inside to find Dawn as I'd left her, gag firmly in place between her lips. Released her from her bindings with a smile, pointing to the bathroom. Head down she crawled in on her hands and knees as I'd taught her. Listened as she relieved herself, choosing a new skirt and blouse for her to wear. Underwear as well, it wouldn't do for her to stain the new leather seats in her car.

"Get dressed. Would you like to drive your new car my sweet?"

Of course she would, quickly she got into the clothes I'd laid out, following me excitedly to the door. "Hopefully it will start, that is if the fuel tank hasn't leaked dry from all of the rust." Teasing her I led her down the stairs, wishing I'd blind folded her.

Jun. 7th, 2008


Hell's Pancreas.

It was during World War Two. Somehow I was on a submarine with a bunch of sailors and vampires. Why was I going back in time? Either way putting vampires and Germans in a metal box under the ocean was a bad bad idea. "Angel?"

"Don't worry, its just a dream Anna."

"Ok. Were you in the Army?"

"Sort of. Long story. Just enjoy the flashback. Want some popcorn?" Since it was my dream or his flashback or whatever it was I got popcorn. And a slushie.

"Fire the torpedoes!" Woke up in the motel room with Sam. Who was sleeping too. Or had been as his eyes opened, then got really wide. Standing on the bed I looked down and realized I was naked. "Shit." Grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around myself. "Angel!" Heard him snickering in the back of my head and slapped myself.


"Sorry, um...he does that sometimes." Yeah, I was a sleep stripper. Walked around, grabbing the clothes I'd had on before bed and trying to get dressed while staying under the sheet. "Think we can make it to LA today? I can drive if you want."

Jun. 6th, 2008


she'll cut you and laugh while you bleed

Thought a lot on the drive back to Nebraska about Special Agent dickhead. There was something in his eyes when I had told him about how to cure a were bite victim. He had some sort of haunted look in his eyes that would not stay out of my mind. Maybe someone he cared about had been bit. He made me feel sorry for him is all. He still was annoying and a jerk, but that didn't mean I couldn't feel sorry for him a bit.

Called Sam and left a message for him since he didn't pick up. Told him that I finally got my were and to see how he was. After I had heard from Bobby that his trip to hell was a bust lookin' for Dean I hadn't heard from him. He was probably emoing it up somewhere. Just hope he wasn't goin' in all half cocked like he had been right after Dean died. Sam acted pretty much like he had a death wish for a while after that. Nothing that Bobby, my Mom or me could say to him to help him out any. The more we tried the less he stopped callin'.

As soon as I walked into the door of the Roadhouse my Mom was in on me for details. Had a bruise on my cheek and three long gashes on my right arm from where the were had clawed me. Whenever I got home from a hunt she was always looking me over, yellin' usually while she did it, and then she'd start to patch me up. Just like she did when I was little after takin' a fall from my bike and came in with a skinned knee. She'd gotten over trying to tell me that I couldn't go out on hunts a few years back. After a few times of me not comin' home right away she stopped her nagging. Think that she finally accepted that I was as stubborn as Dad and there was no way that she could keep me from doing it.

Took a shower and then slept for a few hours before headin' out to throw beer and whiskey around. Thought about maybe playing some poker to score some cash for my next hunt. I already had a folder on it ready for me for when I got around to it. It wasn't the kind of case that was needing me to run into it right away since no one was still gettin' hurt. It was a case down in Florida, in the Everglades. People kept saying that it was some sort of giant snake that had attacked people over the years. I thought that more than likely it was a big alligator but you never know. People were scared of going to that part of the swamp since hearing about it. So not too many people did. That's why I wasn't in too big of a rush. That didn't mean that I wasn't going to go though. If somethin' better came along though, I'd go with that.

The bar was pretty crowded as far as the Roadhouse was concerned. Didn't have time yet to take in a game. Not with all of the beer and shooters I've been pouring. I assumed that it'd slow down soon. Just when I thought that though another came in the door. Heard the crowd go all quiet so I turned around from listening to the story Ash was tellin' me and a hunter by the name of Snake. Special Agent Dickhead himself. No wonder why the crowd had gone all quiet. Even though he was dressed in plain clothes most hunters could smell a cop or a fed from a mile away.

Moving over to that side of the bar I smirked at him a little. "You come for more info or did your jaw want another?"

Jun. 5th, 2008


Wiping my ass with nap time.

Sol was still snoozing, snoring away in her sleeping bag when I heard it. Thought I was losing my mind at first, but I was hearing what I thought I was hearing. Picked up a blade, slipping out of the tent and zipping the flap shut behind me. It was close now.

Heard it breathing, scenting the air as it came out into the open. A low growl when it saw me. Then a snarl.

"Must be midnight somewhere. Cheatin bastard." Hell hound. Hated hell hounds. This one looked confused that I could see it. Guess that wasn't part of its plan. Hell, there really wasn't much of a plan to my life these days. Pointed the machete at it, knowing I was up shit creek without a paddle. Sure I could yell for Sol, but did I really want her to see this? Weighted my options for a second as it circled the camp, sniffing at the Impala and the firepit.

"Here boy." Whistled lightly before throwing a rock at it. That got its attention. It lunged and I turned, running into the woods. Heard it behind me, tearing up the ground as it barked and snarled. Needed to run faster but my lungs were already on fire.

Spotted the creek ahead and jumped, landing in the water with a crash. A second later another crash let me know it was still after me. No chance of giving it the slip in the water, not with my back still bleeding. Looked around for it, trying to spot it as I surfaced, gasping for air. Where the hell was it?


Had a second to think it before I felt the claw wrap around my ankle, dragging me back under the water.

May. 30th, 2008


Stir it up.

Managed to get through the junior slayers party without anyone getting trashed and starting a scuffle which made it a bonzer of a success where I was concerned. Was a bit surprised no out and out punches got thrown but thats what next time is for I imagine. Best part was Wes crashing and making Dawn just about as happy as she gets. Also a plus for Ava and I as we don't have to deal with her stomping around like a bloody old maid anymore.

Things have been quiet at work lately which isn't ever a good thing. Least we aren't struggling foot to mouth since our little adventure in hell. All of which sort of leaves me at a loss. Dawn's been off shagging Wes. No nasties are crashing down the door. Ava wore her grass skirt for two days and damn near drove me back to evil with the constant swishing of her biteable backside.

"Ava." She's discovered niblets ipod and has decided the tiny music box suits her.

"Ava!" She looks up and I grin. "Ever heard of a far away land of lights and excitement called Vegas?"

May. 28th, 2008


Putting the special in special agent.

"FBI this is Agent S-s-" Sneezing loudly into the phone I sigh. "-mith."

"Sounding good there Paul. Still recovering from the plague?"

"Yeah. What do you got for me Mulder?"

"Two more mutilations, town north of Detroit."

"Think its my boy?"

"Oh yeah. When they call us for help in Detroit you know its gotta be bad."

"True. I'm two hours out, let em know I'm coming." Local police hated it when the feds showed up without warning. I just hated shaking hands while they still had doughnut glaze on their hands.

If I really lucked out I'd get a shot at the lycan I'd been tracking for five months. If things went wrong I was looking at getting kicked to the curb by the Bureau. Right now the only agent willing to help me out was Mulder and even he thought I was cracking up. Booth thought I needed rehab or a couple hours with one of his friends from the titty bar.

Was pretty sure killing the werewolf that had bitten me five months ago would help my career and personal life. Still wasn't sure about the whole were thing in general. Serial killers, sure, any day of the week. But transforming into a wolf three nights a month and going on a rampage? Wasn't ready to buy it even if it was true.

Figured I had a chance still, kill the beastie that hid snacked on my shoulder and this might all just go away. Of course my boss had denied my request for silver bullets which left me with a silver knife I'd picked up on ebay as my main weapon. Which beat using Aunt Edna's silver letter opener.

Packed up my motel room and hit the road, heading for Attica, which sure enough, ended up being a shitty little town north of Detroit. Didn't take long to find the crime scene and the one reporter I really didn't want to see.

"How's the story coming for the Weekly World News? Was it the aliens this time or are you going with that wereman bullshit?"

May. 23rd, 2008


The Plot Sickens

Since Dean left with Sol last night after a pretty cool party I'd helped clean up. Thought it was the least I could do since I was staying in this hotel for free and all. I always stayed in hotels for free due to the credit card scams but I was staying for free without having to pretend to pay for a room. Which was kinda nice.

Decided that it was best to get back to work since there wasn't much else for me to do. I kinda felt like the fifth wheel with Dean not around and all. Even though some of the people at the party knew the me in Dean's world, I didn't know them. It was just an odd situation. Not like I'm not used to those but whatever.

Plus, couldn't get the name of my so-called wife out of my head. I always thought that Samuel Colt and his name and legacy died with him. It didn't take me long to find some info on his great granddaughter on the internet. And, it didn't look pretty. Anna Colt was currently locked up in a Asylum in Gotham City. Was able to hack into Arkham Asylum's records and it looks like she had outed Bruce Wayne to be the famous Batman. Yeah, like that was likely. But after reading her file it sounded like she was possessed. She had the delusions and times of lucidity.

Decided that I couldn't just let her rot. She could be crazy. But, there was a small chance that she was possessed. So I called Bobby and filled him in on Dean and I asked him to email me a exorcism mp3. The only way that I could exorcise the demon inside of her (if that's what it was) was currently on a cassette tape in the Impala. After he had emailed that to me I loaded it onto my ipod.

The best disguises were usually the most believable. So, I dressed in a suit and made an id. I was going as a psychiatrist that's a friend of the family. Should be pretty easy to pull this off. Figured that I could claim the ipod had relaxation techniques for her to listen to or some other psychobabble on it.

Left a voice mail for Dean letting him know where I was going just in case he somehow managed to get cell phone reception and couldn't reach me. Took a flight into Gotham City and rented a car. I'd been here a few times before so I knew my way around enough that I could find Arkham.

It didn't take me long to get inside and I was shown to her room. Which was more like a cell than a room. The guard/orderly put a wooden chair inside for me and assured me that he'd be right outside the door. I thanked him and stepped inside. She was wearing a straight jacket. She looked practically harmless. Knew by now though that looks could be deceiving.

"Anna? My name's Sam. I'm kinda a friend of your family."

May. 22nd, 2008


Lives we live in.

"Is anyone out there?" I've been trying to call for help on my cell phone for days but its not working. Nobody listens to me anymore, they all think I'm insane. Maybe I am. Maybe that's why this kit kat bar isn't working as a phone. Arkham Asylum isn't really a friendly warm place. The pride of Gotham it isn't, in face its a dirty old relic where they throw the crazy people.

People like me.

Its not like I've always been crazy, actually I used to be pretty darn not crazy. Then there was this voodoo ritual gone wrong and I ended up being possessed. Now I've been possessed before, no big, but this time just breaking my circle didn't do jack for getting rid of the demon in my head. It comes and goes, playing games with me just for the sake of messing up my life.

Sure, sure I know what your thinking. Crazy girl was doing voodoo, your life was already messed up. I used to be a demon killer, sort of a family tradition. Filling the shoes of my great grandfather Samuel Colt is no small task. Keeping up a secret life while trying to do it is even harder.

Anyway, back to my demon problem. So this demon, Angelus, came out of nowhere to get into my head. Thought I was going to get clear of this until he took over and outed Bruce to the press as Batman. Bruce being Bruce he overreacted and had me thrown in Arkham. The media had loved it. Colt Guns down Wayne! You'd think reporters could come up with something more original then a lame gun analogy for the headline, but we're not exactly talking about geniuses here.

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, four padded walls and a toilet without a seat. Has anyone ever tried to pee while in a straitjacket? Try it sometimes and see if you don't have some rage issues. Of course cooling my heels in the looney bin isn't going to help get rid of the nutjob in my brain. The worst part of the deal is they've had me on extra meds with tighter security the last few weeks. Some slayer busted out of the joint and they don't want to take any chances on me. Flight risk. They think I can fly, maybe I can.

Batman can fly.

I'm not batman. I used to dance. Then I learned how to send demons back to hell. Now I'm crazy. Except I'm not crazy. Unless I'm going crazy because they put me in a padded cell because the demon in my head.

"Damn you! Why are you doing this?"

"Because its fun Anna. Your fun, locked up, leaving all of my friends alone."

"You don't have friends!"

"Ok, I don't have friends. But neither do you."

"I did."

"And remember how I tried to bite Brucy? Then I told everyone his big secret."

Wait, he'd tried to bite Bruce? Now I remembered, waking up in bed next to him. The echo of his heartbeat ringing my ears. The blood, I'd needed it. To drink.

"I'm not crazy!"

"Wanna bet?"

May. 17th, 2008


Let me burn.

Coming back with Wes had been great for all of ten minutes. Crashing the party had started out fine until my talk with Buffy. If you wanted to even call it a talk. More of her telling me I wasn't what she wanted, not in this world or any other one. I'd left for a while and come back once the party had broken up, planning on settling back into my old room. Except it wasn't my room now. I'd almost turned the knob when I heard her, with her girlfriend inside. Talking about me.

Part of me wanted to stay and listen to all the whispers. But I hadn't. This wasn't my world, and this wasn't my home. It wasn't even my time.

Leaving I'd found myself on a pier at the beach, watching dawn break over the hills. I'd gotten used to the sun in Pylea, it was a big part of what had made that place tolerable. I didn't want to go back into the dark, not for this world. Nothing here was right, they had their champion in Spike. Dawn was the one with the visions, not Cordy. And Wes wasn't the least bit crazy.

The sun rose and I waited for the flames to char my skin to ash. It didn't happen. Numbly I watched as it rose above the horizon and I remained unburned. This was the worst joke of all. Were the Powers that Be just jerking me around now?

Still wasn't in a mood to go back to the hotel. It wasn't as though I really had anything to do. Found myself walking the streets, catching a familiar sight here and there. An alley where I'd stopped a vamp. A street corner where a demon had tried to eat a bus full of passengers. Tried not to think about Connor or Faith, how I'd never see them again. Maybe I should have Wes send me back to Pylea.


smack my bitch up

Just like Wes asked we said our goodbyes at Sol's party and were out the door. Since Spike and Ava had driven together since Spike had to get Sol's birthday present I had driven myself. Couldn't trust those to to not make me late. I hated being late, except for fashionably late of course. Once we were out of the hotel I handed Wes the keys to his Jeep that I had been borrowing. Spike had told me that he told him that I could use it. My car Spike and I had dropped off at the junk yard a few days ago and soon enough I'd be buying a new one.

Told Wes that I needed to stop by home to grab my bag of supplies for the night. We swung by there quickly and I had them all pretty much in the same spot. It didn't take me long before I was out the door and back into his Jeep.

I was so glad to have him back and he definitely seemed happy to be back. He'd forgiven me for me trying my hardest to provoke him before he left. I still was a little ticked that he planned on leaving without saying goodbye to me but right now I was so happy to have him back I wasn't really caring about that anymore.

It wasn't long before we were in his apartment. Handed him the gigantic bag of stuff and said to him, "Your choice." He probably was going to think that these were all pretty basic toys. I had no idea the lengths that his kinkiness went to. I had a feeling that I'd be finding it out tonight.

He was going through it with the diligence that he would peruse an ancient text of some sort. I took off the itchy grass skirt and let it fall to the floor. With the noise of it he looked over at me. With a grin I asked him, "See anything you like?"

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